Kun Ling’s pregnancy jumps high -dye hair and cause controversy. What taboos need to pay attention to in order to take a look at pregnancy

There are many taboos in pregnancy, but Kun Ling, who is a mixed -race, seems to be completely afraid.Since she announced her pregnancy, including earlier attendance to wear high -heeled shoes, big movements and hair dyeing, etc., she was considered bad for the fetus.The day before yesterday, she made another taboo, that is, when attending the event, she picked up scissors DIY with her children.Although she had committed a lot of taboos, in the face of the outside world, she faced it calmly. It seemed that "Tian Wang" had a set of parenting methods.

Criminal taboo 1 take a cutting knife

Traditional customs believe that pregnant women should not take scissors, and pregnant women with scissors are likely to have rabbit lips.However, experts said that the cause of the baby’s rabbit lips is complicated and has nothing to do with the movement of a pregnant woman.

The day before yesterday, Kun Ling had no scruples when attending a public welfare event. She picked up scissors and DIY children and made kaleidoscope.Kun Ling admits that there is no contraindication of pregnant women who do not take scissors. She said, "I look forward to the arrival of a small life, and will officially welcome my Mother’s Day in the next year." The day before yesterday, Kun Ling’s mother also came to accompany her daughter.In the interview, Kun Mom also reported his joy: "Kun Ling’s belly is smaller than ordinary pregnant women. I guess it is a son because her belly is tip!"

Taboo 2 wearing high heels

Wearing high heels is also a major taboo of pregnancy. Experts said that wearing high heels will make the pregnant woman’s physical center of gravity higher and easy to wrestle, resulting in sprains or abortion or premature birth of the ankle.However, Kun Ling didn’t seem to be afraid. She was wearing high heels on the 10th of last month to attend the event, and the height of the shoes was not small, which really made people sweat.

Kun Ling shoots a jump blockbuster for a fashion brand

Three major moves jumping for taboos

Traditional customs believe that pregnant women are prone to abortion, and experts say whether jumping will cause miscarriage to be related to personal constitution, but due to the vibration of landing, it should be avoided as much as possible.On the 20th of last month, when Kun Ling filmed an advertisement for the endorsement brand in the United States, there was a big move. After seeing it, netizens were scared, and shouted: "Shock", "The big sister is too lively"!However, Kun Ling’s agent said: "Just the shooting angle felt that she jumped high."

Kunling hair dyeing and makeup during pregnancy

Criminal taboos 4 hair dye

Earlier this month, Kun Ling made another big taboos in pregnant women, that is, hair dyeing.Because the hair dye contains chemical components, she may affect the fetus, so she was questioned by many netizens after posted photos of hair dyed on Facebook.She explained on Facebook that she used plant hair dye, and discussed with the designer beforehand: "Actually, I have communication with my hairstyle designer.The hair will become so yellow because I go to the California desert to bask in the sun (Get) faded, plus the studio lighting. "She also emphasized:" I love my northern nose, I’m sorry to make everyone worry. "

Doctors remind

Whether it can jump is related to physical fitness, but it is best to avoid

The impact of jumping on the fetus has a lot to do with the personal constitution of the pregnant woman. Some people are fine at high jumping, while some pregnant women have inflammation or poor cervix development.For pregnant women, jumping is a strenuous exercise, and it may cause vibration when landing, which may cause a pioneering abortion. If the placenta is accidentally stripped early, it will have more serious consequences.

Although there are many precautions during pregnancy, you don’t have to be too nervous. "You need to exercise appropriately during pregnancy. It is best to go out every day to go out. Mountain climbing and climbing stairs are also a good choice."

Although it seems that Kunling’s "no taboos" during pregnancy, there are actually places worth learning. Kun Ling claims to be happy and pregnant after "Xiao Zhou Zhou".The child was 1 month before.Although Tian Wang is not lacking, work is just to solve boring, but he is spiritual!In addition, she said that more exercise to maintain a healthy body, which is good for natural delivery in the future, greatly praise one!(Topic writing nancy Source: Sina official Weibo @((()

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