Li Xiaolu’s pleasure life, unmarried, married, divorced, she lives, chic and wonderful

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Recently, Li Xiaolu has sparked ambiguous relationships because of skiing and dinner with Ma Zhiyu and dinner.

Soon after, Li Xiaolu posted a photo of the other baby’s baby, clarifying that they were friends.

No wonder netizens will speculate like this, after all, Li Xiaolu’s life is really exciting.

She has always lived so quickly and does not care about the opinions of others.

Zhang Ailing once said such a sentence: "Ah, you have to be famous early, come too late, and happiness is not so happy."

This sentence describes Li Xiaolu properly.

The debut is the pinnacle, the young is famous, and the career is smooth.

In emotional life, unmarried, married, divorced, at each stage, she was so chic and wonderful.

Li Xiaolu was born in the art world.

Her grandfather is an employee of Bayi Studio. Her father Li Danning is the director and actor of the Bayi Studio. Her mother Zhang Weixin is a movie star.

In this way, Li Xiaolu entered the film at the age of three.

She has lived with her grandparents since she was a child. As a left -behind child, she has some loneliness.

After graduating from elementary school, her mother Zhang Weixin received her in American life.

The good times did not last long. Soon after the mother’s business was lost, Li Xiaolu was left alone in the United States, while her mother went to Europe to do business.

It is the young experience that makes Li Xiaolu extremely lack of love and lack of security.

In 1998, it was released with "Sky Bath".

Li Xiaolu, who was young and ignorant, killed the siege among Liu Ruoying, Wu Junru, and Shu Qi.

Won the Best Actress Award for the 35th Golden Horse Award, the Best Actress Award for the first Asian Film Festival in the French Water City.

At a young age, Li Xiaolu was excited.

She didn’t even think about the award -winning speech, so she hurried to the stage to receive the award with her skirt.

What I think in my mind is just "can’t wrestling later."

In the personal information goal after the award, Li Xiaolu wrote "a romantic life."

In the future, she is indeed as she wrote by herself. She does not live according to people’s expectations.

She lives only for a romantic life.

Because some shots of "Sky Bath" are restricted.

In the face of the large -scale drama in the movie, Li Xiaolu said: "I am a minor girl. The contract says that there is no exposure."

Facing Li Xiaolu’s resoluteness, the director Chen Chong had to change the script.

The bare lens in the later period was filmed by the American stand -in.

As a result, the relationship between Li Xiaolu and Chen Chong is not very good.

Because even if it is a stand -in, Li Xiaolu is unwilling, which will make others feel that this is her shooting.

The Golden Horse Awards did not make her too big in the entertainment industry.

So after winning the Golden Horse Award, she became popular all over the country with her original ancestor of the idol drama.

Become a dream lover of contemporary young men.

I have to say that Li Xiaolu’s luck is really not good.

Because of the "sequelae" of "Sky Bath", in many films, she rejected some art movies that can show acting skills.

Because she felt too bitter and tired.

But even so, she can still get a fire with idol drama.

Probably this is the legend. God grabbing feeding and eating.

Li Xiaolu has always been smooth in her career, but she is really ambitious about her career.

Most of the actors are some life dramas, and there are even many TV series and movies that are not famous at all.

Although they are all family dramas, Li Xiaolu is not a "vase" after the Golden Horse Shadow.

She starred in "Kim Tae Toron’s Happy Life", "Tang Palace Beauty World", "Cooking Women Detective", "Guardian Beauty" and other TV series.

For acting, she must be a powerful faction.

Li Xiaolu, who was in career in his career, was more positive in love.

In 2002, because of the "Thirteen Grid" drama, Li Xiaolu and Li Chen met and began her first relationship.

In order to express his love for Li Xiaolu, Li Chen even tattooed on his legs, and he stabbed a "Lu" on his thigh.

In the propaganda of "Tangshan Earthquake", he even said that he had paid true love.

At that time, Li Xiaolu was busy with a red fire.

Even if he has been in love for many years, he finally broke up because of work.

Since then, Li Xiaolu’s lace news has continued, and there have been continuous scandals with Ren Quan, Han Geng, and Pauba.

Until Dong Xuan’s introduction, he met Jia Nailiang.

However, Li Xiaolu didn’t feel much about Jia Nailiang.

In the face of Jia Nailiang’s enthusiasm, she was unmoved, and during this period, there was also a continuous scandal.

But Jia Nailiang fell in love with Li Xiaolu at first sight.

He called Li Xiaolu as his goddess, and he loved Li Xiaolu vigorously.

Compared to Li Xiaolu, Jia Nailiang’s history of struggle is full of hardships.

In 2001, 17 -year -old Jia Nailiang applied for a high vocational class in the acting department of the Beijing Film Academy.

With the help of Huo Xuan, Jia Nailiang obtained undergraduate with a score of over 70.

I started to "North Drifting", and I couldn’t even buy instant noodles when I was poor. I could only eat noodles.

Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang met at a meal.

Jia Nailiang fell in love with Li Xiaolu at first sight, but he did not dare to take the initiative to talk about the "goddess".

Unexpectedly, it seemed to be "love the gods" to care for him, and the "goddess" actually took the initiative to talk to him.

She said to Jia Nailiang: "Your phone is really beautiful."

Jia Nailiang, who was excited, didn’t know where to reply, and hurriedly handed the phone over.

Who knew that his hand couldn’t help shaking and almost dropped his phone in the hot pot.

After the meal, Jia Nailiang asked Li Xiaolu’s call and began his bumpy way to chase his wife.

Li Xiaolu liked to hit the pierced ears, Jia Nailiang hit her ears for her, so that the ears behind were inflamed.

Drive through the entire Chang’an Street just to buy a purple rose for Li Xiaolu.

In order to accompany Li Xiaolu to Christmas, sooner or later.

Li Xiaolu had a cold and fever, and he left his job and went to soup to send her medicine.

What Li Xiaolu likes, as long as he has money in the card, he will swipe and never look at the price.

But Li Xiaolu still did not agree, so Jia Nailiang turned to Li Xiaolu’s parents.

At a dinner, Jia Nailiang was drunk, and he shed tears while telling the sorrowful journey of pursuing Li Xiaolu.

This Li Xiaolu’s father was moved. Where can such a good guy find it?

According to Li Xiaolu’s memories:

"My dad has always been very picky about my male friend. He is afraid that I will hurt."

"My dad never called a boy, and even called Jia Nailiang and said, I support you, you can chase her."

In the end, Jia Nailiang finally waited for Li Xiaolu’s phone:

"I want to get through, ready, if you are still willing, we will be together."

Finally, everything was fulfilled. Jia Nailiang proposed to Li Xiaolu on the show, and immediately moved a large number of votes.

On July 6, 2012, the two got married.

Li Xiaolu said:

"I float like a cloud, there is no sense of security. Since then, you have appeared in my life, and I have become a seed and take root."

At this time, Li Xiaolu did not expect that after many years, she would leave this safe fertile soil.

Li Xiaolu was still spoiled by Jia Nailiang as a little princess.

When someone interviews Jia Nailiang, whoever lives a bit more, Jia Nailiang said, "She will not do it."

For housework, he hopes that Li Xiaolu’s hands will always be tender.

But marriage is different from falling in love, and you have to face life after getting married.

Jia Nailiang couldn’t always spoil Li Xiaolu at home. In order to catch up with Li Xiaolu’s pace, Jia Nailiang had to work hard to shoot.

So the second day of marriage, Jia Nailiang went out to make a film.

At that time, Li Xiaolu was also pregnant for six months. I do n’t know if it was a loneliness of childhood or emotional sensitivity during pregnancy.

Li Xiaolu felt that he was the most pitiful bride, and his tears came down immediately.

For Li Xiaolu, who is not strong in her career, her focus is naturally placed in her family after having a child.

She is not high on money and fame and fortune. I hope Jia Nailiang will not have so much pressure, she can accompany her baby, and naturally accompany her.

But no matter how to accompany, Jia Nailiang still has to work.

"If you are at home every day, then we all drink Northwest wind."

Jia Nailiang’s career is still very strong. After marriage, the two often separated for a long time and could only meet for a long time.

Although Jia Nailiang after marriage still loves Li Xiaolu.

However, Li Xiaolu complained about Jia Nailiang.

"Jia Nailiang was always angry after marriage, and did not know how to apologize."

Life will definitely not be smooth sailing, and every family has a difficult scripture.

Li Xiaolu pursued his life romantic life, but his marriage life did not seem to be romantic.

No matter how beautiful the princess has to do, she must have complaints and grievances in her heart.

There is no big trouble in their marriage, and they are still sweet, and they are rated as model families.

As her daughter grew up.

In "Dad is back" in 2014.

With a straightforward and lovely "female man" Xiao Tianxin, their happy family of three was well known.

Although it is a show, in the show, we can see many of their living conditions after marriage.

After marriage, Li Xiaolu’s biggest work was her daughter Sweet Xin.

Looking at the Xiao Tianxin in the show, she is too attractive.

Faced with my dad’s nonsense, she stared at her eyes, and a phrase "Dad, let’s take a break."

Faced with the whole family saying that she was dark, she roared "I’m white."

When Dad asked him, do you love Dad?

She just glanced at him, and you looked at my eyes.

In the show, it was even more bold and contributed a bunch of emoticons.

In the show, Li Xiaolu, who couldn’t see the past, picked up Sweet Xin in his hands;

Faced with the doctors’ various inquiries of Tianxin, she also answered.

After the child was born, Jia Nailiang was still busy.

And she is not only taking care of her children, she also filmed many TV series, and her ratings are also very good.

Family operations are smooth, and their careers have not fallen.

The love career family went smoothly, and thought they had been happy like this.

I never thought that a shocking melon broke their calm.

After the show, they added a lot of traffic and attention.

On this day, Jia Nailiang was happy to live at home. At this time, someone asked him, why didn’t he see your wife and children?

Jia Nailiang replied that she went to her hair and was beautiful.

Do n’t tighten your hair. On this day, Li Xiaolu did not go to make hair on this day.

She went to eat tens of thousands of dinner.

This dinner is not tightened. The two people have a good relationship.

I met a meal after I finished my hair, right?

And Li Xiaolu is a hip -hop fan.

But this confusing came, and they didn’t go back to each house after eating, but went to the man’s house.

During this period, Li Xiaolu also held tens of thousands of hands, and his skin was tens of thousands of gentlemen.

After "sweet", the two went upstairs again.

This time, Li Xiaolu did not come out the next morning.

Still yesterday’s clothes, yesterday.

Unfortunately, life has changed.

What is the situation?

The parties also hurriedly rumored, and the tens of thousands of tens of thousands of sayings were just like getting along with my brother -in -law.

Li Xiaolu declared that the two were talking about making movies. At that time, they were not the two of them, and her good girlfriend Masu.

Then "good girlfriends" Masu also rumored, and tens of thousands of skin were only responsible for taking pictures.

Obviously, netizens do not pay.

Here is a lot of doubt, and everyone asked under her social account.

But Jia Nailiang said that I believe everyone and believe everything is beautiful.

Because of the incident of hair, in the subsequent live performances, the two looked awkward.

The lyrics of the last sentence "I will love you forever" did not sing.

It was also commented on "Qiangyan’s smile" and "Lu Jiao’s smile" by netizens.

But things are not over yet.

Soon, Li Xiaolu and the sweet videos of tens of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands were revealed.

Two people hugged, the ten fingers were intertwined, and they danced together with the gesture of couples together, and finally kissed!

It is useless to explain this time.

As soon as the incident came out, the clues about the "extramarital affairs" of the two were burst out.

Li Xiaolu, who was originally the heart of the girl, became a hip -hop little girl.

Dressing is always hitting a shirt, and there are a lot of life. This is undoubtedly a real hammer.

At this time, the good girlfriend Masu also jumped out and said, "My face hurts, I deserve it!"

Later, Jia Nailiang also sent a long article and derailed.

He mentioned in the text, "I originally wanted to live a romantic and firework life."

Li Xiaolu also wanted to live a romantic life.

Probably the torture of the fireworks. After derailment, the two divorced.

After the divorce, as a betrayer of a marriage, in the face of the people’s discussion, ordinary women should be scared to cry.

But Li Xiaolu was unusual. She still released her life dynamics on the Internet and switched to an Internet celebrity anchor.

In the live broadcast, many people went to scold her specifically, but she ignored the whole process and still smiled.

After the live broadcast, she cried and cried, but no one cared about her.

Nevertheless, hundreds of thousands of live broadcast revenue is expensive.

When asked about the live broadcast, Li Xiaolu also admitted that it was for life.

Li Xiaolu’s childhood life made him extremely lack of love. After marriage, Jia Nailiang was busy with work and lacked her care for her.

Especially after marriage, a woman brought her child’s hard life.

Jia Nailiang is more like a big boy, and he does not know how to take care of his children.

In a program, Jia Nailiang washed Li Xiaolu a lot of photos for Li Xiaolu’s birthday.

After Li Xiaolu returned from work a day, seeing the photos was full of movement.

After Jia Nailiang said, there was another surprise.

However, I did not expect that the surprise was actually a bowl without washing.

At this time, Li Xiaolu "oh", we were full of sadness and regret.

The reason why she was married to Jia Nailiang was because Jia Nailiang was good to her unconditionally.

She was always held in her heart, and she was wrapped in love.

After marriage, Jia Nailiang was not as caring for her because of many reasons, but she was lacking in love since she was a child.

In such an unequal marriage, the ending may have been destined, but the poor are children.

After the divorce, Li Xiaolu lived frankly, you scolded you, I did me.

In the face of those accusations, she will be sad, but this will not change her, she is still pursuing her romantic life.

From the film to the Internet celebrity anchor;

From the goddess to the fame today.

Before marriage and after marriage.

She once dared to direct the director to compete and did not perform naked dramas. Now she is carrying a live broadcast to bring goods.

She is still her, living happily.

In every stage of life, she is not living in the hope of others, all of which are based on her own mind.

There is no regular acting and no rules.

No matter how others comment, she does it according to her preferences.

Life is good or career.

Despite the smell of reputation, she still lives her pleasure life.

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