Longan pulp is fresh and juicy, delicious and sweet, can eat thirst in summer to quench thirst and relieve heat, longan dry and medicinal medicine

The longan trees are tall and tall, and the branches are covered with evergreen leaves.The narrow leaves are shiny under the sun.From a distance, like an extremely wide umbrella.

During the flowering season, clusters of long -eyed flowers exudes fragrance and refreshing.The butterflies and bees were recruited, and they flew around in the flowers and danced.The look of the butterfly array of bee is tight!

In the mature season of longan, a string of vertical branches, the branches are bent.


Longan is a fruit that we can buy in daily. It can be eaten directly. After peeling the peel, the pulp is crystal clear, which is a bit like litchi, which makes people eat it.After putting it in the mouth, the flesh is smooth and juicy, and the taste is sweet and sweet.It is rich in glucose, fructose, vitamin B1 and B2, vitamin C, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other nutrients.Studies have shown that it can also enhance memory and eliminate fatigue.

Longan tastes better, but because it is not easy to store, it is not possible to eat it all the time, and it can only be eaten in the longan peak season.

A string of longan

Longan is a traditional Chinese medicine that is widely used.Its roots and humidity, Tongluo; leaves clearing heat and detoxifying, resolving dampness; fake seed skin supplement the heart and spleen, nourish the blood and saze;

After drying the longan, there is no taste of fresh and tender juice, but the taste is more sweet.The dry longan is called longan. The longan is easy to store. It can be eaten all year round, and there are many ways to eat.


A moderate amount of consumption has a certain effect on the body. Puzzle supplement the brain. The longan is rich in nutrients and a variety of vitamins. It is particularly beneficial to brain cells. Proper consumption can enhance memory. It is very suitable for children in the growth and development period.The same is applicable.

Because the longan contains vitamins such as glucose, fructose and vitamin B family, and a variety of minerals, it can play a effect of soothe and health care. It is particularly suitable for people who are injured and easy to insomnia.


Cinnamon contains a large amount of glucose, protein, and iron, which can promote the synthesis of bone marrow to hemoglobin, increase the total amount of blood, and often eat longan to promote hematopoietic effects and can be used to treat qi and blood loss.

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