Knowing that his mother forced her pregnant wife to sleep, he rushed home overnight and did two things

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In the past, I thought a good feeling was to faint you at once.In the eyes of each other, you are his world, and his biggest goal is to surround you.

You said you want to eat Xiaolongbao, he will go to the breakfast shop you like the most when you cross the whole city, buy your favorite small meat bag, and then look at you a little bit, hang on his faceA happy smile.

You said he was sick, and he immediately left his job to take care of you.Regarding your concerns, he said that he can find it again, and you will always be unique. For this reason, his two harms are light compared to it.

You said he wanted to go somewhere, he immediately packed his luggage and prepared to set off and came with you a trip.

Such love is like a strong wine, which is directly to your heart and lungs.You are happy, you are happy, you are happy.

Later, I learned that most of this world does not exist in such love. Even if it exists, it is just a flashy. Usually you have not tasted the deliciousness of love, and it has disappeared.

What is that good feelings?

Some people say: "Good love is to spoil you in a long stream."

Take it seriously.

A person’s life is too long, and it is not at all to let her husband always take his wife as the center without his own thing.

As the pillar of the family, he has to support the family, go outside to work, and make you a warmer.If he gives you all his time, who will protect your quality of life?

To this end, when watching "Perfect Mom", many viewers felt that Wu Min compared.Her husband, Lin Qingkun, was really wrong. He ignored him because of his busy work.But he put the home in his heart.

If Lin Qingkun only cares about his home like Sun Lei, but he cannot bear the heavy responsibility of life at all. Indeed, they have more time together, but the quality of life will decline significantly. Will she not complain at that time?

Therefore, it is not too high. After all, he has only one hands. Once all are used to embrace you, then he cannot develop his career.

Why do you spoil you in a long water?

There are many methods, but the most comfortable thing is to be clear.

After many inquiry, psychologists have obtained a happy family law, that is, the relationship between husband and wife is higher than the parent -child relationship.

If the latter is higher than the former, whether it is the relationship between the wife and the child or the relationship between the husband and his parents, then there will be more contradictions in this family.

The most typical is the contradiction between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law.

As a mother -in -law, although he was once the hostess at the family, he had a personality.But if this style is extended to the process of getting along with daughter -in -law, it will form contradictions.

If the mother -in -law is smart enough, she will adjust her way appropriately. Even if it is strong, she is only targeted at her husband without disturbing her son and daughter -in -law.

If the mother -in -law did not realize, or if he didn’t realize it, he would gradually increase the dispute at home.

For example, the mother -in -law who urged marriage and the second child in the TV series.Their purpose is good. I hope that the grandson or the granddaughter will have a help in the future to face the difficulties of life together.

The problem is that this is a matter of husband and wife.It can be mentioned by yourself, but it cannot rise to the height of "urging".

Because this will attract the dislike of daughter -in -law.There are many times, and the daughter -in -law will inevitably have opinions and even argue with her.And this will make it difficult for the son to do.

If he chooses his mother, he will hurt his lover’s heart -he once said that he would give her happiness, but now let her live in the dispute all day."outsider".

And if you choose your wife, you will be regarded as "filial piety" -tly, you really forget your mother.

Living in this kind of life all day, what happiness he has?As a mother seeing the child lived in pain all day, she could not help condemning her daughter -in -law, and her daughter -in -law would accuse her mother -in -law because she was selfish and could not realize their hardships.

Everyone in the family began to blame each other, and it became a battlefield here.

Therefore, in the long run, it is not selfish, nor "not filial" to operate a good husband and wife relationship, and maintain a certain family boundary, but a wisdom of balanced family relationship.

Tu Lei once said: Women marry you are a kind of courage. Giving you a child and childlike daughter need a big courage. A man can’t even tolerate his own woman. What is the sky?

The problem is that few men know this, even if they know this, they cannot do this.

Xiao Nan’s husband did it.

Xiaonan is not a daughter -in -law who likes her mother -in -law, because her family conditions are not good.Indeed, there are two younger brothers’ rural girls, and men with cars and cars in the city are not at all levels.

But she stays in the city by her ability.Besides, her two younger brothers are very sensible and diligent. Even if she supports them in the future, she will do limited.

The problem is that Xiao Nan’s mother -in -law couldn’t figure it out, and always felt that her son’s good cabbage was arched by a pig.In particular, after learning that Xiaonan was pregnant, she was pregnant with her child, and she felt that she was a heart girl, and it was bad for her.

But her son likes it, so in front of Xiao Nan’s husband, she is not close to Xiao Nan, but she is pretty polite.

And Xiao Nan was unwilling to cause trouble, and felt that it was all a family. There was no need to work too much, so she did not say that she was unhappy with her mother -in -law.Because of this, when Xiao Nan’s husband had to travel, he took Xiaonan, who had a big belly to take care of his mother.

The mother -in -law’s heart was naturally unwilling, but she did not refuse, so Xiao Nan’s nightmare life began.

The mother -in -law did not make a bowl or wash, not only did she not take care of Xiao Nan, but also had to take care of her.For these, Xiao Nan is unwilling, but her family is far away. She doesn’t want to delay her husband’s work, so she can only endure it.

When Xiao Nan saw her husband appearing at the door, he was very surprised, after all, he hadn’t returned.When she saw her husband "invited" his mother -in -law, and asked the company to lift others to travel on a business trip, her mouth couldn’t hold it.

Her husband held her in her arms and told her that he already knew what her mother -in -law did to her.Xiaonan, who had reached the third trimester, was always overwhelming because of physical discomfort.Mother -in -law Xiaonan said that she was delaying herself and forced him to go to the sofa to sleep.

After learning about this with a chat with neighbors, he immediately bought a return ticket.He didn’t know the cover of his mother in front of him, but just felt that his mother and his wife got along more, and naturally he would know that his wife was good.Unexpectedly, the mother’s resentment of his wife covered everything.

Why don’t your mother think about it, this is Xiao Nan’s child, but he is also his child!He doesn’t want to say too much for his mother.Now he just wants to take care of his wife and children and maintain their little family.

May every woman meet a clear husband.


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