Lotus seed plus 2 flavored medicinal soup, drink for 10 days, keep your body energy, sleep in the fragrant incense

Hello everyone, I am Teacher Jiao, Chinese medicine. Today I introduce to you a very good nutrition product called lotus seeds.

What kind of people can use lotus seeds?

Generally, you are weak in your body. Recently, the spleen and stomach are not very good; your body is weak, and then sleeps insufficiently; some people can use this lotus seed at night, frequent urine, and soft waist and knees.

How does lotus seeds use better effect?I have a small way

It is to use lily, lotus seeds, white fungus, and stew into lotus seeds. When you use it, you can add some jujube and wolfberry according to your taste.Then usually cook, about half an hour, then eat and drink, and use this lotus seed.When you use it, you can one daily. If you use it for more than 10 days, you will feel strong and sleep very well.

This season should be the beginning of lotus seed picking, so when you buy it, you must choose one more choice and choose it!It is better to choose smooth, round, insectless.

Many people do n’t use lotus seeds when they buy lotus seeds. When this lotus seeds are picked, they peel off the skin and clean it after cleaning it.

When the lotus seeds are applied, everyone may feel that this lotus seed is not easy to cook. What should I do?

Open the lotus seeds, you will find a small surprise. There is a green core in the middle called the lotus core. What is the use of this lotus seed core?

Lotus seed core can clear heat and detoxify, and can remove heart fire. For example, your throat is dry and red; some people have ulcers, which can be applied.There is also a small special effect that it can help your blood pressure stable. If you get angry recently, the blood pressure is high, you can use it.

The lotus seed core is a bit bitter when it is used. Generally, it can be used for about 2 grams. Another way is to use it with tea, cook it, and then drink it as tea. The effect is very good.

Many people talk about this a bit too bitter.Is it good to put some sweet Dongxi?

I suggest not to, why?Because the bitter things can go to the fire, if it is sweet, it will reduce the effect of removing the fire.Thank you for watching, see you next time!

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