Life in your life: Love will make people overly care

 Chapter 107

Shi Shi should let the aunt take Zhou Mu to go to the toy room for a while to play toys to divert his disturbing emotions.At this moment, she felt that she was really tired. There was a little baby at home to coax, and a big baby had to coax.

Zhou Sangchen asked Shi Shi: "I’m fierce just now?"

"When you are almost murdered to Zhou Mu, you will be afraid of him suddenly, and he will definitely be afraid." Shi Shi should analyze.

Looking at Shi Yi’s tired face, he was inexplicably together and said concerned: "I know, next time I will pay attention to my emotions, but no matter how he cry, you really can’t hold him now.Now I have grown up, I can understand the words of adults. "


"Zhou Mu Shi Manchu is less than two years old. I think you think he is going to be a brother, and he has become higher on his requirements." Shi Ying said in a politely, she thought of the poor expression of the child, and her heart would beSelf -blame.

Zhou Sangchen is his brother at home. Although the elders in his childhood did not take him very much, his requirements for him were very high.He has always had the maturity and stability of his peers, and has always taken care of his younger brother and sister.

"I have no demand for him, but I just hope that he can know his mother. Now there is really no way to hug him and play with him. The most important task now is to take care of yourself and your belly.I, don’t worry too much, I will go to accompany him and take him to play outside for a while. The air is not very good these days, and I have not taken him out to play. It is estimated that I have a temper at home. "He has been silent, and then said, "He is his brother, and he will help us take care of the baby in the future."


Seeing that he also knew that analyzing Zhou Mu’s when he was crying, he would cry for the reason for the reason, and the time was not about his temperament of his child’s temper, but what he should say said, "I still have to be patient with the child in the future, and then patience again.a little."

Zhou Shengchen nodded, didn’t want to get angry when he wanted to provoke, and scratched his hair, whispered: "I know, I just went to the supermarket to buy him the stars he liked to eat."

When Shi Yi heard the words, she laughed: "This is almost the same. When you will hold the biscuits to coax him." She recently worried that there were two more children in her family in the future, which would make Zhou Mu Shi have a gap.Don’t think that children do n’t know anything. In his world, there is only parents. If the love to himself becomes less, he will definitely notice it keenly.


"I will pay attention to it in the future." Zhou Sangchen emphasized it once. Sometimes the most difficult to restrain in adults was his temper. He was usually calm, but he couldn’t calm down when facing time.In order to maintain his wife and teach his son, it is estimated that there is only one man.

Pregnancy is not easy. Zhou Sangchen’s heart is actually very contradictory. On the one hand, he should be tortured less when he hopes, and the child is born quickly.On the one hand, I thought that the cesarean section should be needed this time, and he was worried about lying on the cold surgical bed for anesthesia.However, he did not dare to show his concerns in front of Shi Yi’s, and could only suppress it in his heart, and prayed silently in his heart to think that he was safe and smooth.He finally understood why people choose to worship the Buddha.Because sometimes when you care too much, one person, when you don’t know what to do, you will want to borrow other forces to guard with yourself.


"Okay, we are also the first time as a father and mother, take it slowly." Shi Yi felt that Zhou Sangchen’s emotions were slightly low, and immediately put his chin on his shoulders, and shouted softly.

Zhou Sangchen had to laugh. He didn’t tell Shi Yi. In fact, his anxiety was not completely derived from educating children, but worrying about her.

Life 1 follow -up Chapter 108

Zhou Sangchen thought Zhou Mu was taught by himself and would ignore himself.Unexpectedly, when he went to the toy room to find a child, the little guy was playing with his beloved car.Zhou Sangchen shouted: "Xiao Mu Shi." The child saw his father very excited, and immediately smiled and threw the toy in his hand, and asked his father to hold it.

He asked his aunt at ease, "How long have he cried?"

The aunt replied with a smile: "When I saw the toy, I didn’t cry, and I still rode around and shake the horse."

This child’s heart is really big. Zhou Shengchen listened to his inner blame and faded a little bit. After all, he was also the first time he had had such a big temper to young children. The child didn’t understand anything. He was just out of instinct.Rely on mother.

After being said again, he realized that he did wrong.That’s why holding a lollipop to coax the child.But seeing the child’s so happy appearance, it seems that this lollipop does not need to be taken out.After all, eating too much sugar is not good for teeth.

"Dad." Zhou Mu Shi called milk and milk. The first person he called was Dad. Thinking of this, Zhou Sangchen was so soft in his heart, his face was sticking to the child’s fat cheeks, and kissed.Children like to have intimate contact with their parents. This contact will make him particularly secure.In fact, it is not just that parents love their children, and children love their parents than adults.

"Baby." Zhou Sangchen didn’t do intimate interaction with his children. He had to praise him. Although he didn’t know why his father praised himself, which child didn’t like to be praised?Zhou Mu Shi smiled around his father’s neck, let’s take a sip.Zhou Sangchen’s left face was instantly stained with saliva, but he was as happy as he was very happy.

After accompanying Zhou Mu, he was not returned to the room until his aunt took him to take a bath.Shiyi was tired, lying on the bed early, and classical music in the mobile phone.She would read a few pages of books before going to bed, but today I was really tired, and even her eyes blurred.With my eyes closed, listening to the music, it was a prenatal education.

Zhou Sangchen thought that he was going to fall asleep, and was about to go to the table lamp on the mobile phone and the bedside.

"Don’t close it, I want to listen for a while." Shi Ying heard the sound of him entering the door, slowly opened his eyes, and said softly, and he held up his hands and leaned on the bedside.After Zhou Sangchen took the pillow cushion in her waist, after entering the third trimester, a simple up movement became very slow.This reminds her of a kind of animal, "Am I still like a sloth now?" After speaking, she felt that her metaphor was very funny, and she laughed with her mouth.

"How do you? You are a flexible pregnant woman." Zhou Sangchen didn’t think she was slow, but she was more careful because she was pregnant with twins.At this time, Shiyi looked very weak and tired at this time. This kind of tired from the late pregnancy is really unsolvable.Twenty -four hours a day, she just wanted to lie on the bed.He touched her forehead and asked in a low voice: "Do you want to eat supper?"

Shi Yi shook her head. She was worried that her weight increased too quickly and the weight of the third trimester soared. This week, she strictly followed the recipe given by the nutritionist for five pounds.Will make noodles, noodles are carbohydrates, I will get fat after eating. "

Zhou Sangchen didn’t think so: "Noodles are a very good supper food, which is easy to digest, and there will be no additional burden on the stomach."

He couldn’t fight for him, Shi Yi smiled: "Your heart I have gained the heart." In fact, Zhou Shengchen wanted to do supper for time, but Shi should always be very disciplined.

"Then I will talk to you." Zhou Sangchen knew that she had not sleep well recently, and sometimes she looked at her eyes with her eyes closed. In fact, her head was awake. He also experienced this feeling and was very uncomfortable.The body was exhausted, but he couldn’t enter deep sleep. The whole person was confused and drowsy.If you want to sleep and can’t sleep, it’s really worn.

"Okay." The two people are relative. The most valuable thing is that there are endless words. In the middle of the night, there is a person who knows people. Even if she is just a small trivial matter in life, she still feels very warm.The two couples are not afraid of quarrels, they are not afraid of complaining to each other. The most afraid of one room is cold. They feel bored and annoying.If you fall in love, there will be many nonsense.

To be continued

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