Ken Dou really teases her sisters with fake engagement to tease her to tease her mother with fake pregnancy

Since the public love in Valentine’s Day this year, the relationship between Kendall Jenner and her boyfriend Devon Booker has developed, and the two have been shopping, dining, and playing have become commonplace.Although Ken Dou’s development degree of the relationship between them is very confidential, people familiar with the matter said that there are some special things between them.Interestingly, Ken Dou decided to use the relationship between her and Booker as a game to tease her mother and her sisters.

According to the US "Character" magazine reported on May 2nd, on Saturday, local time, Ken Dou decided to play a "true story" adventure game with the cooperation of Kensiny Kourtney Kardashian.She will tell her sisters and her mother who has been engaged and pregnant.Ken Dou told Cotti that she felt that this was credible, so she was willing to make such a game.

However, before sending fake engagement news for her sisters, Ken Dou found that she needed a ring to be engaged as an engagement certificate. Fortunately, they found a way to borrow one from others.Cotti could not help but be nervous. She said to Ken Dou that it was surprising that Khloe would write a novel based on this.

But Ken Dou was ready to start her game. In this way, Ken Dou sent a message while enjoying the delicious drinks of the 818 agave liquor brand while waiting for the reaction and news of the sisters and his mother.

As soon as Kylie Jenner received the information, he immediately called Ken Dou. The smart Kelly explicitly pointed out that Ken Dou was lying, because one of the biggest loopholes in Ken Dou’s engagement news was that that ring was not suitableKen Dou.Cosney laughed, "Yes, the size of the ring needs to be adjusted."

Ken Dou is too late to have the theory of Kelly, and there is no time to ignore Kobei, and quickly hang up Kelly’s phone call to answer the phone call from Kim Kardashian, but the same, like Kardashian, and Kelly.I don’t believe that Ken Dou has been engaged.

Next, the call from Kohler, but given that Kelly and Kim Kardashian have already seen their lies, Ken Dou decided not to continue playing. She did not wait for Kohler to speak, and immediately told Kohler’s matter.The truth.

Cole seemed to be a little angry, she shouted loudly, "This is too stupid, why do you treat us like this?" Ketney hurriedly hit the field and said, "Well, at least we know that when that day is true, you willvery excited."

Fake engagement games failed, but Ken Dou could no longer recover the news of fake pregnancy, because before she released the news of fake engagement, she sent the news of fake pregnancy to her mother Kris Jenner.

However, Chris’s call almost made Ken Dou can’t help laughing, because Chris actually believed in truth, and even told Ken Dou that she dreamed of Ken Dou’s pregnancy last night.While lamenting this bizarre event, Chris continued to tell Ken Dou that this was good news.

Ken Dou didn’t dare to let her mother continue to say, and quickly told Chris with Cotti that they were just joking.

This is the end of the game. Look at the funny farce of the Kardashian family chief and Kardashian’s five sisters, which is quite interesting, isn’t it?

Picture source: "Character" magazine, network

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