Kun Ling’s third child is suspected of daughter, Jay Chou is lazy to guess the street baby, and his son Romeo took the insulation cup and appeared cute

Recently, singer Jay Chou posted photos of his son out of the street on his personal social platform.In the photo, Jay Chou gave his son Romeo’s back, and the father and son appeared beside a basketball court.In this regard, Jay Chou also wrote a text saying, would he have to fight?It seems to be asking netizens’ opinions. Zhou Dong, who loves to play basketball, is it itchy when he sees the basketball court?

And Jay Chou and Kun Ling’s younger son also grabbed the mirror very much. Although they just revealed a back, the tiger head was quite cute.The little guy wore a red shirt and was full of energy. It is worth mentioning that his hand was holding a thermos cup, which made people cry.Has such a small doll already started to know how to keep health.There is a taste of veteran cadres.

Although Zhou Dong wanted to go to the court to play with the passers -by, he did not act.The reason he gave was, "I’m afraid I will always win so embarrassed."Jay Chou, who is so narcissistic, is really right. He himself also equipped with a smile of laughter, obviously amused by his stink.

Recently, the issue of the third child of Jay Chou and Kun Ling has also received a lot of attention. It is close to Kun Ling’s due date, and everyone has speculated that the child’s gender.In this regard, there were also media reports that a relative of Jay Chou broke the news, saying that Kunling’s third child was with a daughter.You know, the news that Kun Ling was pregnant with three babies originally stemmed from the news of a relative.

Regarding the child’s gender, Jay Chou obviously did not intend to respond. How can I guess with everyone, he is still the baby’s baby.When the media asked Jay Chou’s staff, they also said that they did not know, and they should have no plans to share good news with you.

But how can netizens eat melon?Everyone can always find clues in some details.Some people found that when Kun Ling had three babies at the official Xuanhuai, he once posted that N ° 5 was coming.This 5 means the fifth member of his family, but there are also careful netizens that N ° 5 is the name of a big -name lady perfume. Is this text of Kunling implied that he is pregnant?

In any case, Jay Chou is now full of children, and his wife is accompanied by his side. It can be said that it is very happy.So whether Kun Ling’s three -child is pregnant with a boy or a girl, it is icing on the cake for Zhou Dong.Let’s follow Jay Chou and Kun Ling and look forward to the arrival of their little babies.

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