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There is a saying that it is well -known, and it is familiar, that is the "ten women and nine belts".This sentence is scientific and philosophical.Each normal woman has leucorrhea in a specific years.It should be said that leucorrhea is a friend, and there should be.

1. When the leucorrhea comes and when will it go, it is regular.The arrival of leucorrhea is often in menstruation in advance, and the disappearance of leucorrhea often lags behind menstruation.In other words, before the arrival of menstruation, girls have begun to have leucorrhea. Women will have a small amount of leucorrhea for a period of time after menstruation. This is normal.

2. The appearance and disappearance of leucorrhea, the amount of quantity and traits are inseparable from the tide and closure of menstruation. This phenomenon of "turning around menstruation" shows that the essence of the belt appears is an anatomy with the female reproductive system and its own anatomy and it.Whether the function is normal is closely related.

3. When the girl is 13–14 years old, she will come to menstruation. About two years before, the breasts started to develop first.A small pair of small ovaries that have been static in the pelvic cavity for many years are like the "surprise" of spring, and it has begun to sprout. With the influence of low -dose estrogen, there is a little leucorrhea.When menstruation is closed, there will be low dose of estrogen in the body, and the leucorrhea will not disappear immediately.

4. Menstruation can come as scheduled. It is the result of the common effect of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian gland axis.Normal menstruation is divided into a follicle period, ovulation period, luteal stage, menstrual period, and recurring, which is menstruation.After the adolescence, the eggs in the ovaries are about 3 million-4 million. A number of eggs are raised every month, but only one egg matures. For about 30-40 years, the eggs are exhausted and menstruation stops.

5. The main component of the leucorrhea is water and cervical mucus, as well as mixed with the leakage liquid, secretion, and falling cells of the vagina, cervix, endometrium, fallopian tube and other parts.Cervical mucus is a kind of water -soluble gum that contains sugar protein, plasma protein, sodium chloride and water. Among them, water accounts for more than 90%. Generally, it is white or transparent, and it is pale yellow after drying.

6. White bands have periodic changes: Under the action of estrogen, the proportion of mucin in cervical mucus decreases, the proportion of water increases, accounting for about 93%before and after ovulation, and the content of water during ovulation can be as high as 98%.Usually the production of cervical mucus is about 20 to 60 mg per day, and it can be as high as 600 mg during ovulation. The leucorrhea becomes thin, becoming a crystal clear egg, good drawing, which can be more than 10 cm.The mucus is applied to the glass slice and observed under the microscope to see the beautiful sheep’s teeth crystals.Under the action of progesterone, due to the decline in the proportion of water, the content of mucin is relatively increased, and the cervical mucus becomes sticky and turbid, and the brushes are significantly reduced.Like jelly, blocked in the cervical canal.

7. Normal leucorrhea is milky white, sometimes for egg white, without odor. After drying, it is pale yellow. It maintains the wetness of vulva, vaginal lubrication, and maintaining vaginal pH balance and good micro -ecological environment.Invasion, avoid triggering vulvaritis, vaginitis, cervicitis, endometritis, fallopian tube ovarian inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc.

8. When the leucorrhea occurs in the aspects of color, characteristics, odor, and amount of amount. At the same time, it is accompanied by vulva, vagina, pelvic cavity and other parts of unsalayible parts. Some diseases may occur. They should be diagnosed, active treatment.After menopause, there is no leucorrhea and will feel the dryness of the vulva. You can find a gynecologist to help solve it.

9. At the age of nine or before, or abnormal vaginal secretions occur after menopause, they should go to the hospital for treatment in time to diagnose and treat them in time.

10. If the girl is at the age of menstruation, especially after the age of 16 and after, there is still no menstruation and no leucorrhea. She should go to the hospital for examination to see if it is congenital and vagina without the development of reproductive systems such as uterine.

The one who has no leucorrhea or menstruation in the "Ten Women and Nine Belt" is likely to be abnormal in the development of congenital reproductive systems."Ten women and nine belts" are just folk sayings, and the proportion of abnormal development of reproductive systems will not be so high.

Female friends remembered that leucorrhea is a friend, and there should be.Learn knowledge, relax, pay attention to hygiene, treat her well, Fang is the right move.

Guo Shuzhen, First Hospital of Shanxi Medical University

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