Master Feng Shui warned: There are pregnant women at home. Do not decorate them at will, and be careful to touch the fetal god!

Xueqi met with her boyfriend when she was in college. After graduation, they stayed in Chengdu together.In a blink of an eye, the two have been dating for 4 years, and both parents have begun to worry, letting them get married quickly.The parents of her boyfriend are honest people. They opened a grocery store in the county. The life is not bad, and it is also good for Xueqi.Since the time is almost the same, the two get married at the request of their parents.

Life after marriage is very happy.Three months later, Xueqi found that she was pregnant, and told her family that the old man was broken.The father -in -law also attached great importance to it and made a lot of delicious food for Xueqi.

Due to the demolition of his hometown, his in -laws had two three -bedrooms.Her husband thought, since his wife has a child, then quickly decorate the house to give his wife and children a more comfortable home.But the father -in -law was very opposed at this time. It turned out that the old man said that the decoration of the fetus would touch the fetal god during pregnancy.But her husband was not superstitious and insisted on renovating the new house.The father -in -law was not a husband, so he had to follow him.

After 3 months after the renovation, Xueqi, who was pregnant with 6 Jiajia, moved into a new home.The renovation of the new home is very comfortable, and Xueqi feels very happy.But the nightmare also followed.When Xueqi was routine, the doctor told her that her child’s fetal heart stopped developing and needed to induce labor immediately.Xueqi, who heard this, fainted on the spot.The father -in -law said with her husband, telling you not to decorate or decorate. This time, the fetal god is touched. The child is gone.IntersectionIntersection

It is not possible to According to the perspective of Feng Shui, because the house is polluted during decoration, it has a great impact on the fetus, and the decoration still needs to be selected.House decoration.

Try not to move new homes during pregnancy.This phenomenon is often encountered in life.Because I had rented a house and lived in the business, I was renovated, so I decided to move because I wanted to be more comfortable in my new home.This is a thing that should be cautious for the situation of pregnant women in the family.There is a method for the people, and the fetus that have not been born are always the most "surprising".Therefore, every time you encounter these major things such as moving, you must focus on it.For example, have you rushed with pregnant women, the new home is not good at that year.Instead of moving, it is better to move it after the production is stabilized.

Some people, because they love your wife, want to live comfortably after their pregnancy.Therefore, the other room will be decorated beautifully, and then the room where the original concerted concert is not asleep, and go to sleep in a new room. This is also a taboo!why?It is very simple, explained from the perspective of Feng Shui prosperity and evil spirits.The room that could have conceived, Feng Shui must be reasonable in that year, and there would be such a festive thing.Once it is changed to a new room, the feng shui layout may not be reasonable. In this way, it is very likely that you will receive fading or evil spirits.A factual phenomenon often encountered in the process, I hope everyone pays attention.

1. Banned nails in the house/touched sharp objects

If not necessary during pregnancy, try to avoid touching the touches or nails.Because some of them used to say, "If a child born on the wall will have an extra finger", because the entire gas field during pregnancy is relatively weak, it is easier to surprise the fetal god and disturb the fetal gas.It hurts the normal development of the child, and even the consequences are more serious.

2. Forbidden migration or demolition house

During pregnancy, avoid migration or demolition houses. If the house and the demolition house are rashly decorated, it is easy to touch the fetal god, leading to the phenomenon of abortion and tires, and even the serious consequences of the healthy development of the fetus. The family of this plan is a family of this plan.It is still implemented before or after pregnancy.

3. Forbidden fierce people and animal portraits

Some mothers like to hang some cute children portraits at home to decorate the beauty of the house, but in Feng Shui, there are taboo suspended people and some animals, because pregnant women will make these fierce portraits make the image of the fetus for a long time.It is like the image on the portrait. Generally, we are called "tire changing", so we should try not to hang the portrait.

4. Forbidden to move large furniture

Because anything in the house during pregnancy, it is best not to move at will, because the "fetal god" in pregnant women’s fetal fetus is taboo to be moved, so it is best not to move casually in large furniture in the home, otherwise it is easy to cause abortion, tires to slide tires, sliding tiresOr serious consequences of fetal deformity.

5. Do not put fish tanks in the forbidden bedroom

Because there is water in the fish tank, it is easy to cause humidity. If the bedroom is too yin, it will cause irregular yin and yang and difficult to conceive. If the humidity is too heavy, the fetal god will also make pregnant women prone to abortion, sliding tires, or fetal deformities.

Of course, many people think that this is a feudal superstition, but from a scientific perspective, pregnancy is not suitable for newly renovated houses.

We all know that the newly renovated house contains a lot of harmful substances. No matter what materials are used, these substances will hurt the human body, especially if pregnant women and children in the family should pay more attention to protection.

The newly purchased furniture, especially the finished furniture, is made of particleboard. The environmental protection is very low, and the formaldehyde content is relatively high. After you are pregnant, you should pay special attention to environmental protection issues.

Whether from the perspective of Feng Shui or scientific perspective, it is better to stay in the newly renovated house during pregnancy.

The old people are always superstitious, but who is accurate in the world?Careful touching the fetal god, restless house!

Is there a taboo taboo in fish farming?Be careful not to make money but break the fortune!

The porch feng shui is important!Rich people do this, otherwise they will live and get poorer!

Is there such a deep feng shui doorway in the plants in the home?After watching the scared me, I sweated coldly!

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