Little pregnant women’s recent daily and authenticity #positive and optimistic positive energy

Please share the recent situation.The night before, I did not sleep overnight because of vomiting, and I barely fell asleep until dawn.That night, someone quarreled on the street, and the sound of rain was loud, which made me unable to fall asleep.Yesterday I drank a bowl of rice porridge and pickles and felt better.I have been drinking rice porridge in the past two days, hoping to make my stomach comfortable.Although there are some difficulties, I believe I can overcome them.I recently watched a movie called "Afternoon with Margaret", it made me feel healed.I strongly recommend this movie.

I am a very sensitive person and is easily impressed by the emotions in the movie.This movie is not a typical love story, but it is full of love and tenderness.A 95 -year -old elegant old lady healed an obese and rude Germanic.The whole story does not have much ups and downs and turns, but it silently shows us the tenderness of the world.

In fact, I have been inferior since I was a child, because my mother was severe, and I felt that I was not loved.It wasn’t until this year that I realized that love is diverse, not because they do not love, but because the way of love is different from me.There is a very classic word in the movie: "We will eventually be as mourning in front of our mother’s grave like the abandoned dog." Only when you become a mother can you truly understand that the mother is not easy.

In the early days of pregnancy, I would worry about when I have fetal heart and fetal buds, and I have to endure the torture of pregnancy.In the middle period, I will worry about the development of the baby and whether the birth check can pass smoothly.In the later period, I would worry whether the umbilical cord will around the neck and the baby’s fetal movement is regular.When the baby is born, I will worry about the growth of the baby and various problems.I am an anxious person, but I will try my best to change myself.During pregnancy, if you do n’t have a job, you can watch more movies and books, which can help you relax your body and mind.Believe in yourself, you can overcome all difficulties.Click to follow, let’s cheer together!

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