Life is married first after marriage, the captain of the Xing Jing detachment and the high school Chinese teacher

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Beijing -Hong Kong Middle School High Central Language Office.

Summer cicadas are tweeting, the green trees and sunlight outside the window refute.When you are in a century -old school, you can go to the campus to be lively.

Gui Yanxiao officially went through the formalities of the high school Chinese teachers today. A group of school leaders sent her to the office in person.

There are a lot behind this "in person". Everyone in the world of adults knows that she just watched it.There was a belly in my heart, and now I came with a wealthy and powerful lady, but she still smiled.

The principal briefly said: "This is a new Chinese teacher in our school. I am a colleague in the future. Everyone gets along well!"

"Hello everyone, I am Gui Yanxiao. I am honored to be a colleague with everyone and a part of the family of Beijing -Hong Kong Middle School. There are many places to work with you in the future.

When she said this, the sun shot at noon just on the exquisite face of Fan Dai Dai. The first glance was amazing, and her eyebrows were beautiful.

Pure white long skirt and ankle, the simplest lotus leaf neckline design.The clean and generous smile, with a faint smile, did not pretend to be proud, bowed down and bowed to everyone sincerely.

The most intuitive feeling of not arrogant and impatient is comfortable.The teachers in the office also applauded and welcomed.

Where can Gui Yanxiao know that the leader is here to restrain and uncomfortable here.

Therefore, after the principal finished her simple entry introduction, Gui Yanxiao euphemistically said that they would not have to accompany them anymore, and she had roughly clarified the process in subsequent related matters.

Gui Yanxiao put aside the identity of the teacher. In fact, the more special thing is the second daughter of home.Since the establishment of Beijing -Hong Kong Middle School, returning home has been a school director, and many of the land and development are under home names.

At the same time, her teaching archives of the Chinese Department of the University of Hong Kong are directly from the Ministry of Education to the school.

It belongs to the introduction of national talents.

At the beginning, the principal even thought about whether there would be the probability and possibility of the same name and the same name.The second daughter returned home, the pearl in the pearl on the palm of her palm, did not inherit how to run for hundreds of millions of homes.

A phone call, everyone who returned home and everyone was confirmed in person.

The old man only said a few words: "My grandson likes to teach and educate people. She is better to do what she likes.

"She is happy, and the school does not need other concerns."

The school leader can naturally understand the meaning of Gui Yanxiao.

She really does not have much hope. Since she chose to be a teacher, the most direct and important identity and job work are teaching and educating people.In Beijing -Hong Kong Middle School, she is not a second daughter, not a school director, but a people’s teacher.A group of leaders accompanied, and the battle between the big expenses did not know that the superiors were inspected.

The principal and others nodded, "Okay, that Xiaoxiao, you can ask colleagues and us if you need and don’t understand things.

Gui Yanxiao: "Okay, I know. Thank you for the leaders today!"

Everyone: "Where, where … we have passed first."

Gui Yanxiao personally watched the leader walking out of the office corridor and sent them away before entering the office.

Several teachers in the office gossip came out again.

The summer season last year passed the school move, Shen Kuiyi, who just joined the job, chatted with another colleague next to it:

"So many leaders come to send her to the job alone, there are really row. Hey, I do n’t know which one is to give the resume gold?"

Her colleague Bei Xiaochen didn’t pay much attention. She really didn’t pay much attention to her just now.

And she has always felt that this kind of thing has nothing to do with her. Others come to plating their resumes or nothing to do with her. Her public class in the afternoon is directly related to herself and students.

The public class really made her busy.

"Um" at will, without doing too much evaluation.

Shen Kuiyi didn’t find interest here, and turned her head and screamed with the teacher in front.

The teacher did not have a class in the afternoon, and now is a small test in the morning in the correction class.

She just saw so many leaders to send a newcomer to join the job. In fact, she was the same as Shen Kuiyi’s resume gold -plated ideas.

They used to have not met like this in other schools before.

"I saw that she was also very humble when she introduced herself. Now she sent them to the leaders themselves. It should not be placed in all. It may be good to do things well."

She is a Chinese teacher, and she feels that there is some bad for the substitution.

Shen Kuiyi still insists on her own view: "The Chanel canvas bag on her shoulder, more than ten years ago, is now selling on the market. The price is almost enough for our salary for one year."

She mentioned that her voice was not small, and the people in the office were almost heard.

As a prestigious school, Beijing -Hong Kong Middle School is very high in international reputation. The highly educated teachers are also paid and other benefits.

Their annual salary is actually not low, coupled with five insurances and one gold and settlement fees and talent subsidies, which are about 85 W.

This treatment is comparable to university teachers and many computer factories, and it is stable and secure.

Parents are particularly preferred by teachers and doctors. Therefore, Beijing -Hong Kong Middle School has always rolled up the number of teachers during the graduation season every year.

Some people even joked: "Beijing, Hong Kong, Beijing and Hong Kong, steady."

After being admitted to the preparation inside, I had to eat and drink in the next half of my life.

Now that Shen Kuiyi said, everyone was silent.

They casually packed their salary for one year.I thought it was a little bit of money, and the result was not at a level of wealth.

This may still be a relatively low -key bag for low -key replacement. It is conceivable to know others.

The self -introduction behind Gui Yanxiao actually liked everyone very much. The very comfortable girl next door.It is also beautiful and friendly, and it will be relatively simple to work in the future.

But the topic of Shen Kuiyi’s price of the bag gave everyone a bit again.

Regardless of whether Shen Kuiyi’s words are intentional or unintentional, but the impact is undoubtedly embarrassing to make everyone’s work and life in the future.

Too intimate others may say that she can please money, too alienate, others may say that you pretend to be high. What a great ability is not to look down on that, are you very good?

In fact, many office occasions are like this. People gather together, and they will not be inevitable to talk about this after a meal.

The subsequent office was a weird silence until Gui Yanxiao sent the leader.


Gui Yanxiao first arrived, and she just looked at the hanging clock on the wall. It was very close to the class time in the first class in the afternoon. Maybe everyone had teaching tasks.

So this quiet has not done other over -interpretations.

She was the first day today, and there was no teaching task arrangement.

Although the file materials are perfect for the Ministry of Education’s direct files, what needs to be done is to supplement some other personal information to the administrative office, and receive the faculty campus card and borrowing certificate, book teaching aid information, etc.

Before she departed today, she had printed relevant information in the study, and now it is done.

Counting the last step to successfully join the job, but – but –

She found that there was a road tiger in front of her, and she was a rocky flaw:

She is a heavy road, especially in a new environment, it takes a long time to be familiar.

Suddenly, I felt that it was not wise to send them to the leaders too early, and it was not wise to let her lead her to visit the campus in advance.

But thinking about it, such a hot day, where did her big face let the leaders accompany her to the campus under the sun.

So as long as she is a road idiot, then it means that–

This problem will still occur, the one that will inevitably occur.

Her road idiot is really heavy. Once I once traveled in the "Shancheng", she was together with her girlfriend Qu Ruiyi.But halfway, she received a group discussion phone call and took a few steps to find a relatively secluded place.She is a member of the group, and the group cooperation is simply the most intuitive way to touch fish in the world.

When you encounter members of some groups, you will completely give up struggle and feel a strong "blessing".

Multi -person workload, pushed to the most responsible team member, and then they were rotten.

Then, in order to highlight the sense of participation and "level", try to mention some "tall" solutions that do not have any possibility of operation.

Every time she wants to ask them with non -mother tongue: "You can you up, ok?"

After the call was finished, the group operation was "discussed", and then Qu Ruiyi’s "Yan Dog" was gone.

When Qu Rui was sitting in the position, when she came back, she accidentally saw a handsome little brother passing by, and went directly to add WeChat.

She didn’t know the way, thinking that she had gone the wrong place, and then quickly opened the navigation.

The corner of the lane and stairs of the "Shancheng" turned around and turned around, and it was navigated from the original place of the two to an abandoned alley.

Qu Ruiyi is about to come back and think of her for so long, wouldn’t she get lost again?

This idea was confirmed by Gui Yanxiao’s emergency help ringtone.

Contains the global GPS positioning chip, the other party is lost to the ringtone, and the other party can display the specific location on the mobile phone.


This time, as always:

Take out your mobile phone to send WeChat for Qu Ruiyi for help.

Gui Yanxiao: [Baby ~]

Qu Ruiyi: [Do not kill people!I am not bad, and the bank does not grab it!It’s useless to listen to it anymore..

Gui Yanxiao: [You can look at me too much, I don’t rob you and let you go to the mountains and the sea of fire ///]

Qu Ruiyi: [You won’t you get lost again?.

Gui Yanxiao: [Congratulations to the answer ~]

Gui Yanxiao: [Do my artificial navigation..

Qu Ruiyi: 【I really embolism Q.】

Qu Ruiyi: [I can’t help you this time, and I don’t know the structure in Jinggang Middle School.Spread hands jpg.]

Gui Yanxiao: [Fast :j JPG.]

Gui Yanxiao: [Big cry jpg.]

Qu Ruiyi: [I thought, your husband was not from Beijing and Hong Kong Middle School?You should be familiar with the road inside, you can let him videos artificial navigation,]]

Qu Ruiyi: [contact the relationship by the way ~]

Qu Ruiyi: [JPG.]

Gui Yanxiao: [It seems yes, Xiao Yizi can retreat ~]

Qu Ruiyi: [You can appear in the first lesson tomorrow, what you taught what is "lost if you use it"!.

Gui Yanxiao: [Low -key and low -key ~]

I didn’t chat again with Qu Ruiyi, withdrawing from the two people’s chat boxes, I didn’t have to find it, just behind Qu Ruiyi.

There was no reason for him. When she first arrived at the principal’s office, the man sent WeChat to ask her "not to school?"

It seems to be a camera on her.

She returned one: [Well, it has arrived..

The man returned: [Okay, remember to find me..

The official and indifferent are exactly the same as the "read" of the ancient emperor without any emotional color and color.

What she thought in her mind was that she could solve it if she had something to do?

His unit was busy with that, did time fly over and flew over to help her solve?

Now, it is only less than an hour. I didn’t expect this perfunctory to end.

Really fragrant!

Xu Weiyan: [Are you free now?.

After sending this news, she put her mobile phone aside, because she felt that a man was unlikely to return her information in seconds, and the probability would be busy or out of the police.

To be honest, she didn’t have much hope here in Xu Weiyan.

It really doesn’t work. She can wait to disturb the teacher who has no class in the office to bring her the way.

However, she did not expect that her thoughts had just emerged, and the desktop next to her was suddenly knocked out a few times. She was a male teacher at her next table.

"Hello, return to Teacher, I’m Su Muming, what can I help you?"

"Good Mr. Su,"

But she hesitated for two seconds, how should she clarify her problem.

Su Muming saw her hesitation, "It’s okay, you said, maybe what can I help?"

"Is Mr. Su waiting for a lesson?"


"I need to pay the materials to the Administrative Office, not very familiar with the architecture in the school."

Su Muming understood what she meant, "I ate late for lunch, and the teacher returned to the teacher.

This road is not far away, but the summer is really hot.

Su Muming’s speech was similar to his name. He could see the kind of gentle and gentle, and also made a intimate introduction to her along the way.

The teacher of the administrative office is sorting out other materials, and Gui Yanxiao herself took out the materials prepared in advance from the file bag. She was glad that she was fortunate to be prepared when she went out.

I didn’t have two seconds, I passed through the windows and walked through the window- ——

The A4 paper just pulled out in his hand flew out several pieces in blinking.

I really ’s afraid of what to come. Fortunately, the door will be brought up when the indoor air conditioner is turned on, otherwise she really dare not think that she chased her personal information gauge on the first day of the school.

There were two scattered beside Su Muming’s feet, and he subconsciously helped her pick it up.

A very casual action.But when I was bent down, I saw that the father -in -law in the marriage status table above was reflected by the fourth writing of Kaita ——


Chapter 2 Never Divorce

Before the reaction came, the voice had already made subconscious actions in the brain–

Su Muming asked, "Are you married?"

Isn’t it a teacher?It’s you.And involved the privacy of others, no matter what he did or intentionally, he saw it without the permission of others.Still ask the question of questioning.

When he said it, he knew how rude it was.

Su Muming immediately apologized.

"Sorry, I’m not intentional,"


Xu Weiyan came back to see the news of a woman on the phone desktop when the meeting was opened next door.

The information was 26 minutes ago.

Ask if he is free.The two of them are not normal couples to enter their marriage and family, but family marriage. The meaning of this information should not only stay on the surface and ask him if he is free.

What’s more, since living together.He knows that he and Gui Yanxiao have a common thing in common, that is, they don’t like to be curved, and they are directly and efficient when they are polite and not offended.

It may be more related to the occupation of two people.

At the scene of the crime and the student classroom, it is not allowed or implicitly dragged.

[Just go to the meeting, now I have time.What’s wrong?.

[Can I help if there is anything?.

At this time, Gui Yanxiao was already at the Administrative Office of the Administrative Office, and the teacher’s work card, the book card and other documents, and did not see the information of the man.

At the same time, the operator of the Beijing -Hong Kong Branch received a call from the people at the scene.

A car accident occurred at the intersection of the second phase of the engineering bridge road in Jinggang.

During the driving of large -scale cement tanks at the scene, the brakes failed, and the column was out of the column, causing a series of cars to rear -end accidents in subsequent cars.The on -site traffic was blocked, and the casualties were unknown.

120 has rushed to the scene.

"Xu Team, the car is ready."

"Okay, set off."

Gui Yanxiao did not reply to the information.

He quickly knocked on the screen of the phone: [I went out of the police, I had something to call me..

He and Zhou Yan and others quickly reported on the road on the road.

"Road section monitoring shows that before the accident of a large cement tanker driver, there were already severe overtaking and speeding behavior. In the end, the driver’s road section is the largest point, that is, the driver should make up the last throttle."

"Then hit the fence and rush out of the column."

Xu Weiyan quickly extracted the information, "So is it possible that it is not a sudden but intentional?"

Zhou Yan watched the surveillance video from the side and said excitedly: "I knock, this driver is absolutely intentional."

"Xu Team, you see. I don’t know if I don’t play racing, I have to be soaring 150 miles. He directly hangs half of it as a speeding car? Isn’t this looking for death?"

After hearing the words "looking for death" later, Xu Weiyan obviously looked up and glanced deeply.

Shen Zhuo beside Shen Zhuo took his arms and stunned Zhou Zhou.

Zhou Yili closed his mouth, and he almost forgot that the Xu team did not like to make a judgment at a glance.

He graduated and assigned the first day of the police station, and Xu Weiyan told him voicely: "Only one glance is the sixth sense. It is your keenness and your professional talent, but the usage and use must be used right.It is not for him to give you the case, otherwise it will be the greatest disrespect for the work results of countless front -line personnel who handle the case and dedicated. "

"Many of the criminal cases we have come into contact with, people may no longer be. The deceased cannot be resurrected, but it is not normal. What we can do and need to do is-"

"Let the cause of death in the world, let the deceased rest, and let the students be comforted."

"This is not only our responsibility, but also our mission!"

The powerful sentences are not like a flag, but they are always engraved in the hearts of their players.

"I’m sorry, I am wrong, I’m wrong." The big boy quickly bowed his head and confessed his mistakes in front of the captain.

"I will talk about my mind next time, and then take a closer look at the surveillance video of the accident section."


The on -site technical survey department has arrived. The information reported is similar to the prediction of monitoring on the car:

Large cement tankers are intentional accidents.

Zhou Yan was not proud, this is his duty.And the heart is more agreed with the captain’s point of view.

The remaining tasks are not easy–

The traffic volume of the second phase of the Beijing -Hong Kong Ring Island is extremely large and belongs to the main road of transportation.The bearing is extremely heavy, Xu Weiyan needs to lead the department’s personnel to remove the section of the accident and assist in relieving traffic.

The time was before the peak of the evening.

Under the scorching sun.

The weather was hot, and the hot waves were drifted in the air after the summer sun was burned.

One wave rolled.

It’s just that they are simple and hot, not to mention that they are still wearing police uniforms.

Together with the road police, he commanded traffic over and over again.

Seems to be inconspicuous, but it is essential.Open the driving channel for 120 ambulances to rescue the casualties.


Gui Yanxiao suddenly heard the problem of this marriage, and it was a few seconds.

Then quickly sort out my thoughts, "Well, it’s been a while."

Smile also answered the question of Su Muming just now.

"Ah, I’m really sorry." Su Muming once again said that he was sorry, it was really a matter of conflict and embarrassment.

Gui Yanxiao didn’t mind and took care of it.

The family of her marriage with Xu Weiyan did not hide, everyone knows.

And, talked about it.

She even once at the party, when she had just received a certificate with Xu Weiyan.Several unprepared little sisters in the circle, facing the sofa, sitting around a pink Lamborghini, who had just landed for a long time, she and Xu Weiyan could last for a long time.

A group of groups didn’t know if there was any brains, and they bet on them.

She and Qu Ruiyi listened to the sound and laughed directly.

A group of sisters were white at the time, and the forces of returning home and the Xu family and the song family need not say that they couldn’t afford to climb in the second half of their lives.

Then they just received the gambler’s divorce at the owner of the family, and they were heard by others.

The expression on his face is indeed a family who has studied etiquette, and is rich in the same Facebook frame.

Smile, embarrassing, and invisible.

Gui Yanxiao almost did not take a mobile phone from the bag to take a picture of this scene.

It did not let them poke like a round regulation and poke as a pole, and their eyes are uncomfortable. "Little sisters,"

"Next time I talk back, how embarrassing do you say?"

Both sentences said with a smile, as if they were a joke.

Pick up the slender tall cups from the long table behind you, and take the last sentence: "You think you are a virtue with your father and grandma.Can it be resistant? A group of garbage! "

After sending them this sentence, the champagne in the cup was splashed in front of them.

"Congratulations on your first growth."

"Xu Weiyan and I can never divorce anyway!"

Sprinkle wine like this, commonly used in front of the tombstone, worship.

These sentences actually looked at them with a smile, but in the tone, they were all contempt, and those who looked at a group of dregs looked down on and laughed.

Like a Satan from hell.

As if they dared to chew their tongue at will, she didn’t mind sending them to Lord Yan.

Moreover, she and Xu Weiyan have always been a person who is extremely afraid of unnecessary trouble.

The fact that married can also avoid some rotten peach blossoms, saving a lot of things.

Therefore, they have never planned to marry.

"My husband and I have not intended to marry hidden. You don’t have to sorry too much."

When Su Muming heard this, he didn’t continue to apologize.


There are not many things, Gui Yanxiao can be alone.

He didn’t let Su Muming help her. Su Muming knew that this was a married avoidance, but he never insisted.

It is much more comfortable to enter the air -conditioned house of 20 degrees from the hot steamer.

She is refreshing.

Wipe your face with a wet paper towel, there is no sticky discomfort.

I took out my mobile phone to find Xu Weiyan’s information.

Seeing time and laughing, the two husbands and wives really seemed to live in two time zones.

Turn over not many and shorter, in addition to the very necessary chat records, you can find ——

Most of the time seems to be like this.

Gui Yanxiao felt that she was bothering him to find him for help. Although he didn’t help it, he still had to reply to the information, at least telling not to use it.

And before the police, he remembered that she had hung her and sent a message for her to call him directly.

[No, I am okay..

[You continue to be busy, pay attention to safety..

[Thank you ~]

In order not to show her hardness and scribble, she also found a villain expression package.

She suddenly thought of a very strange point. You said that if she and Xu Weiyan had a child, can I get to pick up a child and then the time zone of the two can be confronted?

Who can receive the child in the end?

I really want to share this to Qu Ruiyi, and quickly type to tell her this "wonderful thought".

Chapter 3 Children His Dad

As we all know, it is not good to be faster.

Just like now, Gui Yanxiao has sorted out the desktop and the office supplies just received, and he is very pity why he has not received Qu Ruiyi’s WeChat.

This is not very in line with the identity of her 5G surfing girl.

Open your phone and look at it, find it-

She just appeared in the chat record box for her and Xu Weiyan.

That’s right, she sent it to …

Xu Weiyan.

Children’s dad.

After two minutes, the WeChat message could not be withdrawn.

Please hand over the bricks for her, let her hit, and then go to Shaolin Temple to study the iron head magic.

However, Xu Weiyan did not return the two news.

He may be busy work and did not see the news; he may be asked to be asked or embarrassed by this question, and he didn’t know what to return to her.

Although he knows that Xu Weiyan’s personality is basically not appeared.

From marriage to now, as long as she asked any questions, men have basically answered.

Regardless of the occasion and time, the man does not know, and then searches and then tells her the answer, as long as she asked.

She has deeply appreciated this "learning spirit and quality" –

On the first day of the certificate, the two have prepared the wedding room.

The two adults gathered together after dinner, and they did not want to delay the sweet time of the newlywed Yantan of the young couple.

Gui Yanxiao’s alcohol is not good, but today’s life is a little bit of wine.

The sloppy face seemed to brighten the blush.

The man poured her a cup of honey to drink, and he went upstairs to take a bath.

She was not too drunk, and under the urging of alcohol, she had more courage to do bad things for her.

Although she has never eaten pork, she does not mean that she has never seen pig running.

On the first night of wedding, everyone is a young man with physical and mental health.When she was in a room and a bed, she felt abnormal without having something to do.

Moreover, the Internet has developed so much that everyone has given everyone a chance to "learn" anytime, anywhere.


New location,

Unlimited time.

The man’s plate is positive and abdominal muscles. She seemed to look at the door across the T -shirt, not to mention the daily exercise of the career requirements. Needless to say, she would definitely not suffer.

The face value has a one -class body.

She is actually looking forward to this night!

After drinking a small cup of honey water, I went upstairs. The sound of the water flow in the master bedroom was enlarged infinitely in the silent night.

I don’t know if she had just a half cup of sweet water, and her throat was a little dry and hot.

I was too lazy to go downstairs and pour water to drink, and some of them opened the table drawer in front of them to relieve their stuffy.

Good guy!

The blooming bags of the colorful and green packaging were almost shocked by her.

Is this a bit too "intimate"?

"Intimate" she was fortunate that fortunately, she had no water in her mouth, or it was estimated that she would be sprayed.

Do you have to use the year of the Monkey Year of the Monkey?

Teachers’ knowledge and professional psychological attacks, she was shocked from the beginning to curiosity ———

Curiosity: Why can you develop so many flavors?

Is there any difference in actual experience?

What is the sense of experience?

How can users determine which one is suitable for you?


During her careful and obsessed research, the man opened the door after taking a bath.

Hearing the sound, Gui Yanxiao looked up.

Then there is a lively "beautiful man out of the bath".Xu Weiyan was so simple and loosely put on a bathrobe, and the belt around his waist was arbitrarily tied at will.

The abdominal muscles are obviously exposed to the air than when wearing a T -shirt in a day.

Gui Yanxiao guessed a little, the man’s body was so good enough.

The absolute dress is thin, and the undressing has the type of material.

She swallowed silently, trying to make herself not see that "the world".

Although she has never seen this "world" several times.

But we have to be firm.

Xu Weiyan leaned on the bathroom glass door so, and the towel on his hand was still rubbing his hair.

"What do you do?"

Gui Yanxiao was like a scholar who was sucking the soul by fox essence, and answered obediently: "What are the differences in studying these tastes."

Xu Weiyan heard this answer for a few seconds.

In fact, he saw the thing in Gui Yanxiao’s hand as soon as he came out, but just asked not to seem so embarrassing.

Within the scope of his cognition, "What do you do?" This question was similar to the way to say "Did you eat?", As a result, Gui Yanxiao gave him an answer to what he was doing.

If anything else, this thing is a colorful packaging.

Chapter 4 Do we really have children?

He thought that Gui Yanxiao graduated from the Chinese Department, and he should have a relatively euphemistic transfer of the topic, "The moonlight tonight is beautiful, I am watching the moon just now."

she says,

He is not unbelievable.

Then the topic was shifted, she took a bath, and after taking a shower, they practiced what.

During this period of time, it is also used as a buffer period.

After Gui Yanxiao finished this sentence, "Xu Weiyan, come here."

Xu Weiyan did not doubt him and walked over.

Gui Yanxiao handed him the phone to show her search results just now.

The search history in the search column shows a series of related issues of the colorful small packaging bags.

Then Gui Yanxiao said to Xu Weiyan sincerely: "These answers are a bit vague, I don’t see it very well. You have finished the experience tonight, can you tell me?"

It is really like a student who is sincere in front of the teacher.

In that second, Xu Weiyan once again realized a shock of "not amazing words".

He nodded with a ghostly nodded.


The two people’s practice overnight, Xu Weiyan and Gui Yanxiao’s colorful packaging bags did use several different flavors.

Gui Yanxiao’s soreness and sleepiness have actually forgotten almost "taste".

However, Xu Weiyan did not forget.

During breakfast, his "specific" and relatively "detailed" and "complete" answers gave Gui Yanxiao’s confusion last night.

In order to facilitate understanding and experience, he also gave some examples of fruit flavors.

In those days, Gui Yanxiao watched the unknowingly in the fruit of the fruit, and could think of Xu Weiyan, "the teacher who strives to see the students seriously."



Xu Weiyan’s answer will be late but absolutely.

Now it should be busy, not seeing her "wonderful thoughts".

She really feels that this spirit of "knowledge and learning" should not be too strong at some point.


When the card was officially finished in the afternoon, it was equivalent to Gui Yanxiao as a free person.

When I went down the stairs, I received a call from Qu Ruiyi, urging her to hurry up.

"Sister, can we not snail?"

"What do you do n’t know, do you think you and Xu Weiyan have?"

Qu Ruiyi just joked casually, meaning her steps are really slow enough.


On the other side of the phone, Gui Yanxiao was scared just like a ghost story.

The sound is obviously darling with two degrees, "How is it possible!"


The veto of righteousness, supplement.

Said: Never.

The heart of Qu Rui was shocked by her raised voice.

"Isn’t it impossible? As for such a big response? I wait for you under the big tree at the door, and you see it as soon as you go out."

"Okay, I’ll wait for a while."

"About seven or eight minutes."

Gui Yanxiao got up after hanging up the phone and realized whether it was a bit sensitive just now.

She should not be too much to make a mistake and then jump her feet.

Right, that is it.


She went downstairs and the self -brainwashing along the way.

Blame Xu Weiyan!

It seems that she really has a child with Xu Weiyan.


As soon as she went out, she saw Qu Ruiyi as soon as she went out.

Not because she knew the description of the woman on the phone just now, but:

Miss Qu Ruiyi’s extraordinary blue Bugatti.

And the string of Beijing and Hong Kong who can’t find the second line number.

She saw the first moment of the car the support, and then looked back at her behind, and decided that there was no familiar colleague behind her to run to the co -driver.

Open the door quickly, get on the car, seat belt.

It is done in one go.

Qu Ruiyi was shocked by her Lisuo.

Moisturizer is half picked and supports at the bridge of the nose.

"Gui Yanxiao, what about you as a thief?"

"Hurry up, drive, change the place."

Gui Yanxiao urged the children next to the children to drive, "It is not advisable to stay here for a long time."

When she said this, Gui Yanxiao even looked at the rear through the right observation of the car.

As the family of a police officer,

She didn’t know the conversation and this action.

More like, it’s a thief …

Qu Ruiyi also did her words. The car turned around and drove into the main road for a while. She couldn’t see the construction of the teaching building of Jinggang Middle School at all.

She finally relieved.

"You do not understand,"

"I am just a Chinese teacher, I have to be low -key."

"You said I am a thief, I haven’t said you yet,"

"You said that you pick me up from get off work and pick me up from get off work. You can take care of my work nature, and then take a low -key car and drive a certain car."

Gui Yanxiao really felt that this blue Bugatti was too eye -catching.

Qu Ruiyi: "…"

Carefully think about the spitting of the woman next to it.

A soul torture-

"Do you think I still have more ordinary cars?"

When I was asked about this question, Gui Yanxiao seemed to only give Miss Qu’s "no" answer.


She is not considering.

She seemed to be the face of other luxury cars in Qu Ruiyi Mall.

"I just thought you were the same as Xu Weiyan,"

She was a bit replaced by Xu Weiyan’s garage just now.

Probably because of the nature of work and work occasions, although there are no shortage of luxury cars in their garage.However, there are also a layer of parking for the relatively ordinary Audi and Red Flags and Mercedes -Benz, which are specially parked for daily work.

However, Xu Weiyan understands the car and loves to play the car.

So many cars have been modified a lot.

Most of the modification costs far exceed the value of the car itself, but after all, it is inside, and it is at least not a professional at a glance outside.

It won’t be too embarrassed.

When she came in the afternoon, she drove a pure white Audi A8.


"Gui Yanxiao, be a person to talk about conscience."

"I came over to pick you up from get off work, and you put it here for dog food."

"Just have a husband. Every day, you have to hang your husband’s mouth. You can simply hang on your trouser belt next time."

Gui Yanxiao was unhappy, "No."

Then go from the co -pilot to the side.

Tell Qu Ruiyi, "I don’t mean that,"

"And Xu Weiyan, don’t you know, you can sprinkle wool dog food."

It seems to be that.

Qu Ruiyi laughed by her funny tone.

Quite emotion: "So, do we still spend the sisters?"

Gui Yanxiao suddenly sat up again, clearing her throat slightly.

"欸欸 归, Gui Yanxiao, what are you going to do? This is the carriage that carries us to Happy, not your country’s speech contest."

Gui Yanxiao’s new momentum was directly disappeared by her sentence.

I wanted to be serious.

Direct cards now:

"It is not completely a painful sister flower. After all, I have also seen a man and experienced it. Only you are still the mother’s fetal solo."

Then the last sentence was gently fluttered.

"We are different."

If you have a camera, you can record how good the woman’s face was.

Qu Ruiyi gritted his teeth:

"Gui Yanxiao, you should thank you all the green lights now, you haven’t encountered a red light."


"You have to be careful about your neck."

Gui Yanxiao successfully stepped on her tail.


The joy of victory with Qu Ruiyi was broken in the next second.

The induced instrument is: a man’s WeChat.

Xu Weiyan: 【?.

Xu Weiyan: [Are you pregnant?.

Xu Weiyan: [Conditions are based on: If you have been engaged in my current career, if you are in China in the future, we are in the same time zone.If you discuss it in advance, you should receive your child..

Xu Weiyan: [So we really have children?.

Next second.

On the mobile page, Xu Weiyan’s video called.

Chapter 5 Together with my husband, I have dinner with my husband

Gui Yanxiao almost didn’t throw the phone out.

How to pick it up?

What do you say?How to face it?

After the final hesitation or hanging up, the phone has been ringing for ten seconds.

Next door Qu Ruiyi looked at her, and raised her chin at her:

"What’s going on? Answer the phone."

Stretching the head is a knife, a shrinking or a knife.

Gui Yanxiao did not do anything, exhaled deeply, pressed the green answering button–

"Are you busy?"

"Well, in the car. Are you going to check? Or is you pregnant? Where are you now? I will pick you up in the past, don’t panic first, let’s go to the hospital for an examination together."

The sound of the WeChat handset belongs to the outside, listening to the quiet carriage.

Qu Ruiyi almost did not directly perform the scene of the rapid braking in "Speed and Passion", his eyes widened.

The eyes are unbelievable.

If she didn’t listen to the wrong phone just now, Xu Weiyan said that Gui Yanxiao was pregnant.

Gui Yanxiao looked up at her, "You drove well first, I’ll tell you before you will wait."

Xu Weiyan was able to hear Gui Yanxiao’s phrase.

I did not interrupt the conversation between the two, because it was honest- to say honesty- ——

He is completely stunned now.

After their team completed the task, they were ready to return to the team.

The weather is hot, everyone drinks water in a cool place, and the clothes on their bodies can feel a pot of water.

Xu Weiyan picked up his mobile phone and sent news to Gui Yanxiao before the police.

When I opened it, I responded, or five:

This number is not common in previous WeChat chats with limited two people, both of which are short -term.

He was subconsciously tight.

I thought Gui Yanxiao had encountered any emergency.

Seeing that Gui Yanxiao took the child, his nerves jumped twice.

The first reaction is–

Gui Yanxiao was pregnant, his child.

Walker walked towards my off -road, "I’m gone first, and I call in an urgent matter."

The frozen mineral water in his hand also threw it directly to Zhou Yan regardless of drinking.

Zhou Yan wandered with a T -shirt, a question mark,

"Zhuo, what is the captain so anxious?"

Where did Shen Zhuo clear, shrugged, grunting and continued to drink.

"Where can we guess the boss’s mind?"

"Also, let’s drink our water."

Zhou Yan was a straight ball, but he couldn’t figure it out for himself, and he didn’t want to think about it.

Suddenly, I thought of a video I saw inadvertently a few days ago.

It is really like a pair of numbers in this generation.

Ghost sneaky to Shen Zhuo’s ears.Tian’er was hot, and a big man was still around. Shen Zhuo was so hot that it was not enough to push him next to him.

It was also quite disgusted, "Speak a good speech."

"Don’t be sticky, the wind comments are not good."

Zhou Yan did not stab him this time,

The movement is more fast and agilely to say his "thought" in his ear.

"I think the boss just now has the feeling of getting married."

The water in Shen Zhuo’s mouth was almost spit out.

The original creator seemed to have expected it, and after speaking, he was quite wise as he said in the previous sentence-

A lot from far away.

With Zhou Yan’s face, "You believe I can’t make mistakes", Shen Zhuo’s face was red.

The old one was able to fight back.

I gave a thumbs up to Zhou Yan: "You are a real cow, dare to think about it!"

Zhou Yan did a low -key and low -key action. During the movement, "You know, I know, just don’t thank."


Once again, I knew that there was someone around the girl who did not talk about pregnancy.only:

"Where are you now? I pick you up in the past."

Gui Yanxiao felt that it would be clear that this oolong was really more fried.

"Xu Weiyan,"

"Well, I’m here."

"I’m not pregnant."


The man was quiet for two seconds. "You don’t have to worry about it, you will be born when you are pregnant, and we will raise it. It is not good to kill you."

Xu Weiyan believes that she may be unwilling or unable to accept the sudden advent of the child.

Do not want.

Gui Yanxiao must explain clearly: "Xu Weiyan, I really didn’t get pregnant, the information in the afternoon was wrong, it was a sudden imagination."

Xu Weiyan was silent, judging the authenticity of this sentence.

He must make sure that girls are not joking with their health.

Gui Yanxiao is really helpless, and the most easy -to -understand explanation directly:

"Every time we take good measures, isn’t it?"

The driver of Qu Ruiyi was once again hit by 10,000. How did the couple discuss this.

She was even afraid that the traffic police would knock on the window to scan the window.

This absolute long mouth is not clear.

Xu Weiyan: "It may be damaged in the process, and the probability is very high."

Gui Yan Xiaoqi knotted: "What time do you say?"

Xu Weiyan couldn’t answer.

Both ends are quiet for a minute.

Xu Weiyan confirmed again: "Really not pregnant?"

"Really do not have."

"I promise ."

"Okay. Do you need to go to the hospital for examination?" Xu Weiyan asked her.

This question looks a little extra and idiot, all of them are oolong and what they go to the hospital to check.

Gui Yanxiao was almost laughed at, but she also knew that the man was for her health and had a peace of mind.

"Don’t go, go to dinner."


The phone hung up, and the car Qu Ruiyi had stopped stably on the side of the road.

The seat belt has been solved and the arm has been pulled up.

"Report" begins.

"Frank from wide, resisting strictness. What do you say about pregnancy?"

Gui Yanxiao is obviously a "meal" and knows the necessary process.

From before to the back, it is necessary to save the "chat record".

After listening, Qu Ruiyi almost couldn’t laugh at his waist, and smiled at the steering wheel.

Gui Yanxiao’s reaction is really reasonable.

I didn’t stop it, letting her laugh.

After one minute, interrupt:

"Don’t laugh, send me home, and have dinner with my husband."

Chapter 6 Urgent seeing my husband

Qu Ruiyi looked at a serious tone next to the people next to him,

"Don’t go to drink a drink?"

"Don’t go."

Gui Yanxiao refused to be sharp and simply.

"I made a box tonight, so I won’t go to the wine?"

The fog is a famous club in Beijing and Hong Kong. The members are all famous surnames and surnames.Most people can’t get in. Those who come in with thresholds naturally understand the rules, so as not to smoke.

They usually sit for a while when they want to drink.

"Can’t get up with you, don’t go."

Qu Ruiyi did not intend to force her to force her to send her the car home.

When I was about to start, I just turned twice and thought of something.

"Xiao Xiaozi, do you want to know what you look like now?"

Gui Yanxiao did not drag the water at all, and refused in seconds.

"not interested."

She should not be a serious thing for the ten years after the Ten years after Qu Ruiyi.

"Well, you dare not admit a woman."

Qu Ruiyi is still coming.

Catching her to say something, Gui Yanxiao knew that if she would not let her finish today, she would not start the car.

"Well, you said, the little girl listened and listened:"

Qu Rui Yi slowly spit out a term: "Wang Fu Shi."

And attached "intimate" supplement, "Siffe is heartbroken."

Gui Yanxiao: "…"

"Do I have to give you a high school Chinese teacher. Thank you for remembering the term explanation of the noun in ancient poems,"

Qu Ruiyi: "That’s not very needed. In front of the teacher, there are all the axes. It is not worth mentioning, not worth mentioning ~"

Gui Yanxiao didn’t see her embarrassment at all.

She must have a answer to her entanglement, "However, do you think I describe is accurate?"

Gui Yanxue is smart.

"You drive first, I will tell you on the road."

Qu Ruiyi does not believe this big cake. As we all know, if you eat too much cake, you will not feel it.

"You talk first, let’s go on the road after talking."

After speaking, I realized that the word "on the road" seemed a little ambiguous, "Oh."

"What kind of way."

"After you talk, I will drive you back."

"You drive first, I’ll talk about it again."

"You talk first, I’ll drive again."


After two elementary school chickens fighting n rounds, Gui Yanxiao finally defeated.

"Okay, I surrender."

The corner of Qu Ruiyi smiled at the corner of the mouth and thought it was a proud victory.

Gui Yanxiao: "Which eye you can see him think of him."

"I can see both of my eyes, otherwise what are you so anxious to go home?"

"I go home for dinner."

"Gui Yanxiao, don’t play with me text games to steal the concept!"

The voice was bigger, and the momentum was full.

Gui Yanxiao nodded again.

"Okay, Mr. Qu asked again, I promise to answer this time."

"I know that you go home for dinner. I ask you why you are so anxious to go back for dinner? Is it true to eat? Or rushed to see your husband at your mouth?"

In the end, the woman’s intention to bring private goods was obviously not covered at all.


Without the restraint of the seat belt, he went directly to the seat of Gui Yanxiao’s seat.

Gui Yanxiao leaned two feet after "tacticality".

"I want to say that you really rush to eat or not?"

Qu Ruiyi gave her a "what do you think", "I don’t believe my toes."

"And do you say it yourself?"

Gui Yan nodded, "Of course I believe."

"Your slap has a big appetite, are you hungry at this time? Who do you lie to, don’t be embarrassed to admit that you are to see your husband."

"Besides, that’s all your husband, legal, the country stretches, do you like it but not committing the law. Also, do you put me a 18 -year -old girl shy?"

Qu Ruiyi is true.


Gui Yanxiao wants to "rescue".

The title of Qu Ruiyi’s "Pea Sagittarius" is not as well as, and she did not give her the opportunity at all.

"What is not? Don’t be embarrassed! The face is full of ‘I understand’, your husband must have a face value, you must have a figure, you have experienced your body.Absolutely considering 10,000 times, then you still need to worry about? Where did you say you suffered? "

"It’s cool!"

Gui Yanxiao even saw her even showed her fingers, one by one who gave her "finely" she would never lose.

"Qu Ruiyi!"

"Where are you from?"

Qu Ruiyi blinked, "It’s over, it seems like a mouth scoop, and he said something."

Gui Yanxiao really: "I really thank you,"

"It’s my blessing with you, I’m really convinced!"

Qu Ruiyi whispered the final summary: "But the fact is this good. I am right,"

Gui Yanxiao heard it when he heard it, and did not immediately return to her.

The compartment was quiet at once.

Qu Ruiyi couldn’t stand this atmosphere, and drove home to Yanxiao home.

Open the car music and release the fanatic music, the unique tearing feeling in European and American singers echoed in the carriage.

Gui Yanxiao closed it again.

"Well, you said right."

She was answering Qu Ruiyi’s last question "The fact is that, she said right."

It was Qu Ruiyi’s turn.

She thought she could not admit it for a while according to the welded mouth of Gui Yanxiao’s iron duck.


Gui Yanxiao was irritable, and pulled the tied high ponytails directly.

He shook his head hard.

"I don’t know what I think in my heart, Xu Weiyan is really good. I’m not sure if I like it, I don’t hate it anyway."

"Then you are irritable? If you are irritable, you are sure if you are not sure."

Qu Ruiyi does not understand what a woman is irritable.

"Both of you are husband and wife, you have time and opportunity to determine if you like him?"

"No, have you ever thought about it? I don’t know Xu Weiyan didn’t like me? You said, then I would really be sure that I liked him, but he didn’t like me, knock!what’s up,"

"I have to be embarrassed to die, okay! After that …"

After listening to Gui Yanxiao’s speech, Qu Ruiyi was shocked by her sister’s brain.

Hurry up and hold the wrong idea of her sister.

"Stop and stop!"

Gui Yanxiao closed her mouth.

Listen to Qu Ruiyi’s mother -in -law SOLO and dog head military division "tactical director and speech".

Qu Ruiyi: "You have to figure out a premise. I have told you before: You two are husband and wife relationship. And the family interests are tied together, and you also say that you will never divorce in this life."

Gui Yanxiao was suddenly mentioned by this "shame" declaration, which was a bit embarrassing.

Although she said, it is also a fact, but we don’t have to mention it again.

"um, yes."

Qu Ruiyi continues: "That’s not just fine. It is uncontrollable if you like him. The chances he likes you is different, and it is completely possible."

"You have no shortage of body, and your face value can be carried. Not to mention that you can stand directly in the entertainment industry,"

"Stop it, don’t rainfart. Just a little bit, I am still in a hurry to go home for dinner."

"Still eating? Didn’t you still look at my husband? Now I have dinner again."

Gui Yanxiao: "…"

Qu Ruiyi did not miss any opportunity to return to Yan Xiao, and successfully brought the title of the bad friend to the extreme.

Then, "So is-"

"You both like each other to love each other and love, absolutely a beautiful thing. If you don’t like each other, that is, you have not reported any expectations of love to marry at first.The difference between plastics and sweetness in front of people. "

"There are no shortage of these two situations in the circle, you don’t know."

Gui Yanxiao is the door Qing’er.

Her sister is.

Chapter 7 The consciousness of married men

Blue Bugatti stopped in front of the villa.

"Can’t you go down to drink a glass of water?"

"Don’t go on, it’s too hot, go first ~ Come on!" Come on! "

The last two words "refueling" tunes are not serious at all.

Gui Yanxiao turned on the door and turned around.


Xu Weiyan’s Mercedes -Benz G63 stopped directly in the yard.

Gui Yanxiao now determined that he was already at home, and when he changed his shoes, he saw the man sitting on the sofa as soon as he entered the door.

Xu Weiyan was sitting straight like that, and his brows frowned.

It looks like a little people look close to it at a glance.

The two have been for more than a month from receiving a certificate to now. Gui Yanxiao knows that men are like to think about things.

"Wife and Mother Type" stepped forward to divide the worry.

Take a smile, "What are you thinking about?"

When he sat next to the man, he found that he didn’t take a bath. The wet traces of the T -shirt on his body were not left by the bath but sweat.

"Why not take a bath first? Isn’t it uncomfortable?"

She feels sticky when she looks.

Xu Weiyan’s Interpol looked at her straight.

I did not answer the question of Gui Yanxiao, but asked:

"Really not pregnant?"

The sight came to her belly.

Gui Yanxiao’s nerves all jumped.

Isn’t this overwhelming?

She nodded again, "I swear: really not!"

After Gui Yanxiao finished speaking, the room was quiet for several seconds.

Xu Weiyan looked back and nodded his eyes.

"okay, I get it."

I don’t know why, Gui Yanxiao feels like he heard a little lonely taste.

Is her ears hallucination or tactile?

Xu Weiyan wants to be a dad like this?

Suddenly what I realized, "Xu Weiyan, did you just use me on me?"

Not a question, it is a certain sentence.

Think of the man who looked at her belly just now.


Xu Weiyan was said to have not had much expression.

"Sorry, I just want to be sure."

Gui Yanxiao: "Are you sure now?"

Xu Weiyan didn’t hesitate anymore, and quickly gave the answer: "OK, no pregnancy."

"Xu Weiyan!"

"If you are a forensic doctor, do you still have to practice my hand?"

Gui Yanxiao laughed at his second answer.

Xu Weiyan is even more interesting: "The professional nature is different, I don’t know much. If you are interested, I can consult it when you are interested."

Then for the rigorous language, the man even added a word:

"But according to my speculation, it should not be practiced like this, there should be a human model."

Gui Yanxiao was completely speechless.

Is she playing a rigorous text game with him now?

He couldn’t hear her tone or what was it?

Finally pressed a breath and anger:

"Then you can judge that I am not pregnant by seeing my stomach, do you still blame the gynecology, right?"

Xu Weiyan shook his head honestly, "Don’t understand,"

"But you can understand."

This "but" successfully ignited the last fire, and Gui Yanxiao burned.


Pick up the pillow behind and throw the man directly, "Roll, go to take a bath, don’t let me see you again!"

Xu Weiyan’s first reaction was caught.

He is the first grade and breaks the highest record.

Gui Yanxiao froze.

There was a little pillow on the sofa behind her, and she took another man with another man.

Xu Weiyan did not hide this time.

Although I do n’t know why my daughter -in -law is angry, as a married man, he knows that Gui Yanxiao should be angry now.

He was the pump.

After being beaten a few times, I felt that the girl should have been angry for a while, and quickly got up quickly. From the other side of the sofa, her long legs turned directly.

Don’t slip at this time, when will it be more.

Quick, quasi, and fiercely ran upstairs to take a bath.


Xu Weiyan still asked Gui Yanxiao to see herself again.

That’s right, come down to dinner after taking a shower.

Auntie has already made meals, and she should have seen it for a while.

But Gui Yanxiao did not move chopsticks.

Just sit in front of the dining table and wait for him. The desktop is that the iPad should be watching the drama.

He opened the stool, and the sound of returning to Yiyan Xiao looked up.

She didn’t look at the iPad anymore.

To be honest, she felt that the things above were boring, and she couldn’t see it at all.

"How can you wash the bath for so long?"

She talked.

"Next time you eat first, don’t wait for me."

"Who has been waiting for you, I have no appetite just now."

At the same time, the chopsticks on her hand just clamped a large chopstick bean horns.

Very big chopsticks.

Xu Weiyan smiled with a smile on the corner of the eyebrows.

It seemed to be naked and wrote, "You tell me, you are called appetite?"

Gui Yanxiao really felt that her toes could pull out a magic castle.

She didn’t think she didn’t feel it herself.

Not only.

It’s pretty enough!

Gui Yanxiao put the bean horns in her bowl, a serious copy:

"It’s just now, it’s now now, different!"


"Whoever is waiting for you, it’s just that the weather is hot, the food is too hot, I can’t eat it for a while."

He did not engage in criminal investigation a day or two, so it is clear whether people have told the truth.

So Gui Yanxiao asked him just now. He really couldn’t understand his stomach and gynecology, but just distinguished the true and false of the phrase "really no pregnancy" through eyes and limb movements.

It is not exactly the criminal, that is, occupational habits, occupational diseases!


Xu Weiyan thought about the lesson before and after being beaten.

I didn’t speak this time.

He really didn’t really want to wait for his back to return to the study directly at night.

Welfare of married men-

He will not let it fly away directly!

Chapter 8: Going out to face outside

"Okay, you didn’t wait for me, eat it."

Both people on the table do not have the habit of eating and speaking.

Xu Weiyan asked her, "So what do you want to do to do this this afternoon? I was in a meeting at that time."

"Ah, I know you are in a meeting, haven’t you explained to me?"

She is fighting the garlic cloves in the bean horns in the bowl-

Just now, his head was stunned, and a large chopsticks were sandwiched, all of which were garlic cloves.She extremely hates garlic products and people who are crazy.

It is picked into the plate.

Xu Weiyan didn’t know when, and a chopsticks directly helped her away from all the beans in the bowl and put it in her bowl.

Save her to pick.

"You can be poked out of a hole in the rice, do you want your eyes?"

The man ate the bean horn in the bowl just now, and his eyes did not blink.

Gui Yanxiao euphemistically reminds:

"That’s what I have eaten just now, you throw it away if you don’t like it?"

Xu Weiyan’s cleanliness still knows it. She doesn’t know how long it has been poked with chopsticks …

The man didn’t throw it, and he didn’t change his face.

"We have had good health and have no bad diseases before marriage."

Gui Yanxiao: "Ha?" He stunned.

Then I realized that the man means that she was not sick.

I didn’t want to speak for a while.

Her biggest mistake is to mistakenly think that "straight men will bloom"!

"How is the feeling of feeling experience in Beijing -Hong Kong Middle School on the first day?"

"Very good, the architecture is very beautiful, and the campus atmosphere is also active and vibrant. And the task of my class is not heavy, and it should be super happy to encounter a group of cute children."

"Listening to you is quite fulfilling and looking forward to it?"

"That’s certain, otherwise what am I going to do? Are you unhappy every day?"

Gui Yanxiao gave him a "you are talking nonsense".

Xu Weiyan nodded.

Gui Yanxiao thought of a little bit, and frowned:

"However, the campus area of Jinggang Middle School is really too large, and there are buildings everywhere. I feel that I can’t tell clearly, it’s really big!"

"Are you so big in school when you were in school?"

Xu Weiyan thought about it seriously: "It’s not small, but it is definitely not big now. You have expanded many campus buildings and new classrooms and new equipment in recent years."

Gui Yanxiao helped his forehead and sighed.

"Hey! This is really unfriendly,"

Especially for her severe path.

"I sent you a message in the afternoon that I couldn’t find the administrative office at the time. I didn’t know how to go, and I wanted to ask you. However, the last colleague took me to find it, and it was okay."

Xu Weiyan: "Just solve it,"

After groaning for a few seconds.

Xu Weiyan said lowly: "Sorry, I didn’t see your information at the time."

"I didn’t mean to let you apologize just now!" Gui Yanxiao didn’t think such a trivial matter should apologize.

It’s awkward.

"No, just can’t help you." Xu Weiyan explained.

Gui Yanxiao is his wife.

He believes that it is not good to hold his hands in time when his family asked for help in time.

"And you don’t deliberately don’t return my information, you are working at work. Nothing is wrong, why do you apologize?"

Xu Weiyan knew that the girl was really angry.

His nature is special and busy.

Many people praise them to protect the family, but they rarely have time and energy to take care of their families.

This is also the reality of many police officers and medical staff.


Xu Weiyan’s meaning is "Okay, don’t apologize anymore."

Gui Yanxiao did not understand that the two began to talk about the piano, the chicken, and the duck.

"What’s so good? I said you did nothing wrong. Just like when I was in class, I couldn’t see it, and I won’t see it."

Xu Weiyan nodded, "I mean this. This is good, it’s over."

Gui Yanxiao was a little embarrassed.

It seems that she has a lot of words above.Everyone is over, and she is still comforting him.

Some uncomfortable touched the tip of the nose.

Xu Weiyan finally said: "I can’t guarantee that the next time I can be timely, but I try as much as possible."

Gui Yanxiao didn’t know why he suddenly came to this promise.

She didn’t ask him to do so. I don’t know if others think he is a "wife’s strict manner"?

More importantly, Gui Yanxiao should not be called "Mother Night forsk" …!

The two of them are still the marriage relationship between plastic family.

How could she control him?IntersectionHow could he listen to her?Intersection

Although I was happy in my heart, it was not obvious on my face.

In the first step of physical action, the answer is given first.

Nod, "Um."

In order to make the Tables Mountain not so quiet-

Gui Yanxiao told him another thing that happened.

"In the process of that teacher took me in the past, I knew that I was married."

After she stated this fact, the air was a few seconds quieter than just now.

Xu Weiyan opened the first sentence:

"Male colleague took you?"

Gui Yanxiao didn’t understand how he knew it, and why he was so strange.

"Yes, he had no class at the time."

"No wonder."

Although I know it is because of this, but:

Xu Weiyan did not listen to the unhappy and vinegar in his tone.

Gui Yanxiao was asked by this sentence somehow.

"It’s no wonder?"

Xu Weiyan answered quickly: "Nothing, how do he know you got married? What did you tell you in the office?"

Gui Yanxiao: "No, everyone is very busy this afternoon, and I don’t bother everyone. If you can, if you can, I plan to invite everyone to get together and be familiar with the ice -breaking relationship.

"Well, that’s it."

Then, again: "I’m going to pick you up that day?"

Gui Yanxiao was shocked when she heard Xu Weiyan’s initiative to propose this proposal.


"It’s not why we have discussed this up, I haven’t told you how he knows yet."

Xu Weiyan cooperated with her eyes, "So how do you know?"

Gui Yanxiao also felt that there was nothing such a coincidence–

It’s just right!

"You said that he just flew to his feet, just that he also saw that column ‘marriage status’, everything was just caused."

Gui Yanxiao’s excitement did not see Xu Weiyan’s mouth suddenly evoked.



Xu Weiyan found that Gui Yanxiao, as a Chinese teacher, is the most obvious feature that–

When she was talking about things, she was particularly easy to forget me, and then subconsciously used the other party as a student.

She may not find that sometimes I sometimes ask and figure out these habits.

In fact, they are all teaching and educating people.

"Agree you are talking about‘ just causing disaster ’.”

"What did your colleagues react?"

"Is he? He was very sorry at the time, and he might feel that he had infringed my privacy without my consent. Then I told him that we didn’t plan to marry."

The smile in the corner of Xu Weiyan’s mouth was inexplicable.

Gui Yanxiao bit her chopsticks, and suddenly thought of the wedding ring, and quickly told him:

"Speaking of this, let’s go to the ring shop to pick a relatively simple wedding ring. The requirements of our school’s faculty and staff on the requirements for the teacher’s appearance is: don’t be too exaggerated and gorgeous, you can wear a brief jewelry to wear a generous jewelry","

Ask Xu Weiyan opposite: "OK?"

Xu Weiyan: "Okay, go after eating."

The earlier, the better.

He was happy in his heart, and Gui Yanxiao put on the ring at least half of the pursuit.

After the man packed the desktop, Gui Yanxiao put the tableware into the washing cabinet.

Men and women are not tired.

It doesn’t take too long.

The day is long in summer, and it is not dark yet.

Xu Weiyan drove and returned to the mall selected by Yan Xiao.

On the road, she suddenly thought of another point–

"Xu Weiyan, can you wear a ring? Seems not."


Men give a positive answer.

Gui Yanxiao’s little face was pulled down "Ah? Ah? Can’t you wear it?"

Xu Weiyan looked at her face as wonderful as her face changed her face and laughed at once.

This is too fresh, enjoying a close -up live performance.

Gui Yanxiao looked sideways and glanced at him quietly.

Why can anyone laugh?

It wasn’t because he excessively interpreted and associated, Xu Weiyan really read a meaning "You laugh again, you wrapped up the study in the study" in the smile.

Overall explanation:

"The two hands are not available, but the neck is available. Let’s wait for the lower strips to wear the ring and put the ring directly on the neck."

The naked eye visible,

Gui Yanxiao’s eyes were out of light.

"Yes, why didn’t I think,"

But the overall tone is still very happy, maybe because of the solution.

Xu Weiyan would not be Xu Weiyan if he was not an old cadre!

"It’s okay, I just thought of it."

Gui Yanxiao really did not know what to return for a moment.


Diamond ring shop.

Generally on the top layer of major shopping malls, you can see diamonds and gold that exudes a wealth of money.

Gui Yanxiao picked a relatively luxurious shop.

As soon as he came in with Xu Weiyan, the waiter greeted him.

She said that she first looked at the shopping guide’s attitude was also very friendly, and she didn’t push it.

He Wei Yan’s eyes were consistent, and he picked a pair of simple and generous ring.

The shopping guide happened to bring tea for them and help her try it.

Both size and carats are also suitable. Both of them are also in the same appearance, and there are still stocks.

After choosing the vegetarian chain for him, the shopping guide helped him skewed and handed it directly to Gui Yanxiao’s hands.

Professional literacy is even more high. "Miss, you have a good relationship with your husband, and it is also very suitable to wear. Many painters and other sensitive industry personnel are not convenient to wear it directly on your fingers.! "

Gui Yanxiao was suddenly praised, and I was not embarrassed.

Politement should be inherited, and other people’s services are the attitude of others, and she will naturally respond.

"Ah, is it? I feel so good too."

Xu Weiyan watched the girl with a smile on the face of Guotai Min’an with a polite answer.

I laughed too.

It seems that Gui Yanxiao seems to have always been generous in serious public places. In the circle, there is an elegant return home princess with etiquette. On both sides of him and her parents, they are also filial and well -known.

It seems that only two people are together, and Gui Yanxiao will occasionally show a lot of small emotions in private:

Crazy, confused …

Realizing this private ownership, he was not concealed in his heart and face.

Gui Yanxiao asked him to sit on the chair next to him.


Although Gui Yanxiao didn’t know why it shake, she still worn it quickly.

Then the shopping guide’s eyesight is even more possible, and Gui Yanxiao helped the man to wear it.

The shopping guide immediately presented a diamond ring.

Xu Weiyan worn the girl’s unknown finger on the left hand.

There is a blood vessels that can lead to our atrium, the closest distance from our heart.

The seriousness and devotion in the eyes of men did not conceal,

Although Xu Weiyan said nothing, it was only this simple action that made Gui Yanxiao lose God.

At this time, I haven’t had time to pay.

Xu Weiyan’s mobile phone rang.

In the team, the emergency situation needs to be out of the scene immediately.

When Gui Yanxiao saw the seriousness of men’s eyes, she knew that there was a probability that it was something in the team.

Hanging by phone.

Xu Weiyan looked at Gui Yanxiao, and Gui Yanxiao knew that there must be something.

Hurry up, the movement on his hand was pushed the man’s arm, which meant to make him quickly.

In your mouth: "Don’t care about me, go directly, I will wait for a car home. Slow you on the road."

The man nodded, and the steps had already walked outside the shop.

When I walked to the door, I turned back again:

"Send me a message at home."

Gui Yan nodded, "Slowly on the road."

The shopping guide was stunned.

For the first time, what is this operation.IntersectionIntersection

Gui Yanxiao smiled politely, "My husband is busy, I have gone in advance. Let’s check the checkout in the past."

Shopping guide: "Ah, okay, please, please."

At the checkout table, Gui Yanxiao originally pulled out his mobile phone and planned to pay WeChat.

Suddenly thinking about something, I put the phone back into the bag again.

Choose to take out the card bag from the bag and take out a bank card–

"Sorry, I just forgot that the amount in the mobile phone is not enough. Swipe my husband’s salary card."

"My husband’s salary card" tone her "inadvertently" and highlight it.

Sure enough, the complicated expression of the shopping guide finally changed.

"So you are married?! Your husband and you are so good."

Surprising in the tone.

Just now, she thought that the man deliberately did not want to pay for it, and was still talking about what the best scumbag.

There is a beautiful skin sac, such a beautiful girl does not cherish it!

Sorry to smile.

Gui Yanxiao smiled lightly, and there was no malicious:

"Really? Everyone said that, in fact, we have been married for a while, and he gave me the salary card from the beginning."

When you go out outside, you give it yourself!

The tone of Gui Yanxiao’s sentence is not small, but it is enough for several shopping guides in the store to hear.

Gui Yanxiao’s words mean outer words–

My husband is very good, and it is better to me.It was not because of the emergency urgency, not what you associated.

She does not allow anyone to chew some unnecessary tongue!

Not to mention Xu Weiyan!

Chapter 9 Your sister -in -law

Xu Weiyan went directly to the scene of the crime.

Before get off work, the police received a call from the masses. Four residents of 2,402 residents of the 7 units of Longchen Community were found to be abnormal at home by neighbors.

The identity of the deceased was the couple, the mother -in -law, and the temporary worker administration.

Zhou Yan received a call from the alarm directly from the team to the scene of the accident.

The community unit has pulled up the warning line downstairs.

In this incident, the fear and gossip knowledge caused by the panic psychology of the community will directly block the import.

There were always relevant police and other relevant police officers at the scene to dredge and guard.

It is inevitable to coax.

"Xu Team,"

The simple situation at the scene was reported by Zhou Yan, in addition to extracting effective information in this process.

It is also necessary to wear related gloves, hoods and shoe covers to protect the scene.

"The four of the deceased did not find other casualties except for this."

"The deceased had a large area of death injury, which was initially judged as a malignant killing incident."

"What is the analysis of the results of the family members and social relationships of the deceased?"

Zhou Yan nodded, "The technician is already investigating, and the results will come out soon. Through our preliminary neighbor visits, we know that there are four people in the family of the deceased, and her husband, wife, mother -in -law."

"Where is the child now?"

"Children go abroad to junior high school."

Xu Weiyan frowned obviously.

"A total of three people in the family abroad?" A total of three people in the family. "

"No. There are only one person in the family, the male host."

Entering the scene of the crime, technicians and forensic doctors are making fingerprints and related object fingerprint DNA samples, hair silk, extraction and taking pictures.

When you walk to the stairs, the heat of summer will suffocate the smell of the corpse.

Zhou Yan just said the mask when he spoke and lifted it up.

Shen Zhuo’s relevant record information has been sorted out, and when he got up, he found that Xu Weiyan had come.

"Xu Team,"

"Well, you continue."

"Weekly test, is the dead time determined?"

"It can be basically determined. The death time of the three is different. The death time of men is the latest. Within four hours, the corpse is not formed. The body of the three women’s body blood deposition is visible to the naked eye.The turbidity is cloudy. It can be inferred that it is roughly 1 am to 3 am today. "

"Other specific information needs to be further determined."


Xu Weiyan entered the master bedroom of the house, and there was obvious chaos caused by the signs of fighting in bed.

"Zhou Yan, where does her mother -in -law live?"

The two went in to check without any difference.

It’s just that the night light on the bedside is still on.

"Is it awakened by the sound in the middle?"

Xu Weiyan thought that the death time mentioned in the weekly test was roughly early in the morning.

Dry blood on the ground, distributed in:

The wife’s body was on the screen of the restaurant. The mother -in -law’s body was lying on the side of the side of the side, while the housekeeping was at the porch shoe rack, and only one shoe cover was put on one at one time.

The late death husband fell beside his wife’s pool.

The kitchen knife beside himself.

Xu Weiyan can basically conceive the killing trajectory of the criminals, but now a fuse is needed to explain the trajectory.

The investigation is basically complete.

The most prominent position of the first layer of the wine cabinet is a family portrait-

The mother -in -law was holding her granddaughter on her legs, and her son -in -law was on both sides.

The smile on the face cannot be suppressed.

What Xu Weiyan thought, "Children are still abroad?"

Zhou Yan said busy: "No, the only relative who came after the alarm was a man sister, and she had called the girl and asked her to come back."

"The deceased has no other family members?"

"Yes, why not. It’s just that there is no one who wants to come over, so obscure."

Xu Weiyan nodded, "I know, go back."


Back to the police, the conference room.

In addition to weekly testing forensic doctors, everyone reports to collect information.

"According to the survey, the deceased Li’s early start was in vain to do the real estate development industry."

"Longchen Community belongs to the early high -end real estate in Beijing and Hong Kong. In 2003, the average price per square meter was floating from 6000 to 8000, and there were fewer small apartment types.

"The real estate under the name of the deceased belongs to both couples. When the opening of the market in 2003 was purchased. The inner area was 180 square meters, and the current market price was about 20 million yuan."

"After investigation, it was found that the deceased’s other real estate in Longchen Community was listed for sale within two years in the near future. The deceased sold two luxury homes for about 1.5 million in the market price of about 1.5 million in January."

"There are no traces of theft indoor finances and valuables in the deceased. Only the main bedroom has obvious signs of struggle. The possibility of killing him in the room is not very small."

"The husband and wife are in a good condition, and the neighbor describes that men hurt their wives and children usually. There is a mother left at home, and they are very filial all year round."

"Children went to junior high school two years ago, and his wife was studying abroad. The husband and wife started to live in a different place. Men often took the time to fly over to visit their wives and children.

"The number of going abroad has decreased significantly in the past two years. And the Li family has three sisters. He is the second child and the only boy."

This is the information summary of the family members obtained from the neighborhood visits at this stage.

The public security department is also investigating other relevant information during his lifetime.

Xu Weiyan made a voice: "Has the dead company’s account flow of the deceased company has been checked, and whether there are large -scale unknown misappropriation and transfer in the short term."

Shen Zhuo did not expect this at all, "a good team, check it immediately."

There is a thing in Xu Weiyan’s mind that has surfaced, but it needs a thing to determine.

"Sanhui" did not have time to say.

Rush directly to the forensic testing department.


Zhou Yan looked up again, and there was any any of the teams. No one was in the shadow.

"Zhuo, what about the eldest man?"

He even rubbed his eyes, thinking that he could even see his dazzling people.

Shen Zhuo patted his hand rubbing his eyes, "Don’t rub it, it’s blind again!"

Zhou Yan put down faster than anything.

Shen Zhuo sneered, but he was scared.

"Look at your interest, but also want to chase the boss, run away early."

"What did the boss come out?"

Shen Zhuo spread his hands, "I don’t know, but it should be."

"Wipe, Xu team is too good, my boss is so handsome!"

"Handsome me."

Zhou Yan, the younger brother Rainbow Fart, was connected quickly and seamlessly connected.

"What is the trouble for you?"

A word that is not small, everyone laughed.


"Yeah, Xiao Yanzi, what is the matter of you in the handsome Guan Guan?"

"It still affects you aren’t you handsome?"


"Right, Xiao Yanzi."

Everyone teases as usual.

Zhou Yan can also be regarded as a boring and bloody criminal investigation room half a happy fruit.

Zhou Yan can be teased by everyone every time.

Today, I do n’t know that the string has been a little irritating. I have to have a lip, a tongue, and a sword–

"As soon as I came in, I was assigned to the Xu team. The Xu team was my boss and my master."

Shen Zhuo is too lazy to ignore him, "It’s like I am not."

Zhou Yan was interrupted extremely uncomfortable, "You shut up first!"

When Shen Zhuo’s office chair kicked, Zhou Yan’s chair rolled away from him: "Everyone sees it, he will be the same, but let me shut me up."

Zhou Yan was talked about, and he almost sent him away.

Go directly to the main seat of the conference room.

"Shen Zhuo! What are you doing!"

Everyone laughed and made a ball.

"Chairman, President Zhou, talk about a few words!"

Zhou Yan really thought about it. Usually the boss spoke at this position, and now experience it.

With your feet, the chair was moved directly to the front of the rectangular table.

Try to shake it as a microphone,

"Everyone is quiet, everyone is quiet!"

The brain was stuck for two seconds, and I forgot where I just said.

Shen Zhuo kindly reminded: "Xu team is your boss and your master."

Zhou Yan immediately picked up, "Yes, Xu team is not only my boss, but also my master. Everyone knows the word.

Don’t you know what’s connection with what he said?

Zhou Yan was excited, "Didn’t you find the connection?"

"Oh, ah,"

"This is your shallow,"

"My relationship with Xu team is also my father and brother. Do you know this intimacy?"

When he finished this, he threw everyone a "you all understand" expression, and coupled with his tone, he almost didn’t laugh to everyone.

"Haha haha … hahaha, my father and brother … ahahaha"

"Smile me, hahahaha …"

"Zhou Yan, you still dare to say, the father and brother are all shouted,"

"Sure enough, the cow has to be Zhou Jianniu …"



Everyone in the office couldn’t wait to laugh with stomach pain, Zhou Yan didn’t understand.

"No, what are you laughing,"

"What’s the funny? Isn’t this the fact?"

"What do you laugh?"


However, no one in the office ignored him, and everyone couldn’t wait to lie on the table.‘‘

The kind of laughter.

The laughter really made the room "cheerful".

Zhou Yan feels that his head is big,

"Don’t laugh!" Taking a table hard.

Everyone stayed.

Zhou Yan didn’t expect to see it so fast, and didn’t want to say something, it took a few seconds.

Shen Zhuo’s attack-

"Didn’t you mean it is a great child of the Xu team?"

As soon as the word "big child" came out, it can be imagined.

Just now, everyone laughed louder and outrageous.

"Xiao Zizi, you used to think that this nickname was like an eunuch, it was not good. Then we would not ask you Xiaozi to get it.

Zhou Yan was sitting on the main position, and the whole person was stupid.

"Yes, Xu team’s great child."


Xu Weiyan was like this when he returned.

Everyone laughed happily on the table. Zhou Yan was sitting in the front and the soul was lost.

He lifted his voice a little, "What are you doing?"

Zhou Yan Qixiao returned directly, and he stood up from the chair.

Shen Zhuo took the way quickly: "Report, Xu Team!"


"Zhou Yan just said he was your great child!"

What is a bite,

What is speculative,

What is to push people into the fire pit,

Shen Zhuo is considered to be playful.

Everyone was just shouting by Xu Weiyan’s throat, and she was talked about by Shen Zhuo.

Can’t hold it again.

Xu Weiyan was confused at once, "What are the teams?"

"Report to the team, what I just said is: Zhou Yan said that he is your great child!"

The word is round, although with a smile.

Xu Weiyan was clearly listened to this moment, thinking that Gui Yanxiao, who was determined in the afternoon, was not pregnant.

Where does the child come from?

"Your sister -in -law is not pregnant, where is he so big!"

"It’s okay, I will work, and I will make something blindly."

After a word, I didn’t continue to control them.

Think of what he turned back to the office directly.

When his mobile phone first returned, he rested the office and charged. He hadn’t had time to see if he had any information.

The conference room once again laughed into a large film.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha,"

"Did you hear it? The boss said it is not as big as you!"

"You have to be a little sister in the future,"

"Ha ha ha ha…"

After laughing, everyone suddenly found out that the team was complete just now:

"Your sister -in -law is not pregnant, so there is no such big child without Zhou."

in unison,

"You sister?"

Big eyes stare and small eyes:

"Our sister -in -law?"

It is not an exaggeration to say that everyone was surprised that they could stuff a egg in their mouths.

"Xu team married?"

"Boss is married?"

Shen Zhuo subconsciously asked Zhou Yan in the position of the Lord, "When will the boss get married?"

Everyone immediately turned his eyes into him, "asking" and "gossip".

Zhou Yan knew a wool, he didn’t know anything.

People were more stayed than just now, shook their heads.

"Aren’t you a big child?"

Why don’t you know?

Everyone was disappointed and returned to their own stations with a strong unsatisfactory gossip psychology.


Gui Yanxiao sent home information more than an hour ago.

[Safe home..

He dialed the video over, Gui Yanxiao was connected in seconds, and it was obvious that he should be playing with his mobile phone.

"What do you do?"

Gui Yanxiao turned the camera, "watch the show,"

Similar to guessing itself, they are all electronic products.

"are you still busy?"

"Almost, I have returned to the team to start, and take my mobile phone back."

Surprisingly, "So early today?"

Gui Yanxiao took a look at the time, only ten o’clock.

After the question, I felt that this question was very impolite–

She said early at more than ten o’clock.

The other party is still her husband!

If you don’t know how much she doesn’t want to see Xu Weiyan.

Quickly find a supplement:

"No, I mean that the case in your former team could not end so fast, and several times the middle of the night."

She said that she was a bit aggrieved when she just said the word "the second night".

Regret this emotional revealing, she is like a grievance woman who does not support the people’s police.



Maybe Xu Weiyan thought he wanted him to come back early to sleep with her.

She is by no means such a person!

Xu Weiyan’s circuit has always been outrageous ——

"I didn’t accompany you in the middle of the night, you are afraid?"

Chapter 10 Hard -cultivated cattle!

Gui Yanxiao was almost sent away by the dog man’s straightforward sentence. The soft raisins in her mouth were crispy by her rear fangs.

Send a man a word–

"Xu Weiyan, you are afraid of watching me when you are sleeping in the study today?!"

He didn’t wait for him to call the phone directly.

Xu Weiyan was "threatened" and was not in a hurry–

Sleeping study?It is impossible to sleep in the study forever!

Turning off the charging head, and the rotating pens, a rotary to the phone, turned the phone in his hand and walked outside the office.

The forensic detection machine has a part of the part.

Master can change tomorrow morning. The results will not come out tonight, and the fastest will have to wait until noon tomorrow.

The "pop" was pressed the office light, and the room was dark.

As soon as he twisted his body, Zhou Yan stood behind him and almost didn’t stick the two men.

Xu Weiyan took two steps subconsciously.

Zhou Yan thought it was scared by Xu Weiyan, "Sorry boss, scared you!"

Xu Weiyan frowned angrily, his face was really quite unhappy.

In the background of Black Board, Zhou Yan felt that his expression could eat people.

Xu Weiyan didn’t want to play with him here "the silence of silence", and said a "啧" from the nasal cavity. In the back, the tip of the tongue was said to the back of the rear.

"Fart quickly!"

"I rushed home to accompany my daughter -in -law."

Zhou Yan felt that Xu Weiyan’s tone was mixed with a bit of uncomfortable time, but it was a bit unknown to show off.

He was not sure, and he dared not ask.

However, Zhou Yan can obviously feel and determine that the boss hasn’t seen him as unhappy just now, and the opportunity must not be lost!

"Boss, are you really married?"

"Aren’t you kidding us?"

Xu Weiyan laughed when he heard this problem, and laughed without concealment.

Zhou Yan is not good.

As soon as this look comes out, there must be a "middle arrow" within a hundred miles.

Xu Team’s mouth has come to a poisonous snake!

as expected–

"What? I still need to bring you a marriage certificate to watch with you?"

"No, no, I definitely believe in the boss!"

"Fan Brother" Xiaozi Zizi at this moment does not fall off the chain.

Xu Weiyan did not accept "touting", and gently brushed the dust that did not exist on his collar.

How can Zhou Yan stand this "gentleness".

"Boss, don’t have to trouble you, I come, I come by myself."

"Papapa" took his clothes from top to bottom and cleared all the dust!

Xu Weiyan was quite satisfied, and spit out a few words in carelessly:

"Also, you have never been married, and you have also received a marriage certificate. It is estimated that you can’t distinguish the marriage certificate or what else."

"If you don’t do it, you can believe it."

Zhou Yan: "…"

Xu Weiyan said that these two paragraphs also attributed them to the ability to recognize their words as fools.

The eyes given to Zhou Yan are also naked to look at the sympathy of the little fool.


What Zhou Yan wants to say is to recognize words, or you can distinguish between whether it is a marriage certificate or a graduation certificate.

"Is it over?"

Zhou Yan nodded stupidly, "Uh, after asking the team."

"After asking, don’t stop me from going home."

Zhou Yan obediently let his own position.

Watch Xu Weiyan leave.

Someone had two steps for long legs, and the corner of the stairs stopped again and turned his head.

Looking at Zhou Yan.

"Boss, what’s wrong, what can I do?"

Xu Weiyan: "I’m not scared just now, it’s too close to you, it’s not good to have a good impact."

"My daughter -in -law doesn’t want me to be too close to others, men and women are!"

After talking about these two sentences, no more stay in the second and left without returning.

Zhou Yan: "…"

Leave Zhou Yan alone in the dark of the Dark Criminal Investigation Office alone.

Today, he believed in the evil of the people in the office. He was stunned and asked if the boss was really married!

He used Shen Zhuo’s marriage and happiness in the next half of his life-

Come again to find the abuse by himself, he is a dog!

Shen Zhuo too!


No one at the first floor of the home, the lights on the living room were left to him.

It is impossible to sleep in the study, and the master bedroom is not locked.

Xu Weiyan quickly went to bed after the cold bath.

Gui Yanxiao felt nothing to say. When he pulled out the door of the bathroom, he simply fell asleep.

Xu Weiyan saw this on the big bed: the girl was nesting in a ball, her head was buried, and she protruded a small drum bag like a quail.

He pulled a quilt, and Gui Yanxiao was not prepared.

How can I get this action of a man?

She did not hold it, the quilt opened half of it, and she was completely exposed to the air.

In the summer thin suspender nighttime, the dew, the dew, and the one should not be exposed!

Subconsciously covering his chest.

How strict can you cover in a hurry, and he wants to cover it than not to cover.

Under Xu Weiyan’s eyes, the girl’s big round mouth collar a large scene, and her white skin was even more eye -catching under incandescent lamps.With a slightly trembling waist with a bulging chest.

He didn’t look away, but cleared his throat.

The sound of the mouth is a bit different: "You’re so hot,"

Gui Yanxiao’s mouth was hard, and it was not hot.

"I’m not hot,"

When you say you are going to recapture your own quilt.

In a large degree, Gui Yanxiao’s quilt did not drag back the loose left shoulder strap directly slid down.

There are no other "obstacles" in pajamas.

It is exposed to men’s sight thoroughly.

Gui Yanxiao did not expect this at all, and reacted when she was ready to pull the strap.

Xu Weiyan’s eyes were almost a moment, all changed, and they were full of energy.

The advantage of his strength directly across Gui Yanxiao’s wrist, clamped the girl’s armpitly with one hand, and held her thin waist in the other hand, and the position was completely full of position.

Gui Yanxiao sat on his thigh, his face was sticking his chest.

"Isn’t it hot? Then do something hot!"

Men’s words were pinched with her back neck.

Sensitive and fatal.

The entanglement between her lips and teeth has never taken advantage of the wind. Before she "compared" with Xu Weiyan, she has always been self -confidence in her physical strength and lung volume.

After the "comparison", she can no longer find this kind of confidence.

She thought of a post she had seen online before, "The physical strength of being a soldier and the police are particularly good !!!"

You are young, she doesn’t believe it–

Isn’t it still alone?Where can I go where they are strong!

Every time she "fights", her back pain and back pain and bruises on her body make her overthrow the previous "arrogance" again and again:

Xu Weiyan is really not a person in bed, and his strength is simply a hard -working cow!


Chapter 11 You just do it!

Gui Yanxiao today is the first day of officially joined the Beijing -Hong Kong Middle School.

She took over the high school class of a pregnant female teacher. She was her in the early eight and two major sections.

The alarm clock was settled early yesterday.

Six o’clock.

She vowed that she would definitely get up.

Obviously she can look down on her perseverance.

No worker can be awake at six o’clock, and then work without getting up.

She touched her hands randomly, and the feet in the quilt kicked randomly in the process.

I still didn’t touch my phone.

In the morning, the physiological reactions of Xu Weiyan’s "” "were up.

The key is that the perpetrator did not open his eyes and did not know the disaster.

Xu Weiyan’s face was all dark to the end. Whether this little Nizi knows he is playing again.

Press your hand directly to the alarm clock, don’t bark.

Gui Yanxiao twisted his body and half of his body.

She fell asleep again!

Xu Weiyan admired every time. He had reason to suspect that Gui Yanxiao’s alarm clock was not awakened by her, but instead awakened him!How can she fall asleep immediately after being awakened.

Also -at night, the movement of the night could not be woken up to sleep, but the sound of such a big voice during the day could be asleep?Intersection

And peace of mind!

Step on the slippers to the bathroom to solve the problem of someone provoked.

Xu Weiyan came out of the bathroom after taking a shower at 60.40, and Gui Yanxiao was like a watto -headed Sadoko who accepted what the gods, and they sat up from the bed at once.

"Xu Weiyan, what time is it?"


Gui Yanxiao couldn’t calm down at all, and opened the quilt and rushed towards the bathroom.

Last night’s fighting traces internal injuries were reflected in the line. The first step of the first step almost made her kneel directly in front of Xu Weiyan.

His eyes quickly came over, and Gui Yanxiao didn’t kneel on the ground.

It is–

Kneel on Xu Weiyan’s body.

More shameful!

She didn’t want to look up directly, and did not see the expression on Xu Weiyan’s face now.

The cheap tone of Wei Yan was all bad in the cheap tone,:

"Why is it softer than last night?"

"You don’t have to be so enthusiastic when you see me. It is a bit bad to show prostitution during the day."

Gui Yanxiao: "…"

God’s fucking day to show prostitution!

He didn’t do this last night to make her look like this.

Then now he can see that she wants to prostitute during the day.

He really understands the backbone!

If you do n’t do anything, just cover him and cover him to try to continue to force ——


"You are responsible for you!"

Xu Weiyan’s mind suddenly didn’t understand, squinting, "What did I do?"

Gui Yanxiao was crazy, and this man did not admit that he did it here.

"You just did it!"

It is too late to go to work.

Gui Yanxiao "splash" directly!Unreasonable suppression.

"You just did it!"

As soon as Xu Weiyan’s eyes were lifted, she suddenly knew what the girl said, and smiled at the corner of her mouth.

A little smirk at all.

Suddenly straightened up, the movement in his hand was not unstable, and he hugged Gui Yanxiao to go directly to the bathroom.

Slowly in her ear:

"You said that it was that that did that do that?"

Gui Yanxiao was afraid that she would fall down, holding her hands tightly around the man’s neck.

The brain may not turn around for a moment.


"Your husband’s innocent boy can’t understand the game that teacher is spent …"

Gui Yanxiao’s whole body from beginning to end is numb, this dog man!Intersection

From morning to night, it is simply no!

After letting him let her down at the door of the toilet, he closed the door directly.

Xu Weiyan listened to the girl’s door on the door, but she laughed in unrest.

"This time it should be thoroughly awake."

Leaning by the door, his eyes were slightly smiling with just dyed, telling the people in the door:

"Don’t worry, I will get you to get you in the past, you can arrive in twenty minutes."

Gui Yanxiao heard that she was positive, and she immediately opened the door, and her mouth was still toothpaste foam.

"Well … really?"

Xu Weiyan slightly straightened his body slightly, and looked at the eyes of Guiyan Xiao.

"Really 面, false noodles, do not really dry noodles. What do you want to eat for breakfast?"

Gui Yan Xiao smiled with a smile, bent slightly.

Knowing this is true.

"Pork corn dumplings and blueberry juice."


When the two lived together after they got married, Xu Weiyan would breakfast when he was free.

When I was eating for the first time, it was quite unexpected to return to Yan ——

The taste is very good. The scorching degree of fried eggs and the control of sugar are not bad.

She did not expect to cook him before marriage, so such delicious breakfast brought her a great feeling and surprise.

Breakfast can squeeze this free labor!


Gui Yanxiao turned on light makeup, and dressing was also relatively young blue and white striped shirts and denim skirts.

very beautiful!

It is even more exquisite and clean. It is said that college students estimate that many people will not doubt.

Gui Yanxiao naturally missed the man’s reaction and eyes.

Opposite the man.

The tip of the feet turned around in place, and then quickly sat down for breakfast.

"Is it good?"

Xu Weiyan does not need to lie and does not admit it, nodded, "Well, look good!"

After returning from her husband, Gui Yanxiao’s self -confidence queen nodded happily.

"If you have a vision, I feel very beautiful ~"

Pick up the mobile phone next to the camera, and quickly stuff it into the man’s hands:

"Then please take a picture of the handsome lady’s handsome husband to help the beautiful lady?"

"Including but not limited to: breakfast and beauty!"

Xu Weiyan: "…"

It is not bad to make a film, but Gui Yanxiao is more willing to attribute to the fact that people are beautiful.

Obviously, Xu Weiyan was not the first time to take pictures of Gui Yanxiao. He took a lot of experience and had many angles.

Gui Yanxiao chose the one that looked the most, and sent it to the two groups:

[On the first day of the employment, Xu Weiyan prepared a love breakfast, wait for me to go to school ~]

The group chat seconds is lively–

Mother -in -law: [Wei Yan is really intimate, prepares such a careful breakfast, and takes you to school, the thumb and thumb jpg.]

Mother Xu: [Xiaoxiao is beautiful again today, and he has to get up so early, Zhenxian Hui ~ Praise JPG.]

Gui Mom: [Xiaoxiao Neng and Wei Yan are happy together, but Yan is intimate, and knows how to take care of people, and …]

Mother Xu: [Wei Yan can marry Xiaoxiao, really burned for eight lives, it is very sensible, and beautiful, and …]

Gui Mom: [Wei Yan is excellent!.

Mother Xu: 【…】


Gui Yanxiao sat while Xu Weiyan sent him to the school road in school.

In just 20 minutes, group chat news 99+

Look at it,

Look again,

Turn up again–

She thinks that the name of this group can be changed from "the family love each other" to "change to" daughter -in -law and son -in -law exaggerated group ".

Such as an invasion delete

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