Li Xiaolu is exposed when the pregnancy photos are beautiful, not as beautiful as a pregnant woman

It is said that mothers in the period of "October" will go through the most beautiful moments in their lives, and many hot moms will record this beautiful moment of close contact with the baby.There is still half a month that the hot mother Li Xiaolu’s 36th birthday. Fans celebrated her birthday in advance and showed her beautiful photos of her previous pregnancy.During pregnancy, Li Xiaolu was still thin and beautiful.

Li Xiaolu’s long curls wearing black lace dressing, if it was not a raised pregnant belly, such a good figure would not be pregnant at all.Li Xiaolu once said in the interview.Sweet Xin will be 5 years old next month.Tianxin always hopes to have a younger brother or sister. Jia Nailiang also hopes to have a second child. Li Xiaolu said that he should raise his body and consider it.Tia Xin was so loved by her parents. Will a younger brother or sister more popular than Tian Xin?However, Li Xiaolu has been busy with work in recent years, filmed a lot of TV series, and recently launched the variety show "Youth Hostel".If you really want a second child, you really have to plan.

Li Xiaolu, who is wearing Qi Liu Hai in white.Li Xiaolu is a good mother.When she was born with sweet Xin, she hoped that she could be a kind child after birth, and now Tian Xin’er really did it.Li Xiaolu is sometimes very harsh on Tianxin’er, and what he learns must not fall.Because I have n’t been in college, I hope that Tianxin Er can fulfill her university dream. This should be the dream of every parent.

Beautiful mother Li Xiaolu pregnant belly photos.

Li Xiaolu wearing a red skirt was very beautiful.

Jia Nailiang and Tianxin are deeply loved by us because of the variety show "Dad is back". Although Tianxin is young, it is still very funny, and as the sweet Xin grows older and bigger, Tianxin becomes beautiful., Who knows that Li Xiaolu showed up such a scandal? When Li Xiaolu and PGONE were photographed together overnight, the edge of netizens was once again until PGone and Li Xiaolu.Facing this former situation, a good man like Jia Nailiang is not good at it.Are you worthy of your cute daughter?

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