Korean media exposed the melon of Da S, saying that she had been pregnant for 9 months and was questioned to transfer the attention of Huang Zijiao

Big S has retired for many years, but the number of hot search in the past six months is far exceeding any star who is active in the entertainment industry. She has to say that her attention is too high.

On June 19, Huang Zijiao exposed the size of Sister S XD, and for a while, the size S was on the cusp, especially the big S. In the past six months, because of the various dog blood incidents between her and her ex -husband Wang Xiaofei, her popularity has fallen.At the bottom of the valley, this kind of melon is now exposed, I am afraid it is difficult to come back in the entertainment industry.

I just did not expect that on June 21, the Korean media also revealed that the big melon was also exposed, that is, the big S has been pregnant for 9 months, and it is about to usher in the birth.Naturally, it will jump.

Although Da S has been searching for hot searches in the past six months, there is a strange phenomenon that she has never appeared in public places. Chinese media have also reported that Big S has not appeared in public for 9 months.At this point, the time to break the news of the Korean media.

Why is the popular star from the past became the focus of netizens today? There is a very important reason, that is, no matter in public or in the show, there are many privacy fragments of big S and Ge Junye’s life.Essence

For example, Daiser S had a toilet at home, and Jun Jun was holding her. It was because of this "the urine infarction" that the netizens talked for a long time. After the urinary infarction, Xiao S was still exposed in the show to issue a program issued in the show.Junye feeds big S.

After the contents of Xiao S’s exposure are released, everyone feels that as a big S of adults, good health is not healthy, how can they live such a dependent life.

Now that the Korean media suddenly revealed the news of Big S pregnancy, this can also understand why Ge Junxuan loves Big S, because Big S is already an elderly pregnant woman, and once still has an experience of abortion.Practice in all kinds of care.

Although Da S is not the first time to be pregnant, it is just that the news time for the Korean media has revealed the pregnancy time, which makes life doubt and caused many netizens to question.

On June 19th, Huang Zijiao had just exposed Da S and Gu Junzheng had been XD. Now the popularity of things is still increasing. Unexpectedly, only 2 days after the outbreak of the matter, the Korean media exposed the news of Big S’s pregnancy.

After all, Ge Junye is a Korean artist. The Korean media broke the news. Many netizens questioned that the pregnancy broke the news that it was the attention of Huang Zijiao’s exposure.matter.

I have to say that Big S is really a contradiction. There are too many rumors on her body, so that people who eat melon have endless melons every day.

If you are really pregnant, then you will announce the good news. There is no need to hide it. Like Huang Zijiao’s exposure of the XD incident, although Da S and his own studio responded, obviously this approach was not grounded.

Many people suggest that Big S wants to prove his Qingming, just learn Xiao Jingteng directly. Go to the GA department for various testing. Talking with fact evidence is far more effective than various statements.

Today, the big S and the ex -husband Wang Xiaofei family have been in a strange circle. Every time the big S is exposed by the media or others, while she is spitting, the popularity of the live broadcast room of the ex -mother -in -law Zhang Lan will soar, and the popularity of the live broadcast room will soar.Earn a lot of money.

Today, Zhang Lan is 65 years old. She is not bad money. She has worked so hard to work hard to make money. In fact, after the divorce of her son Wang Xiaofei, after the divorce of Wang Xiaofei and Da S, although she had a scandal with a number of women, she did not step by step, but she did not step by step.Entering the marriage hall, he has been thinking about his two children and Da S.

In order to allow the two children to live a happy life, Wang Xiaofei will always be generous. Even the sky -high electricity bill of the big S family is borne.Turned to her.

For the two popular melons of Da S, which news do you believe is real?

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