Li Yapeng’s young girl’s fingers repeatedly peeling, and the wife took her daughter to take a blood test, saying that it was related to the poverty of the prefecture during pregnancy.

On the evening of March 3, Li Yapeng’s wife Haiha Jinxi shared a VLOG who took her daughter to the hospital for a clinic on her personal social platform. She also wrote: "Today is a brave Xia Xia."Since giving birth to her daughter Xia Xia, Haiha Jinxi and her husband Li Yapeng will share the daily growth of the baby from time to time. They are very grounded parents.Because it was old, Li Yapeng was also spoiled to her daughter, and this time I saw the picture of Haihajin’s daughter to see her daughter, I believe Li Yapeng had long been distressed.

The picture of the sun, Hai Hangxi was worried that he was very anxious for his daughter’s fingers, because the little cute fingers had been repeated scalp, which caused the fingernails to be a bit abnormal.For the first time as a mother, Haiha Jinxi is the same as the mother who is the first mother for the first time. As long as the child has a little bit wrong, he is extremely anxious inside.

Haiha Jinxi also revealed in the video that her husband Li Yapeng has been going out recently and has not been at home.Therefore, taking care of her daughter and taking her daughter to the hospital for a clinic, they all fell on Haiha Jinxi.

This time Haiha Jinxi came to the children’s hospital "Beijing Yanran Angel Children’s Hospital" founded by her husband. I believe that netizens who have learned about this hospital should know the original intention of Li Yapeng, and this time Haiha Jinxi took her daughter to Yanran to Yanran.Children’s Angel Hospital did not take shortcuts throughout the process. Registered, payment, etc., like everyone, were full of favorability.

After seeing the doctor, Haiha Jinxi told her daughter’s symptoms.Xia Xia’s fingers were repeatedly peeling, and after a closer look, Xia Xia’s fingernails looked a little different.

After the doctor’s preliminary diagnosis, the Xia Xia baby should suffer from finger dermatitis, because it repeatedly peels and peels, which caused the cute fingernails to become abnormal and direct malnutrition.

Later, the doctor asked Haiha Jinxi to take her daughter to check the blood. Among them, the blood routine and trace elements needed a key check.Immediately after Haiha Jinxi, she hugged her daughter to draw blood. Originally, she was very worried about her daughter’s fingers. I did not expect that the response of Xiaxia Baby was completely unexpected and showed very well.

Xia Xia Xiao Xiaoya, who was stretched, exposed the "calm face" throughout the process. Xiao Nizi even looked at the doctor with a finger for himself, which was too brave.Seeing her daughter so great, Haiha Jinxi was happy and distressed, and kissed her daughter in a vigorous way.It was really moved by the warmth of the mother and daughter.

Even the grandfather couldn’t help but praise the Xia Xia baby. It can be seen that Xia Xia really has been a brave little cute since he was a child.

At the end of the video, Haiha Jinxi bluntly stated that the situation of Xia Xia’s fingers is more serious than she thought. She also said that she may have a certain relationship with the Mediterranean anemia during pregnancy.Although her daughter’s symptoms were a little serious, Haiha Jinxi still performed very atmospheric. She said, "But don’t worry too much, just follow the doctor’s advice. Anyway, the problem of the baby’s growth is correct.With a stable emotion, you can better help your baby. "The mentality is quite good.

From the birth of her daughter to the present, Haiha Jinxi has done almost all things.After becoming a mother, Haiha Jinxi also became more brave and strong, perfectly interpreting "the mother is just a mother."Being able to marry such a coquettish wife, Li Yapeng was really happy.

Two days ago, Haiha Jinxi showed up a video of taking his daughter as a child insurance.Judging from the video at that time, Xia Xia, who was not yet one year old, was very happy. Xiao Nizi had weighted 9.2 kilograms, and his height was soaring directly to 75.8 cm. It was perfect to inherit the tall gene of his parents.

At that time, Haiha Jinxi had revealed that her daughter’s finger peeling was peeled.Haiha Jinxi did not delay at all, and immediately took his daughter to the hospital for examination.

Xia Xia has been attracting much attention since his birth, because it is Li Yapeng’s daughter, and Xiao Nizi’s every move has attracted much attention.This time, I saw Xiao Nizi’s fingers repeatedly peeling. I believe that not only Li Yapeng and Haiha Jin were anxious, many fans were also very worried.

I hope that Xiaoyi will be treated as soon as possible after treatment, and I hope that when Haihajin likes to share her daughter’s cuteness, Xia Xia will be completely good!

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