Medicine: A bullet -shot soldiers and eggs, and wearing the female nurse’s belly again, as a result, I was pregnant

"Today, there is a tiger in the city, Wang Xinzhi" Wang said: No."The two have tigers in the market, Wang Xinzhi?" Wang said: The widow is suspicious."Three people say that there are tigers in the market, Wang Xinzhi?" Wang said: The widow believes.Many people have heard of the three people’s allusions, but sometimes public opinion is so big that it is unexpected. "The bullets that shoot through the eggs" is a well -known rumor in the United States.

This rumor first appeared in the "American Medicine Magazine" on November 7, 1874. People who wrote this magazine probably just wanted to use it as a joke."Diary of the Surgeon", the signature is a PhD in L.G. CAPERS Medicine.

On May 12, 1863, during the Northern and Southern War of the United States, a small war broke out in the Virginia farm. The federal army lost heavy losses. A battlefield nurse rushed to the scene. The nurse was about 100 feet from a federal cavalry.I hit.

The female nurse was planning to rescue him, but was also hit by a bomb. The bullet passed through her belly. She was quickly cured, but it was even more confusing that the girl’s belly gradually became bigger. At first, the female nurse thoughtWhat kind of disease he had? As a result, the girl was not sick, but was pregnant.

The female nurse does not have a husband. She insists that she has not had a relationship with anyone, and it is absolutely impossible to get pregnant. So is she pregnant?

It turns out that the latch’s bomb was not hit first, but she hit the federal army 100 feet from him.The left egg, more coincidentally, this stray bullet hit her belly again and was pregnant?

This story is quite ridiculous. The whole thing is fun. The author also left some more obvious clues in the article to reveal the falseness of the story. For example, when the baby was born, it was born together.And the federal army’s egg, or the federal army immediately married a female nurse after knowing that she had a child.

Perhaps the reader did not realize the author’s humor, which caused some public opinion, and the editor published a short editor’s press, indicating that the entire article was a joke, but this did not stop the spread of rumors. As a result, the three became tigers, and the public mouth was 铄Jin Chuan arrived in the ear of British medical experts.

The British Medical Journal "Liu Ye Dao" re -published this article. In 1896, "Medical Strange Records" quoted this article, but the reprinted author explained in the footnote."The strangeness of the medical fantasy world."

But I did not expect that the doctor of medical doctors F. Donald Napolitani took the story seriously. He studied the uterine gun wound and listed a lot of evidence to prove the authenticity of the "bullet conception" incident.Big media have quoted and published, from "American Heritage" to the famous "Sister Knowing Sister" TV column, all of which have told this strange news.

Over time, after hundreds of years of mouth, a fake incident is heathered by the medicine, not to mention how fragile sperm is, tens of billions of can break through the obstacles.The railway car with bullets, a female nurse at 100 feet away.

But the power of public opinion makes it come true. Sometimes people really need to pay attention to their own words. Maybe you have no intention to change the world. For example, Hitler only wants to be a painter, but was rejected by the Vienna Academy of Arts.He transformed into a head of state and launched World War II.

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