Liver loves 3 kinds of foods the most. Eat a little every day.

The liver is an important organ in our bodies. Friends who have studied Chinese medicine know that "hundreds of diseases do not leave the liver, and all diseases do not leave phlegm." The most important role of the liver is luck.EssenceIf the liver is not good, our body is easy to get sick.

The older generation said that "nourishing the liver in spring, nourishing the heart in summer, nourishing the lungs in autumn, and nourishing the kidney in winter." March is the golden season of nourishing the liver.建 建 甭 There is no money, I suggest you don’t forget to eat more foods to nourish the liver.The liver is not good. We are prone to insomnia in spring, and the body’s resistance is not good.What kind of nourishing liver dishes should I eat?Not much to say, directly share with you dry goods.

1 First prepare fresh pork liver and cut into thin slices of about one centimeter, then add green onion ginger, cook wine, and mix with your hands and marinate for five minutes.

2. Remove the root of spinach, and then rinse it in water.Cut into a small section of about three centimeters and put them in a bowl.Then start to get angry.

3. Put the cooking oil in the wok. Put the green onion and stir -fry after the oil is hot.Then put the prepared three spoons of boiling water.After the fire is boiled, add refined salt and season.Then put the prepared pork liver.After boiling with high heat for three minutes.

4. Then add the prepared spinach, and then drip a few drops of sesame oil to eat it.

1. First prepare 800 grams of wormwood and then rinse it in water.Wordworm is also called Xiaomi Mi, the most common wild vegetable in spring.In our north, we like to use it to make a youth group.

2. Add an appropriate amount of water in the wok and boil the fire. After boiling the water, put the prepared green group into the pot.Boil the fire for 20 seconds, then add a spoonful of edible oil to it, and then put the three grams of baking soda to prevent the oxidation of the wormwood from becoming yellow.After cooking, boil for ten minutes.Remove it in ten minutes.

3. Remove the prepared wormwood in the wall breaking machine and add 250 ml of water in it.Quickly pass the wormwood and make it into mud.Then remove the ingredients inside with a dense leak.Put the wormwood juice into a large bowl, add 300 grams of sticky rice noodles, and then add 150 grams of glutinous rice flour, 1 spoon of lard, stir with chopsticks into flocculent.

4. Then rub it into a smooth dough with your hands, and then divide it into a uniform dose after kneading.Prepare 30 fresh duck egg yolks, rub the rubbing agent to press it into cake shape, and then wrap the egg yolk into the shape of a round ball.Steam on the boiling water and steam for ten minutes.

1. 500 grams of amaranth remove the roots, and then rinse it in water.Add an appropriate amount of water in the wok and boil. After boiling the water, you must remember to add three grams of baking soda first.Then put a spoonful of edible oil.

2. Put the ready mustard directly into the pot. After 20 seconds of heat, remove it and remove it immediately.After 20 seconds, put it in cold water to control the cool.Then squeeze the water with your hands.

3. The garlic is scattered and chopped, and then the green red pepper is added into a circle.Put these ingredients directly in mustard.Add raw soy sauce vinegar in it, then add sugar and refined salt.Stir it with chopsticks and eat it.

Well, the above is the specific sharing of this article.Do you still know which three dishes like the liver?Welcome to share with us.Like this article, remember to collect and forward.Let’s see it next issue.

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