Less than a month of pregnancy, the newborn mother will have these changes in their bodies.

After women are pregnant, due to the role of estrogen and progesterone, a series of changes will occur, because it has just transitioned to pregnancy. These changes have made many new pregnant mothers a little "caught off guard", obviously not very suitable.Many women are deeply worried about this, thinking whether they have some abnormalities in their bodies.In fact, these are just because the new pregnant mother does not understand the physical response in the early stages of pregnancy, so I feel a fuss about some normal changes.There are mainly these changes that have less than a month of pregnancy, and novice pregnant mothers should know more.

The most obvious change is to discontinue menstruation. After pregnancy, the combination of sperm eggs forms fertilized eggs. Therefore, the luteal stimulation of the ovaries continues to secrete estrogen hormone. ThereforeIt is the so -called menopause during pregnancy.

It should be noted here that menopause is an important criterion for judging whether pregnancy is pregnant. When you find that this situation should use early pregnancy test strips or go to the hospital for examination to determine whether they are pregnant, do not care carefully to take the scripture drugs to avoid affecting embryo development.Essence

Swelling and tingling in the chest are also changes in the body in the early stages of pregnancy.This is because the level of hormone in the body changes, and the hormone level increases the stimulation part, and the chest will become larger, and it will also be accompanied by tingling or pain.Time growth will slowly reduce or disappear.Not only that, with the changes in hormone levels and pigmentation in the body, pregnant mothers will find that the breasts will become black, and the range is gradually expanding. These are also normal.

Many think that frequent urination is a physical change that occurs in the third trimester, because the tire head decreases to compress the reaction from the bladder and urethra.Therefore, many new pregnant mothers are a little panicked in the face of frequent urination in the early pregnancy, thinking that this is an abnormal phenomenon.

In fact, most of the early pregnancy frequency frequency is normal. This is because the uterus began to increase in early pregnancy, but it has not exceeded the pelvic range. At this time, the increasing uterus will also compress the bladderCondition.Pregnant mothers should pay attention not to urinate and go to the toilet in time. Drinking water should be a small amount to avoid drinking too much urine at a time.

Of course, there is another situation of frequent urination in the early pregnancy. The urinary system infection may occur, which is mostly caused by the excessive urination of the pregnant mother. Once frequent urination, urinary pain, etc., Prevent recurrence.

There are also very obvious changes in spirit, starting to become tired, there is no strength all day, often dozing off, but I can’t sleep at night.Go out and relax, which can relieve this state well.

Finally, the effect of estrogen progesterone higher after pregnancy, which affects the function of the gastrointestinal tract, weakens its peristalsis, and the digestive function will become relatively worse.Skills will naturally decline.The later period is about 5 to 6 weeks of pregnancy, and the pregnancy reaction will also come.

These are the changes in the body in the early stages of pregnancy. In a short period of time, the body suddenly presents the two states different from before.life.

After understanding these physical changes, after pregnancy, the pregnant mother should pay attention to what novice mothers should also do a comprehensive understanding to help the embryo develop better, and it can be done more smoothly during pregnancy.

The most important thing is to have a timely and accurate production inspection.The fetus was in the stomach of the pregnant mother and could not be seen. The only means to monitor his health and development status was the checkup.Many people think that there is no need to conduct a check -up in the early pregnancy. From the moment they are bred, the pregnant mother should master the normal development of the embryo and conduct a timely inspection in a timely manner to achieve the number of them.

Try to avoid intercourse as much as possible in the early pregnancy. There are rumors that they cannot tell others for pregnancy in three months before pregnancy. In fact, the embryo is still fragile in the first three months, and the development is very unstable.Be careful every month, especially to avoid external force influence and lead to abortion.So be careful in early pregnancy, it is best not to do business.

It should be noted that the medication should be more important. In fact, it is recommended that pregnant mothers better not take medicines, but under special cases, you must take it. You must follow the doctor’s advice. Do not take the medicine without authorization to avoid the impact on the embryo.

There will be a lot of changes and reactions in the body of pregnant mothers during pregnancy. There are many series of precautions that follow. At the same time, we must pay attention to these comprehensive understanding, and to avoid the occurrence of embryo development that threatened embryos.

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