Ma Li’s self -exposure: The weight loss of pregnancy is nearly 190 pounds, which produces anxiety, and the pregnant mother controls the weight

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Actor Ma Li recently mentioned in an interview that she was also anxious. She was close to 190 pounds when she was pregnant. At that time, she was very depressed and often cried secretly.After giving birth to a child, he did not recover, and was said to be too fat, too ugly, and was very anxious.

Actors should appear in front of the screen in the best state, so almost every actor has experienced the process of fitness weight loss. It should also be a light car to know the weight control.

But when Ma Li herself was pregnant, she was out of control.

Ma Li is 1.68 meters tall. When she is not pregnant, she weighs 48 kg equivalent to 96 pounds. When she is pregnant, she has a weighing weight, which is close to 190 pounds.

Before Ma Li was pregnant, it was a thin body shape. The weight of the entire pregnancy can grow slightly more, but it is best not to exceed 30 pounds, and Ma Li’s weight increased by more than 90 pounds.Teminarially increased more than the proposal.

It is really terrible to think about the weight of nearly 200 pounds.

Mom will have a difficult step

When I was pregnant, my stomach became bigger, which would make my mother a little difficult.If the weight increases too much, the body’s weight will be pressed on the mother’s knees, causing the mother’s knee weight to increase the pressure, and it will even cause joint pain. It may become very difficult to even go to the stairs.Mom is prone to backache and back pain

The larger the most of the minerals needed, the more vitamins. If the supplementary minerals are insufficient, it will cause the mother to have back pain.In addition, too much fat in the whole body will cause the muscle strength to weaken, and it is more prone to the phenomenon of strain damage by muscles, and the back pain will be more serious.

Fetal weight increases too fast

When I am pregnant, my mother’s weight grows rapidly, and it is easy to make the fetus’s weight straight up. It is likely that she will break through the 8 pounds and become huge children.

Not only will it affect the mother’s production, but it is also very unfavorable to the growth and development of the child.

Studies have found that when the fetus is born too much, it is more prone to food allergies and asthma in childhood.

Mom controls the weight during pregnancy, and is as much as possible in the early stages of pregnancy or the weight can be slightly alleviated.Try to control the weight growth in the early pregnancy to control within 4 pounds.The weight of the week and late pregnancy grows around half a catty.It is more appropriate to gain a weight of about 25 pounds throughout pregnancy.

If you are getting fat before pregnancy, the control of this weight should be more stringent, and even the growth of weight is controlled at about 18 pounds.

1. Don’t just eat white rice

People born in the 1950s basically experienced the Great Famine. At that time, eating was unattainable, and even hungry for bark.If you can have sweet potato taro in your home, it is generally used as a staple food.

Slowly living conditions, rice is enough, many people have begun to abandon the coarse grains of sweet potato taro, and only eat fine rice noodles.

In fact, sweet potatoes, taro, brown rice, oats, green rice rice, buckwheat and other coarse grains are greatly helpful for us to control weight and supplement B vitamins.

Especially for pregnant mothers, because they need a lot of energy, they need to eat some coarse grains to control our dietary intake to control weight.

So do n’t eat white rice when you are pregnant. You can put some taro, sweet potatoes, potatoes, yam and other potatoes in the rice, or put some black rice, red rice, green crickets, oats, buckwheat and other coarse grains.Coarse grains.

If you like to eat pasta, it is also recommended to put some corn noodles or whole wheat noodles.

2. Do not use fruits instead of vegetables

Some mothers rely on fruits in the early stages of pregnancy. They can’t eat other foods. They can only eat some fruits. In the early pregnancy, they have a bad appetite and can do it like this.

However, when the appetite becomes better in the second trimester, when you can eat any food, you must pay attention to eating more vegetables and less fruits. After all, the fruit sugar content in fruits is relatively high.Essence

Vegetables are a low -calorie food with rich dietary fiber and vitamins, so the vegetables we eat every day should reach one pound or even more, and the fruits are controlled within half a catty.

Third, do not fry less and fry it with emergency heat

Do not eat fried foods as much as possible during pregnancy, fritters, buckle meat, fried ribs, etc.In addition, if the oil is fried, the fat content will greatly increase, which will cause us to increase the heat and obese obesity.

Many families cook in the amount of oil to stir -fry, which can easily lead to excessive oil. We recommend 25 grams of vegetable oils daily.Each dish is fried in high heat and it is easy to exceed the standard.Therefore, it is recommended that during pregnancy, the cooking method can be used to steam and simmer more.

For example, when cooking vegetables, you can use hot water directly, and then use olive oil or cold vegetable oils such as olive oil or flaxseed oil to cool. Not only can you eat less oil, but you can also remove the oxalic acid in vegetables.Essence

Fourth, do not eat the skin and fat of animals

For example, pork has fat and lean meat, and some families like to eat pork belly. After all, the pork belly will be more fragrant. Put the oil in the mouth and the mouth is turned on in the mouth.It may become fat accumulated in the mother’s body.

In order to control weight during pregnancy, try not to eat pork belly and fat, as well as the skin of various animals such as chicken and duck.

5. Don’t just lie down

A word is popular now, called lying flat. Pregnancy can do relatively easy jobs for many women, and even raise tires directly at home.But even if you don’t go to work, you don’t recommend lying flat at home every day. Exercise during pregnancy can better consume the fat we eat every day, and it can prevent weight gain too much.

Do n’t think you can eat a lot when you are pregnant, and control your weight during pregnancy is more critical.

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