Kun Ling opened a big belly party, and the little girl behind her lit up

Kun Ling, who hadn’t seen him for a long time, finally met with a big belly with a big belly. The old Weibo sent five photos in one consecutive.

The reason why Kun Ling took a picture was actually about to produce. Kun Ling was indeed a young pregnant woman. She was so big and excitedly held a prenatal party to welcomes the baby.

However, from the surrounding environmental judgment, the decoration is still solemn.

Kun Ling is indeed a model figure. Now it is a second child. As a result, the figure is still very good. The limbs are very slender. Except for the big belly, there are no meat at all places.

No wonder, when he was playing with Jay Chou, he sat on a chair to take pictures, and some people said that Kun Ling’s belly seemed to hide.

Kun Ling’s second child was a son. She also announced generously on the party and made a few slogans for the upcoming son.

Finally, I want their children to double. Congratulations to Jay Chou. Someone accompanied the black.

However, in the photos of Kun Ling, there seems to be a strange girl’s face appeared. Pay attention to the girl with a small braid next to Kun Ling.

Although I can’t see the facial features, in the video sent by Kun Ling, someone seemed to see the girl and slipped from the camera.

I looked closely, and took the screenshot, wearing a small white skirt and a braid. If I didn’t guess it was wrong, it should be the girl next to Kun Ling.

I can clearly see the girl’s nose and eyes in the video, and look at the camera with a look of aggressive. Some people say that this should be Xiao Zhou Zhou.

It may be because Kun Ling ignored the video and was happy, so he accidentally exposed Xiao Zhouzhou.

Is it really Xiao Zhouzhou?

I remember Jay Chou said that the two characteristics of her daughter, one, is a nose and a small eye.

But this girl, it seems that her eyes are not very small, is it Jay Chou being humble?

Come, this is when my daughter grows up a little bit, paying attention to comparison, the face is fleshy, but the facial features seem to be invisible.

I flipped through Kun Ling’s Weibo. The earliest was in April, and a photo of her daughter’s back was posted. Although they were almost the same, the hair seemed to not be so long.

In the past two months, can my hair be braid, I don’t understand.

Is it? It is estimated that Kun Ling himself has to be said, but it is certain that the daughter’s eyelashes are against the sky. After all, the mixed -race gene is proper.

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