Little Guiyuan provided us with 3 Chinese medicines!Nourish the heart and spleen, nourish qi and nourish blood

Many friends think that longan is hot, eating longan, or drinking its tea on behalf of the tea, but in fact, the longan is warm and does not have the heat of lychee.If you eat too much, you will get a little fire when you eat too much.

A small cinnamon circle also provides three commonly used Chinese medicine -longan shell, longan nucleus, and longan meat

1. Cinnamon round shell

The laurel round shell is light, and it is used up to regulate the discomfort of the head. It can remove the wind and evil of the head, which has the effect of removing wind and detoxifying, eliminating evil.Dizziness, older head and not dizzy, and not deaf, can be described as good medicine.

Cinnamon shell

2. Guiyuan core

Guiyuan nuclear is heavy and goes downwards. It can remove the humidity of the lower human body.You can break it into powder. If you accidentally hurt, you can apply it to the wound, which is good for promoting the healing of the wound; you can also regulate the pain caused by cold gastroenteritis and hernia.

Longan nucleus

Third, longan ball meat

Guiyuan meat is not light or heavy, acts on the middle coke, specializing in her efforts. Some people wake up when they sleep very lightly, and they wake up when they wake up.People with blood deficiency and spleen deficiency can often eat longan meat, which can nourish blood and spleen.


Here, Dr. Liu recommends the three methods of laurel Yuan, which is suitable for these three different diseases:

1. Guiyuan shell tea

Method: Take a handful of cinnamon round shells, go under water in a cold water, cook for about 20 minutes, drink while it is hot

Applicable crowd: elderly people, young people, children who are dizzy

Effect: Excellence and detoxification, eliminate evil spirits

2. Guiyuan red dates tea

Method: In the ratio of 2: 1, cinnamon meat and red dates are cooked together in cold water. After boiling the water for 10 minutes, add two slices of ginger, and cook for 3 minutes.

Suitable for people: spleen deficiency, anemia is relatively serious, and people with bad complexion

Effect: Tonic spleen and blood

3. Quangui Yuan Tea

Method: dry cinnamon round with shell, soak with water and flour for a while, wash off the surface dirt, cold water pot, boil on high heat for 30 minutes after low heat

Suitable crowd: general physical health care

Effect: Enhance physical fitness, replenish balance

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