Look at the following situations, if you have all, congratulations, you may be pregnant with your baby

1. Increase leucorrhea

The estrogen level in the body after pregnancy has gradually increased with the increase of the pregnancy month. Estrogen can promote the secretion of mucus secretion of cervix and endometrium glandular cells.Water continues to increase, which has led to an increase in secretions, and leucorrhea has increased.

2. Mild vaginal bleeding

The fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus within 12 days after conception, which may cause mild blood loss of vaginal blood.If this happens, if the vaginal blood loss is mild without severe discomfort, pregnant women do not have to worry. This is a normal physiological reaction after the implantation of fertilized eggs, which is harmless to the human body.The fertilized eggs are bleeding with a small amount of bleeding or blood spots. The bleeding can be seen several times a day. The bleeding lasts about three days. No menstrual discomfort.Bleeding from fertilized eggs needs to be distinguished from menstruation to prevent pregnant women and not know.

3. Lisal appetite

A loss of appetite may occur 2 weeks after pregnancy.Because the secretion of flavonoids will reduce many system functions of the body and affect the digestive system function of the human body, sometimes it may cause constipation and indigestion.

4. Physical fatigue

In the early stages of pregnancy, the body of pregnant women in some areas secretes a hormone with similar anesthesia.Its main ingredient is progesterone, which mainly acts on the uterus.These substances relax the muscle fibers of the uterus, avoid premature pain, and improve whether our fetus can grow without environmental interference.But these progesterone will keep your body temperature gradually rise, so you will lack some physical strength.And your heartbeat frequency will become higher to provide more oxygen to the uterus, so you will feel tired.

5, frequent urine

You may think that the symptoms of frequent urination will not appear so early, and it should not appear before the fetus can squeeze into the bladder, but it may actually happen in early pregnancy.

6. Emotional instability

If you find yourself crying for a small TV series, don’t be surprised.This may be related to pregnancy hormones, and you may cry and laugh in an instant.”””

7, edema, cramps and back pain

Many women mistake these symptoms as symptoms of pre -menstrual syndrome.In fact, this is because of hormone changes and uterine growth.

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