Long menstrual time, large bleeding amount, and uterus have no obvious organic lesions. What are the reasons?How to deal with it?

[Functional uterine bleeding]

1. The disease is referred to as the blood, which is due to the abnormal regulation of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis, which causes abnormal nerve endocrine, and the non-normal uterine bleeding caused by it.

2. Freshly blood, accounting for about 10%of patients with gynecological clinics.Clinical is divided into two types: ovulation -free and ovulation -type exercise blood.


1. Ovulation -free and blood often occurs in adolescence and menstrual transitional women.

2. Adolescent functional uterine hemorrhage is caused by the development of nerve endocrine central dysplasia or maturity delay.

3. Menstructed meritorious blood is caused by the decline of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis, which is caused by the continuous decline of ovarian function.


1. The manner is manifested with long menstrual time and a large amount of bleeding.

2. About 30%of women will cause abnormal uterine bleeding.

3. Modern medicine is treated with drugs or surgery, and the prognosis is better.

【Chinese Medicine View】

1. Chinese medicine calls this disease "crash".

2. Modern medicine needs to be treated with means of "curettage" or "a large amount of hormone stimulation and hemostasis", which is damaged to the body.

3, the collapse is mostly due to blood fever, blood stasis, qi deficiency, kidney deficiency and depression, and the problem of deficiency and reality cold and heat.

4, puberty, blood, mostly due to many homework, high stress, heart and liver fire, disturbing uterine blood sea under liver fire, forming blood heating pathogens, consuming kidney water under liver fire, forming yin deficiency pathogens, and blood stasis at the same time.Therefore, treatment should be treated with yin and clearing heat, turning blood stasis and stopping bleeding:

The first is to control the bleeding with Gujing Decoction;

The second is to use Erxuan Huang Tang to promote the recovery of the yin of the liver and kidney;

The third is to regulate the treatment of the kidney and regulate, help establish a menstrual cycle, and completely control bleeding.

[Reasons for increasing abnormal uterine bleeding]

1. Age, obesity, hypertension, diabetes or breast cancer, etc.;

2. Use his Moqifen, hormone replacement therapy, etc.;

3. Multiple pregnancy and childbirth, artificial abortion, chronic endometritis, etc.;

4, high work pressure, poor dietary habits, etc., may induce abnormal uterine bleeding.

[How to prevent it?.

1. Diet conditioning

First, it is advisable to eat a light diet, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C.

The second is to avoid violent drinking and overeating, so as not to damage the spleen and stomach, avoid cold and irritating food.

Third, excessive menstruation and extension of menstrual periods will cause anemia, so protein and iron -rich foods should be supplemented.

2. Rest up

Optimistic and positive, avoid tension, depression, anger, sufficient sleep, happy spirit, and avoid affecting endocrine systems.

3. Pay attention to rest

The first is self -control to avoid surfing the Internet and entertainment all night, preventing irregular life, overwork, and endocrine disorders.

The second is to pay attention to rest, prevent cold and warmth during menstruation.

4. Actively condition the spine for precise minimally invasive pine solution under the guidance of muscle bone ultrasound supersonic supersonic guidance, improve the functional function of the plant, improve the blood supply and pelvic blood circulation of the brain, restore endocrine function, and stay away from blood.

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