Many women are afraid of cold after pregnancy

When I was eating, Xiao Jinhua asked timidly to ask, and Shanshan’s shouting was a bit cold after pregnancy. She was worried that it would be time to ask questions.Hurry up.

After pregnancy, in addition to the problem of fear of cold, women may also feel that they are always disgusting and vomiting.These are normal symptoms. If the problem is not very serious, just pay attention to rest and not to stay up late.

There will be a situation of fear of cold in early pregnancy, mainly because of the first three months of pregnancy, the development of the fetus is not complete, and the body temperature of the pregnant woman itself will increase after pregnancy.EssenceIf women are afraid of cold in early pregnancy, they may still be poor because of the physical fitness of pregnant women.Then you can eat more protein -rich foods.Although in the summer, the temperature of the air conditioner should not be too low. Be careful of a cold. In the early stages of pregnancy, fear of cold will disappear slowly as the baby grows.

It is normal for fear of cold in early pregnancy, because with pregnancy, various indicators of the body will change to varying degrees, and the body’s resistance and immunity will be low. At the same time, due to early pregnancy reactions, they eat less.The energy in the body is not enough, it is easy to feel cold, and many pregnant mothers have a very normal symptoms in the third trimester of pregnancy.So you don’t need to worry too much.

The first symptom of pregnancy was discontinued. Generally, about 6 weeks of pregnancy, early pregnancy reactions such as nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, loss of appetite, and fatigue are prone to fatigue.The reaction, about 12 weeks of pregnancy, disappeared.

If you are afraid of cold after pregnancy, you are also accompanied by dizziness. It may be problems such as anemia or high blood pressure after pregnancy. It may also cause cold thyroid hormone. Go to the hospital for examination. If the result is normal, it is the hormone in the body after pregnancy.The level changes greatly.It can cause perception and sensitivity.If you are afraid of cold, you will feel hot.People who are afraid of heat will feel cold.According to her situation, if she can rule out a cold, there is no major problem, because she has checked thyroid function during pregnancy, which is normal.

During pregnancy, fear of cold, high body temperature, back pain, and lethargy are normal.Just pay attention to keep warm and don’t catch a cold.To exercise appropriately, rest more, and soak your feet with warm water.

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