Marvel’s top ten dark plots Spider -Man betrayed the Soul Deadpool Massacre and saw that he was stunned in the end!

10. The unscrupulous love between Kuaine Yinhe Crimson Witch is in the story line of the ultimate universe. The relationship between the Pitro River River seems a bit too close.

9. Spider -Man betrayed his soul to the demon Shortly after the civil war, the aunt Mei was shot and killed by the killer sent by Jin.Peter Parker decided to sacrifice himself and trade with the big demon king Murphisto. In order to start a new life, he resumed Aunt Mei.But as a exchange, the Spider -Man identity that is now public will be re -forgot to be forgotten by the public, hidden in the dark.Smile burying the tears box: Did Mei Yan die in the main world?However, Dr. Octopus inherited him and became Spider -Man. Long Yuan Taoist: Reply to a smile and bury the tears: Dead, but alive again.Now I die again.

8. Super Dan Xia kills the target eye. After his true love Alica was killed by the target eye.Super Gold Heroes hunted this murderer who killed his lover.Super Gold Man chose to throw his target eyes and kill him, instead of choosing to save his opponent (um, most heroes will save people.) In Matmeter’s life, there is almost no day.Stopping in spiritual torture.This poor guard has experienced more torture than other Marvel heroes in this regard.When he thought that he needed to force the trial with his own crusade, he could also kill him without blinking.

In the Magic Four Heroes of the Su -267 of the Su -267 of the Su -267, Su -267, because their experience in the zero area caused her cells to be damaged by radioactiveness.To tell the truth, after seeing Josh Trank’s magic four, if she can see Su -Stone on the screen at any time in the future, she will definitely feel that she is slim and beautiful.Of course, the psychological trauma of that movie may not be as harmful to the invisible women over the years.

6. Norman -Osbon and Genwin -Steici slap how to make you easily destroy one of the most important people in Peter Parker’s life?Look at the comic SINS PAST, you can get the answer.No matter how long he died, Gwen Shidisy was the most critical character in the world of climbing walls, um, until 2004.What happened in SINS PAST was almost unbearable, Norman Osburn and Gen Wen went to bed, and made her pregnant with a pair of twins.Well, this is the Norman Osborne, the green devil we know, the person who needs to be responsible for the death of Genwin.Norman tied Gen Wen to France to ensure that children can be born smoothly.With a sense of guilt, Gen decided to confess to Peter, and after the green demon discovered, he decided to kill her.Due to the blood of the Green Demon, the two children are very fast and at the age of ten.Of course, Green Demon uses his children to fight Spider -Man.That’s right, all this is really bad and embarrassing.When you think of Gwinwin Shibais (not mentioned the influence of her death), her image was completely defiled, and it was dull.

5. Wolverine kills his son. This is really a step that it is difficult to take it.In the UNCANNY X -Force of Rick Raymond, Wolverine must kill his biological son and Da Ken.Dai Ken’s dad has always been torn, and Wolverine often plays some dads to teach you how to be a man.However, Dai Ken’s reorganization of evil variants brothers will fight against the X warning, so that the situation will be upgraded.Dai Ken’s most dissatisfied is the mutant college that his father helped him.Moreover, he was enough by Jiao Zuo, and he vowed to kill every Vajra Wolf recruited a variant of the college.At this point, Wolverine felt that there was no way to kill his biological son.Due to Da Keng’s ability to heal, Rogan decided to drow his child in the water, so that he could ensure that those innocent students would not be killed by their own flesh.

4. Deadpool slaughter the story of Deadpool in the Marvel Universe Mercenary Merception.What we see was Wadewells a single shot to kill any superhero he encountered. What’s even better is that he was successful.It seems that this will never happen on the screen.In the 20th century, Fox had the copyright of the Deadpool’s movie, so he was excluded from the Marvel Movie Universe. This terrible massacre would not appear in Marvel movies anyway.

3. Hank -Pim (Ant -Man) hit Jennite -Fan -Dai Yin’s most impressive scene in the comics related to Hank is his amazing move in the Avengers ” 213.Give the lover Jennite -Dai Yin a slap.When his spiritual instability turned into a yellow shirt, Pim and Avengers turned over, creating a crazy robot, and wanted to prove himself by defeating this robot.His plan was revealed and was discovered by his wife.In this case, Pim hit his wife, and it is estimated that no one except Pim would do it.As Pyrtonrid directed the Ant -person timeline, it seems that we have no chance to see this scene in the movie.

2. Spider -Man’s sperm allows Mary to simplify the cover boy of cancer Marvel, the best seller star, superhero with unlimited potential, Spider -Man, he must be responsible for making his true love (sorry for Sigwin)EssenceBecause for many years, there have been no protection measures to do shame!This story is a comic Spider -Man: Rule, how much this comic was inspired by the return of Frank Miller’s dark knights.The elderly Peter Parker had retired, but he was encouraged by John Jameson to re -approve the shirt, defeating a series of villains to defend his city.This story itself is not good from head to toe, but the situation of Peter and the previous things seem to be more attractive.You can see that he has many illusion about Mary Jane who has died. Later, we knew that this was because of his great guilt.Mary Jane’s cancer was caused by him.To put it bluntly, I inadvertently mentioned in the comics that cancer is because the worm is too frequent on the poor Mary Jane for continuous thrusting piston movement ~ Only caused this result. 6

1. Amazing Ms. being raped and rape should be the most indisputable thing that others can do.And if this happens in a comic book, it must be a big deal?right?IntersectionCorolan is the strongest female hero character in the comics in the late 1970s, but it is terrible that Ms. Ms. Avian Ms. in the Avengers ” 200 was inexplicably pregnant.What’s even more strange is that after three days, she gave birth to a child, and she grew up almost instantly.This child is Marcus, but the next story will make people fall down: the child returns to the past, making her mother pregnant.It was him, brainwashing Carol, and letting her and herself slap, that is, raped her.After that, Ms. surprised even chose to be with Marcus, and she seemed to enjoy the entire process.And the Avengers’ handling of this incident is also careless, exposing such shameful things under the light of light.In the general words, any character in this story is terrible and weird.Fortunately, Fortunately, Criskramont had some remedial measures after a year.He asked Carol to blame the Avengers to do nothing to her rape.

After reading these original books, is your inner superhero image still there, what will you choose if you are Spider -Man?

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