Meghan fans whitewashed for her, saying that she was kicked by her baby?Will you kick people in 5 months?

After marrying into the British royal family, Meghan Markle has always been bad. He tried his best to show that he had a negative effect. He originally thought that he could recover the situation for himself after pregnancy. He did not expect that he was even more attacked by netizens because of pregnancy.

Recently, Meghan was madly discharged by netizens because of the presence of the awards campaign, saying that Meghan used the eyeball of the pregnant belly because of her pregnancy, and she looked at her through her belly. She was afraid of falling in one hand and was too much.Because this incident, Meghan also appeared on the British hot search keyword first, and it can be said that because of "black", it was a fire again.

Although Meghan has been in black recently, there are still fans willing to speak for her. For this time, some fans came out to support Meghan, saying that Meghan had been touching her belly because of her eyes, but her belly.The children in the inside have been kicking Meghan, causing Meghan to touch the pregnant belly with both hands, and at the same time, they have endured the abdominal pain and smiling with everyone. Such Meghan is great and beautiful.

I felt that IQ was pressed on the ground for friction. Is this not the water army invited by Meghan? Otherwise, how do you know that Meghan touched the pregnant belly because of the discomfort caused by fetal movement.Is it true that Magen was really established regardless of whether the Water Army was kicked by the baby?

First of all, Meghan was exposed to 12 weeks of pregnancy in mid -October, that is, three months, and now it is 24 weeks, and pregnant women generally feel the fetal movement after 4 months of pregnancy.It is 28 to 38 weeks.Meghan has never given birth before, and the first pregnant pregnant woman will feel fetal movement in about 18 to 20 weeks, but at this time the fetal movement is very mild.From the week to 24 weeks, the baby in the belly will start to enter the "active period", that is, Meghan’s current pregnancy. During this time, it is normal to feel the fetal movement, but at this time, the child in the belly kicks the little foot to the mother.The probability of discomfort is still very low.

Of course, when Meghan was pregnant, the British royal family did not announce, and Meghan was pregnant only by breaking the news. During this time, the baby in Meghan’s belly is about to enter the active period. If Meghan’s belly,There is a strong little prince or a pair of twins like previous rumors. Although the frequent fetal movement is not to kick Meghan with his feet, it is still very likely that it is uncomfortable.

I would like to bless Meghan to go through her pregnancy and give birth to a healthy little prince or princess to "do" less to avoid continuing to be hacked.

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