Leg swelling, frequent urination, diabetes, one square can be done

The common Chinese medicines that are familiar with the people can be regarded as one, and the clinical application is very wide, and even many people know how this medicine is used.

Patients, female, 35 years old, when the second child is pregnant, she is swollen when she is pregnant. She is still swollen after giving birth to a child.

This person’s body is slightly fat, but he is very fat, fair skin, and his legs cannot afford to be swollen.

I remember the patient at the time also said that when I heard that my feet were swollen, they could eat Jin Kui Shenqi Pill.

Actually, I was the prescription Jingui Shenqi Pill at that time:

Dihuang yam, dogwood, Poria Maxima, Miggle Cinnamon Affordone

5 doses, water decoction

On the third day, I called to ask about the effect. She said that it was almost as good as it was, and I obviously felt that my feet were not so tight.

Later, the patient did not come again. He said that the Jintui Shenqi Pill he bought after eating the soup was getting better now.

In fact, there are many adaptation certificates of Jinsui Shenqi Pill, which is just a case.

Frequent urination is a common clinical disease, especially the elderly.

Many people say, doctors, you think about the way, start four or five times a night, and you can’t sleep well at all.

In fact, there are two types of urine, one is particularly during the day, and the other is particularly at night. Everyone’s performance is different, but the most causes are the same, but it is specific to individuals.

Kim Kuang Shenqi Pills came from "Jin Kui Slimation". The original text is called Shenqi Pill, but later generations have many pills named after Shenqi Pills, such as Jisheng Shengqi Pills, Jiawei Shenqi Pills, Gui Fu Shenqi Pills.In order to distinguish it, the Shenqi Pills in "Jin Kui Slimation" became Jin Kui Shenqi Pill.

Jinkui Shenqi Pills can find the basis in the original text:

"Golden Main Thinking" is thirty -thirty -third: men’s thirst and cure for the diagnosis of gonorrhea is not good for gonorrhea.

In fact, there is a mechanism here whether it is the treatment of legs or frequent urination. This mechanism is kidney yang deficiency.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that yang can turn yin, what does it mean?In fact, it can be simply understood as the relationship between water and fire.

Water drinking can not participate in the metabolism of the human body. Only after gasification can participate in the metabolism of the human body and transport them to various organs of the human body. We all have this experience. Drinking cold water is better to drink hot water to quench thirst. This is why.

Hot water can gasify faster and faster participation in metabolism, so quench thirst.

And gasification requires temperature. It takes time to lift the temperature in cold water.The organs that provide temperature are the kidneys, and the kidney yang is sufficient to normally gasification.

Otherwise, the water metabolism is not smooth, and the accumulation of the leg will cause edema. The water that drinks in it does not participate in the metabolism, so it will be discharged directly, so you will drink urine when you drink it.

In fact, Jinsui Shenqi Pill was originally used to treat diabetes. The thirst in the book refers to the current diabetes.

From the perspective of the symptoms of diabetes, there are more than one or one less metabolism. However, for a long time, yin damage and yang, kidney yin deficiency can cause kidney yang deficiency. In fact, the development of diabetes to the end is yin and yang deficiency.

Speaking of which, you can do it. Jintui Shenqi Pill is the recipe for treating yin and yang.

Looking at this recipe, part of the yin, part of the yang.

Di Yellow is equipped with dogwood, nourishing liver and kidney, astringent gas.

Poria and Zexie cure the standards, and the water penetrates turbidity.

Yam healthy temper, solidify kidney essence.

The peony skin is slightly cold, and it can control the virtual fire.

On the basis of nourishing yin, add cinnamon and aconite.

The ancients, "those who are good at yin, must seek yin in the yang", add cinnamon and aconite on the basis of nourishing yin to take care of the skills of exorcising evil, so it can be double -toned, yin and yangThis is to achieve the purpose of treating diabetes.

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