Liu Kaiwei was exposed to the second marriage. The woman was pregnant for 2 months. She visited her parents and got along well with Xiao Nuomi.

Yang Mi and Liu Kaiwei have been divorced for nearly 5 years. Last time, the two appeared on the hot search because Liu Kaiwei admitted last year that Li Xiaofeng was the news of his girlfriend.

This time, the hot search was because of Liu Kaiwei and Li Xiaofeng. On March 22, Hong Kong media broke the news that Liu Kaiwei’s father, Liu Dan, wanted Liu Kaiwei to marry Li Xiaofeng as soon as possible.

The reason why Liu Dan was so anxious to make the two of each other is probably because Li Xiaofeng was exposed for two months.After Liu Kaiwei and Yang Mi divorced, they were unwilling to remarry, but Li Xiaofeng was very dissatisfied with this. The two were arguing for this matter for a long time.

Just on March 21, it was reported that Yang Mi and his parents went to Hong Kong in person.

If Li Xiaofeng’s pregnancy is true, would Yang Mi really watch her daughter Xiao Nuomi grow in the remarried family?The news that Yang Mi and his parents went to Hong Kong were also denied by Liu Dan. When the reporter interviewed whether Yang Mi had seen Xiao Nuomi in Hong Kong, he also said, "I didn’t see it, I didn’t know, I couldn’t see it."

Liu Dan talked about the former daughter -in -law in front of the public, and was also ridiculed by netizens. It was good to manage the family affairs in front of him.

In fact, the fact is that Liu Dan did not take the initiative to mention Yang Mi. Instead, the reporters of the Hong Kong media asked one after another, and he responded to such a sentence.After all, Yang Mi is a top star. She has her own career, and her schedule is not easy to disclose.

However, Yang Mi did have been in Hong Kong recently, but did not visit his daughter Xiao Nuomi. After Liu Dan and his wife knew it, he was very angry. Yang Mi was never a person who had been a hundred, and so on the former mother -in -law.

On the contrary, Liu Kaiwei’s current girlfriend Li Xiaofeng also deliberately visited Liu Kaiwei’s parents during the Spring Festival. Liu Dan and his wife were very satisfied with Li Xiaofeng.

Li Xiaofeng not only looks beautiful, but also has a very personality. He respects Liu Kaiwei’s parents and likes Xiao Nuomi very much. Li Xiaofeng is relatively smooth for his life, making the two old people very happy.

Liu Dan also said that Li Xiaofeng took the initiative to visit them, not their invitation. After a few days of getting along, they were very impressed.

It is no wonder that Liu Dan attended the event. During the interview, he laughed at his mouth and sang "Welcome to the Spring Flower". Maybe there is a happy event at home, otherwise how can you be so happy?

It is also reported that after Liu Kaiwei struggled, he decided to marry Li Xiaofeng and bear the burden and responsibility. At present, he is preparing for the wedding.

After a few days after Li Xiaofeng went to Hong Kong, he returned to the mainland to continue his career. From the eyes of the two elderly people, Li Xiaofeng was more suitable for the daughter -in -law of being a "Liu family" than Yang Mi.

Liu Dan did not say that his son was about to get married, but said that he looked forward to good news. As for how to develop in the future, let’s wait and see.

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