Low progesterone how to do?It can also be produced smoothly without taking tire protection and no progesterone. The method is here

A fan asked: I am 31 years old at the age of 31. At the current 11 weeks of pregnancy +2, I have been doubling that the progesterone is low HCG for more than 40 days of pregnancy. I have been taking medicine, no bleeding, no abdominal pain, and I usually rest at home.After watching a lot of progesterone, it will cause miscarriage. Can I move appropriately now?What should I pay attention to in diet?

Many women, once they are pregnant, they find that progesterone is low and worried about abortion and want to protect fetal fetus. In fact, there is a lot of misunderstandings for progesterone.

Blood drawing progesterone -doctors notify that progesterone is low -taking medicine and injections to nourish luteum to protect tires, which has become a common process of obstetrics and gynecology.However, low progesterone is really miscarriage?Do I have to eat progesterone in low progesterone?


Mogoone, also known as progesterone, is a progesterone, changing the state of the endometrium and preparing for fertilization.

After pregnancy, it can inhibit uterine contraction and create a safe and stable growth environment for embryos, so it must be within a normal horizontal range.

So, is low progesterone and abortion?

Mogoone is the result of miscarriage and is not the cause of miscarriage.

Under normal circumstances, the abortion occurred in early pregnancy is a natural abortion, indicating that there are problems with embryos or mother factors. It is not good. It is not capable of developing a normal fetus. This is a process of natural choice and natural elimination.

After natural abortion, HCG and progesterone levels naturally dropped.

Therefore, low progesterone is not the cause of abortion.And in general, it is not recommended to blindly check progesterone, because the level of progesterone during pregnancy is constantly changing, and each human constitutional differences are different at different times.What to test?

We don’t want to hear that progesterone is low, we are thinking about resting, protecting the fetus, eating progesterone …

In fact, these are meaningless.

The progesterone index does not need to care too much. We have to see if the physical examination is normal?Is there other abnormalities in the body?If everything is normal, don’t worry and nervous.

It is meaningless to supplement progesterone due to the hypotomy’s own development of embryo itself.

If pregnant women with low progesterone due to the dysplasia of the embryo itself, it is meaningless to supplement progesterone.

If progesterone cannot be secreted normally due to mother reasons, can it prevent abortion by replenishing progesterone?It is also not necessarily. WHO pointed out that the treatment of progesterone cannot prevent abortion of early pregnancy.

Summary: In general, no progesterone is needed, even if you find that progesterone is low, you don’t have to worry, because the clinical significance of the progesterone index is not great.

There is no need to supplement progesterone. If natural miscarriage is caused by embryo, it is meaningless to supplement progesterone. Due to the mother’s reasons, it is not necessary to replenish progesterone.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must regularly check in and relax!Go to the hospital in time.

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