Lady Gaga Self -exposure: At the age of 19, he was sexually assaulted and pregnant

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"I was 19 years old, and a music producer told me when I was working,‘ Take off your clothes. ’”

You may be hard to imagine that the person who tells this experience is Lady Gaga …

Recently, Lady Gaga’s documentary "The Me You Can ‘TE" tells his experience of being sexually assaulted and pregnant.

"No", Gaga rejected the producer and left the studio, but the producer had threatened her with the music she created and performed sexual assault on her.

This sexual assault led to Gaga’s pregnancy. "I have been sick for several weeks, and the person who rapes me throw the pregnancy in the corner …" Gaga said, the incident gave her physical and emotionalThere were scars, and this scar was still lingering.

(Lady Gaga in 2005)

She went on to say, "I have completely collapsed. For a few years, I feel that I am no longer the original girl. I can feel the same pain as I was raped. I did a lot of MRI inspections and scans.But nothing can be found. But your body will remember. "

"No matter where you go, you always feel like a dark cloud follows you."

"I used to scream and hit myself on the wall."

… …

Later, at a doctor’s suggestion, Gaga went to see the psychiatric department, and was then diagnosed as a post -traumatic stress disorder.

Recovery is also a long process, "I spent two and a half years before getting rid of the predicament," Gaga said.Although it feels much better now, she admits that she is still struggling with psychological problems, and also said that there is no simple solution.

However, Lady Gaga did not disclose the identity of the sexual assaults, and also said that she would hide the person’s identity because she "never wants to face this person again."

Alas, after the strength of the maverick and the kindness, there is such a dark past …

In fact, from birth to now, Gaga has not been as easy as everyone looks like.

In 1986, Gaga was born in an ordinary Catholic family in Manhattan, New York, USA.

He has been very talented since he was a child. When he was 4 years old, he could pop up on the piano when he listened to music. At the age of 13, he wrote his first piano score. At the age of 14, he sang in public.Essence

But Gaga has never been a child with a koi body.

In high school, she was bullied by girls in the same class. The girls also established a chat group of ‘Stephani’ s original name).

At the university, she was still not lucky, and she was ridiculed by the performer.

After entering the music circle, GAGA still couldn’t escape the marginal figures:

The height of 155 is the same as passers -by. This is the existence of no one in the European and American entertainment industry. Therefore, Gaga is difficult to live when he debuted.

Once she sang in a bar in a bar, the audience was very noisy. She took off her coat and continued to perform in only underwear, which successfully attracted their attention.At this moment, it became a turning point in the career.

So Gaga made a choice: another way, and the sword left.

In 2008, Lady Gaga was born with "Just Dance": Gaga wearing a red -shoulder pad jacket captured the British and American single charts at the speed of electric light firestone.

Lady Gaga is unstoppable after that …

Some people say that she is lonely, and some people scold her a thunder,

But in any case, Lady Gaga’s strength is beyond doubt that her popular age has also arrived.

At the end of the documentary, Gaga said that she was not seeking sympathy. She just wanted to help others by telling her story:

"I want to tell everyone that I have grown tears now and continue to move forward. And you can also come out of such a thing."

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