Many mothers know that they are pregnant because they do not come to menstruation. Are you?

Some time ago, I made a small and called me. I asked me mysteriously, "How did you know that I was pregnant at that time?" I knew that there must be something when I heard it. I didn’t expect it to be asked by me.The aunt of the novel this month did not report, so she suspected that she was pregnant.I told her to go to test it quickly, and the next day she called me and said that she was sure.

Many mothers know that they are pregnant without menstruation, and I am one of them.At that time, the menstruation was postponed for a week before I felt wrong. For the sake of insurance, I bought a pack of pregnancy test sticks, and the results were two bars.Under normal circumstances, before the sixth to seventh weeks of pregnancy, HCG in pregnant women will double the next day.The higher the HCG concentration in urine, the darker the color of the second horizontal bar.

In fact, in the early stages of pregnancy, there are many other signs in addition to menstruation, such as changes in appetite, mental fatigue, etc. The following symptoms are signs of possible pregnancy. If you can have the corresponding 4-5 kinds of 4-5 speciesThe above phenomenon may need to go to the hospital for examination to confirm whether I am pregnant.


In the early stages of pregnancy, many women were fatigue and had no strength and wanted to sleep.However, this period will not be too long, and it will be able to pass soon.If you start to be drowsy and accompanied by delay of menstruation, these are likely to be a sign of pregnancy.


Some women have the first appetite for a short period of time (1-2 weeks).Some people don’t want to eat or even vomit, and some people want to eat some sour things.I also know some mothers. I didn’t like what I used to eat before, but I loved it after pregnancy.

feel sick and vomit

This often appears in the TV series, but when I was pregnant at the time, I had almost no such feeling for a month, and it would vary from person to person.This is the most common discomfort in the first two months of pregnancy. The 50%of the pregnant women with a dating have varying degrees of nausea. Pregnant women with 1/3 have vomiting experience, which is the most obvious in morning vomiting.

Breast change

In the early stage of pregnancy, under the common stimulation of estrogen and progesterone, the breasts gradually grew, the nipples and areolas deepened, and there were dark brown nodules around the nipples. After 12 weeks of pregnancy, there would be a little water -like milk secretion.

Skin color changes

Skin pigmentation may be produced in the early stages of pregnancy, especially in the late pregnancy, and stretch marks are generated in the later abdominal wall.This phenomenon is generally obvious in the later stage. It is difficult to see if you don’t pay attention to observation in the early stage.

Frequent urination

In early pregnancy, the uterus was caused by increasing the bladder.When the uterus gets out of the abdominal cavity at 12 weeks of pregnancy, the symptoms disappear naturally.In the third trimester, due to the first exposure of the tire, the bladder was squeezed again, and the frequent urination phenomenon appeared again.Some expectant mothers have urine overflow when they cough, nose or sneezing.

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