Love beauty also loves baby, can two be both?I can come like this during breastfeeding.

The philosopher said: "Self" has been changing.This is the most wonderful in women.

We drip like this before pregnancy: exquisite makeup, flowers and branches.

After pregnancy, we drip like this: the belly is as big as Luo, a messy hair.

We drip during lactation: mental exhaustion and loose clothes.

One day, my husband suddenly came: Will women look old after giving birth to a child?

Damn, although I didn’t say, I was clear what I looked like in his eyes.

Suddenly looked up and glanced at himself in the photo frame.Hurrying to look in the mirror, it is really "Frost Hua is full, watching hundreds of bronze."

No, "Can’t go on like this!" You must find that "spirit, exquisite, and beautiful yourself. For the" pleasing person ", the aesthetics of the child, and the feeling of self!

First persuade ourselves, remember this celebrity saying: The reason why the world of adults is difficult is because we often face the choice of dilemma.

Where does "Niangniang" start?

Do a hairstyle first.Dye a hair, hot hair, the hairstyle is right, the whole person is spirit.

First wait, accept the soul torture.

Do you love baby?nonsense!

Do you love yourself?More abandoned!

If the two rush each other, which one is?

I want me for a few seconds -of course, choose my baby.It seems that the old lady has to bear it.

But the unsure is always a commotion.Your "narcissism", your "regret", your "jealousy", your circle of friends, encourage your heart -others can … others are beautiful … I really want to make myself … first for myselfSprinkle a bitter tears.

Don’t worry, let’s study the hair dye first

The key to hair dye is hair dye, with three types of hair dye: temporary, semi -permanent, permanent.

It will be dropped a few times temporarily, and it will not fall out of semi -permanent and permanently until the new hair grows. It must be cut off when the hair is cut.

Now we usually use semi -permanent and permanent.Are these two harmful to the human body?

Without evidence, experts cannot be concluded

It is not sure that it is harmful to the human body.Because there is no experimental evidence on the human body.But scientists have done animal experiments.

It is found in animal tests that hair dyes containing aromatherapy can cause tumors.And experiments on animals also found that high -dose hair dye can cause birth defects.But this is the case where the hair dye dyeing agent is given, and people do not eat it.

In addition, in a survey of barber shop staff and people who often dyed hair, it shows that the incidence of bladder cancer in barber shop staff is relatively high, but there are not people who often dye their hair.

The suggestions given are:

The World Health Organization currently only believes that barber shop staff have the risk of cancer in contact with hair dyes, but there is no sufficient evidence that hair dye is harmful to pregnant women and breastfeeding women.The National Society of Foison believes that hair dye will not cause cancer.

Pregnant women can dye their hair.

In the 12 weeks of pregnancy, hair dyeing after the teratogenic sensitivity period, so that the damage to the fetus to the fetus can be minimized.And don’t dye too often.

Hair dyeing during lactation does not have evidence that it will cause harm to the child, and the child may not like it.Therefore, hair can also be dyed during breastfeeding.

In addition, when you dye, you must let the taste dispersal as soon as possible, do not touch the scalp, and wear gloves.Hair dye can be absorbed by the scalp.

Don’t believe that pure plants say that there is no evidence that "pure plant" hair dye is better than ordinary.Many times it is a gimmick of merchants.

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