Liver qi stagnation!Differential liver and depression, Fan Fang Qi, qi and blood, relief of liver stagnation, removing stasis stasis

Recently, many patients with liver stagnation have been encountered: emotional depression, chest pain, like sighing, chest threatening, or small abdominal bloating accompanimental pain, constipation or stools, female patients will accompany breast mass, block, breasts under the threat, breasts under the threat, breasts, breasts, breastsPain, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms.

Because the liver is wood, the trees are raw in spring, and the same liver qi is also rising, which can easily lead to excessive liver fire, cause qi and blood to be disordered, and people are irritable and inexplicable.Patients with qi stagnation are even more obvious.However, there are disadvantages for benefits. At this time, liver qi is rising.

Form nodule blocks: liver stagnation and qi stagnation for a long time, which affects the metabolism of the water valley in the body. For a long time, it gathers wet and sputum. Plum qi can appear in the throat.The festivals can occur in the liver, lung, and kidney. In the uterus, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, fallopian tubes, dysmenorrhea …

Causes gastrointestinal diseases: liver qi stagnation, liver loss and abolishing, affecting the metabolic function of the stomach, which can cause symptoms such as fullness of gastric bloating, stomach pain, chest tightness, and qi.

Affects the function of the spleen and stomach: liver disease and spleen, affect the transportation function of the spleen, causing loss of appetite, abdominal distension, and stool stool;

Although there are many diseases caused by liver stagnation, as long as they are actively dealt with, they usually do not cause serious consequences.Regarding such diseases, Wang Qingren, the Qing Dynasty Medical, created a classic prescription, written in his medical work "Medical Forest". This recipe is called ventilation.

The composition of the ventilation is very simple, only three flavors: Bupleurum, Xiangfu, and Sichuan Dome.But you must not despise it because of its simple components.

Fang Zhongjun medicine is Bupleurum, relieves qi and relieves depression, Xuan Tong Yang Qi, and goes straight to Shaoyang with his rising nature.Fang Zhongchen’s medicine is fragrant, the spicy fragrance goes away, and the gas machine is tuned to open the depression.Fang Zhongzuo medicine is Chuanxiong, which relieves the blood in the blood, raises scattered transparency, upward leader, issued blood sea, and in the middle of the stagnation, making a bloody blood through.

Although the sparrows are small, they have all the internal organs, both qi and blood can be taken into account, and the upper and lower adjustment.Therefore, it is used to treat liver stagnation and stagnation.

Mr. Wang, 31 years old, for half a year of deafness and tinnitus for half a year. Western medicine diagnosed as neurological deafness, and many treatment was invalid.Patients have dizziness, insomnia, irritability, and tinnitus. They recall that the disease gradually appears after being angry with the husband and wife relationship half a year ago. The patient’s tongue coating is thin and red, and the comprehensive syndrome is caused by liver stagnation.

Kaifang Chaihu, Chuanxiong, Xiangfu, Bone Frames, Achyranthes, Cooking Land, Paudi Pu, Pueraria, 7 days of medication, patients feedback dizziness and tinnitus improved.For 15 days, the patient’s feedback hearing recovered.For more than February, the patient’s hearing was completely recovered, and the symptoms disappeared, and the medicine stopped.No recurrence has been seen since the return visit.

Ms. Liu, 27 years old, has a self -prosecution of her voice, sputum, can’t vomit, can’t swallow, her chest is often full of boring, breasts are painful, they can’t eat meals, they can’t sleep.There are 2.1*1.8cm nodules on the left breast.Observing the patient’s pharynx is not abnormal, the tongue is pale, and the tongue coating is thin.

Kaifang Chaihu, Chuanxiong, Xiangfu, Rotary Flowers, Dai Shi Shi, Agarwood, Hehuan Flower, Night Jiao Teng, 3 days of medication, the patient’s feedback of the chest tightness improved, and the patient’s feedback of the foreign body was relieved, sleeping for sleep, and sleeping.Great.The effect is not more effective, insisting that the medicine is more than February, the heart is calm, the throat and foreign body sensation basically disappear, and the colorful ultrasound breast nodules disappear.After half a month of consolidation, the medicine was stopped, and there was no recurrence after visiting the visit.

Ms. He, 31 years old, has not been raised for 6 years after marriage. After inspection, she is not favorable for fallopian tubes.The patient’s self-prosecution period is irregular, dysmenorrhea, menstrual volume is long and less, and the color is darker. Breast pain and head pain will occur each time before menstruation.Once once every 5 days.Watching its tongue red, slightly yellow tongue coating, comprehensive syndrome is caused by liver stagnation and stagnation.

Kaifang Chaihu, Xiangfu, Chuanxiong, Angelica, Tulip, Luntong, Achyranthes, Orange Leaf, Stone Licorice, Chi Yuanzhi, Chibai Bi, Yejiao Teng, Floating Wheat, Artillery Armor, Jujube, Medicine 6God, the patient’s feedback of the annoying symptoms has improved.For 15 days of medication, menstruation came to the trend, no breast pain, head pain, a normal amount, red color, no dysmenorrhea, but sleep still poor, Suijiashan meat, wolfberry, female semaphony, sand ginseng, continuedFor 15 days, the patient’s feedback improved, and the stool was unobstructed.The effect is not more effective, and the drug is stopped after continuing to disappear.The discontinuation of the drug for half a year was successful.

Mr. Kong, 52 years old, sued his headache for more than ten years.The headache is disconnected. Each time it lasted for several hours or days, the pain on the right side was obvious, and often dizzy, irritable, panic and heart, insomnia, dull, tinnitus, firing tongue, bleak tongue coating, comprehensive syndrome differentiation as the liver is liver.Destiny caused by stagnation.

Kaifang Chaihu, Xiangfu, Chuanxiong, 荜茇, Pueraria, Sichuan 羌, Baiji, vines, earthen worms, and whole scorpion. For three days, the patient’s feedback was slightly reduced.The effect is not more, and the upper part of the upper part is more than a month, and the headaches have disappeared.In order to consolidate the efficacy, the patient continued to stop the drug after January. After the return visit for more than 3 years, no recurrence was seen.

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