Know whether the original book: Molan is neither lost nor pregnancy, but Sheng Yan still prepared her

The audience who has watched the TV series "Do you know whether it should be green, fat, red and thin" knows that Molan has embarked on the old road of the biological mother Lin Xiao Niang, and she was pregnant with Liang Yan during the day.Mrs. Sheng had to settle down.But do you know that in the original book, Moran was neither lost nor pregnancy, but Sheng Yan learned that the first reaction of her and Liang Yan’s scandal was to use a bottle of poison to conclude this daughter.

I said before, Aunt Lin took advantage of the old lady to return to Yiyang, and quietly gave Shengzhong a Kiku Fang. When Mrs. Sheng returned home, she found that Ju Fang was pregnant.I want to use this to hold this, because during the period of the national funeral, although Liang Yan also made this matter, Uncle Kang was far better than Shengzhu, but Shengzheng could go today to rely on today’s relying on it.His clearing and rigorous family style, once a child during a state mourning, is afraid that the future is difficult to protect.

At that time, Mrs. Sheng guessed that Aunt Lin was not at ease, but because she didn’t know why she asked, she decided to watch her change quietly and quietly explained the seriousness of this matter to Ju Fang, and then advised Jufang to kill her child.And the Lord lifted her aunt’s position.Now that Molan and Liang Han’s scandal is reported, Mrs. Sheng was instantly wanted to connect. Before I saw Sheng Yan and Molan, she told the silly son before seeing Sheng Yan., I have no love for this mother and daughter.

The Lady Wang in the TV series was worried that she would go to the Liang family to find the Liang family to kiss the next day, but the Wang family in the original book was not so good. At that time, she told her brother’s brother.The marriage with the nephew, secretly, there was a consensus with the Lord of Pingning County and her to make Ru Lan marry Qi Heng as a filling.Mrs. Sheng was a headache, and Wang was too lazy to consider a future of a girl who had no blood with herself.

Although the marriage of the Qi family and the Wang family later was stirred because Molan was stirred, but during the middle of this time, Sheng Yan had always had a headache Molan to stay.I couldn’t think of a better way, and told Mrs. Sheng that Mrs. Sheng had simply poisoned Molan a hundred, and she could change her rigorous reputation. It was also a filial piety.Mrs. Sheng also understood that Shengzheng was poor in Qianzhuo. She wanted her son to achieve the purpose of eating hard, and in turn, she persuaded Shengzheng to leave Molan’s life.

However, in order to let Sheng Yan completely see the true colors of Molan and Aunt Lin, Mrs. Sheng still took Bai Yan and poison to Mulan, and Molan thought that Shengzheng was not present and asked Mrs. Sheng to let her father and wife go to Liang Liang.The family told her a relative, and said that if Sheng Yan hurt her, she should think about her, even if the old lady Sheng said that she would lose her old face, she would not be loosened, and she was shocked by Sheng Xun, hiding in the house.cold.If it wasn’t for the old lady, it was estimated that Molan would really be cold. After that, she took the aunt Lin to go home, and Sheng Yan said that she would send her to Zhuangzi to accompany her mother, and Molan would not dare to speak again.

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