Kardashian dog blood ending!The family becomes rich and beautiful, gold: Thanks to my private video

14 years, 20th, 268 episodes.

The world’s well -known reality show "Walking with Kardashian" is over!

Even in the end, the interview shows of Sisters of Kardashian have been broadcast. Although the evaluation of the show in the eyes of the audience is mixed, after 14 years, there will still be a feeling of grandfather.

I just want to eat melon onlookers: What?Can I not eat melon in the future?Intersection

Don’t worry, even if it’s over, this finale and reunion show are as full as ever, especially Jin Kardashian. The inside of her divorce of her and Kan Ye made her tears!

Although it is divorced, it is said that "Lord Kan is always a family."

Not only that, she also admitted in the reunion interview that if she did not have her 2007 sex video leakage, their show "may not be so successful."

There are also many other sisters. The eldest sister Kobetney "may never be reunited with Scott". The third sister Kohler moved to Boston to live with her cheating boyfriend, saying that he should be remarried in the future.Add a younger brother and sister.

The younger sister Ken Dou didn’t catch the horse, and she fell in love with ordinary people. The little girl Kelly and the former Travis Scott also reunited, but "no consider getting married now."

Among these sisters, almost everyone’s emotional life is going. Some people are married and divorced, and some people break up and reunite. Everyone will never lack melon to eat.

In 14 years, the show "Walking with the Kardashian Family" is close to the end, and the finale is the most urgent to know. In addition to Jin and Kanye’s divorce inside the inside story, they are also their future direction.

Let’s talk about Jin and Grandpa, many people may be puzzled. Why do they divorce?Is there any specific reasons, such as Lord Kan’s bipolar disorder, public that he once wanted to fall into his daughter’s northwest, and the family who scolded Jin, and so on.

However, in the interview, Jin was actually "not a specific thing that happened to the two people", which led to divorce.

"I think it is a common difference in opinions that lead to this decision, and in any case, I don’t want others to feel that I do not (in marriage), or I have not really worked hard."

Judging from what she showed in the finale, Jin’s psychological struggle and pain caused by the breakdown of marriage can be said to be quite serious, so serious that she needs to seek psychological treatment.By".

Speaking of Lord Kan and Marriage, although there is no emotional dissatisfaction, it is obviously uncomfortable.

"I always thought I was good, and only my children were very good. My husband moved from one state to another, and I enjoyed this journey with him. I am very satisfied.

I did n’t realize that I could n’t do it until today I ’m 40 years old. I do n’t want a husband who lives in completely different states."

The reason for this is far from the time of two people’s daily life.

Kim admits that although she has a fairy tale experience with Lord Kan, such as their luxury weddings in Florence, Italy, and those beautiful photos.

But for Jin, especially 40 -year -old Jin, now she wants to enjoy the "small experience" in daily life with her partner.

For example, go to exercise together and do the daily life in those life, in general, it is actually snuggling and accompanying each other.

Of course, there may be other differences that cause two people to go without going, but it is also good to end the matter decently.

But as the relationship between ex -husband and ex -wife, they look pretty good.

Together with the custody of four children, they do not require each other to support each other.

Although Kan Ye turned his head, he took the level+new relationship exposure to the dual operation, which made the people caught off guard: your move on (release) is a bit too fast?Intersection

However, Kim Kardashian still maintains the decentness of both sides. When it comes to the praise of Kan Ye, "We have a great co -supporting relationship, and I will always be his loyal fans."

"Grandpa Kan will always be a family."

She also said that her marriage with Ye Kan was her "the first real marriage."

It can be seen that her attitude towards the former two ex -husband is basically "the mistake made by when I was young".

It even said very directly, "I hope I only got married once." Although this period of Kanye was also hurt, she hoped that her career would help Jin Sister to smooth the pain of marriage. Unfortunately, her judicial test againNo, I can only take the test again.

This was another blow for her, but the soul of the Kardashian family seemed to have cheered, whether facing the future emotional life or the upcoming judicial examination.

The emotional life of other sisters in the Kardashian family may not be so sensational, but the blood level of catching horses and dogs is not too much.

Let’s talk about the eldest sister Kobetney. One of the men she couldn’t go around was Scott Disick.

This man almost occupied all the elder sister’s long -term emotional life. The two had been together for nearly 10 years, three children, and there were happiness and stubborn during the period. In the end, it was inevitable that they broke up in 2015.

After breaking up, the two have new partners. They seem to have a good life, but for the Kardashian family, Scott is their old friend.

If the eldest sister and Scott (her child’s dad) can be reopened, it is a beautiful thing.

Especially, the mother Kris, who turned out the old photos of Sister Zhang and Scott, must forcibly turn the topic to the future of the elder sister.

She said to the eldest sister, "What I want most is to see you and someone old, happy, satisfied, calm … If that person is your child’s father, wouldn’t it be beautiful."

Heart straight and fast test Teni: What about you dreaming here?

The eldest sister now has a boyfriend, and the relationship is "starting seriously", and there is nothing to reunite with Scott (currently there is also a girlfriend).

In fact, in the finale, although the sisters are saying that I do n’t know if Cotti will give Scott a chance again, but the eldest sister ’s response is very resolute.

Even Scott himself is accepting the fact that he and the eldest sister may never be together.

but!Not long ago, he admitted straightforwardly that he would be uncomfortable when he saw his eldest sister with other men, alas.

The eldest sister is still divided into a simple and neat. In contrast, the emotional life of the third sister Kohler makes people a little bit unknown what to say.

She is the father of her child and the Tristan Thompson, who had been carrying her and Kelly (Kim Little Sister) before.

The grabbing value between this pair was full. From the beginning of the beginning, the two people were together in 2016. At that time, it was quite like a paint.

Within a few months, Dristan’s ex -girlfriend gave birth to his first child, and also reported that when his ex -girlfriend was pregnant, Kohler’s feet caused the two to break up. This statement was denied.

Although the news was not exposed at the beginning of the relationship, it was not a good sign, but the third sister really fell in love, and she was pregnant with Tamistan’s children in less than a year.

Immediately after, Trisean was photographed kissing two women outside the bar …

A few days before the third sister’s due date, a video revealed that Trustan kissed a woman, and then entered a hotel with the woman …

On April 12, 2018, the third sister gave birth to her daughter True, and Tamistan’s repeated exposure derailment did not seem to affect their relationship at all.

But in February 2019, the two still divided, why?It was Tamistan’s best girlfriend of Kelly.

This scandal not only caused a serious impact on the family of Kardashian, but also a great thing for the three sisters who loved deeply.

She can pretend not to exist, and her sister’s good girlfriend is too much …

Who would have thought that this scandal of this level can only stop her for a while. After a year, she was in July last year, and she was good with Tamistan …

The combination of this division is that the people who eat melon want to call for life -saving dog blood.

In April this year, the situation became more outrageous. The third sister exposed a large diamond ring wearing a name on the ring finger on the ins. Isn’t this a brightly saying that she was engaged?Intersection

But neither side confirmed the rumors, and then!Dristan was exposed again!

The model he was derailed, and he didn’t know that he had been in love at that time. It was Tristein told her that he had broken up, so the model was with him.

But obviously this does not stop the third sister’s love. There is reason to believe that she has been reduced by Tamistan. This is the case. She has to leave her family without hesitation and move to Boston to live with Tamistan.

Even "I hope that in the next few years, I can add a brother and sister to Zhenzhen (the daughter of her and Tamistan) …"

Compared with the three sisters, Jin Xiaoyi Kelly and her predecessor and her child’s father Travis Scott are not so surprising.

Kelly said, although it was reunited, she "has not considered marriage now."

Regarding the little girl, there is a more special point on the reunion special, explaining why she is so attached to lip.

In fact, it was mainly because a boy laughed at her.

She recalled, "Once a man once told me," Oh my God, your kissing skills are great, but your lips are too small. ‘Similar, from then on … I feel … I can’tDear. "

"I was really uncomfortable at the time. When a person you like said, it really had a great impact on me."

"I feel that I have no attractiveness at all and not beautiful. I want a thicker lips. I will use my lip line to draw a lip line on my lips, just to make my lips look thicker."

"Finally, I think the lip line is not good ‘, and then I went to my lip surgery."

Summarizing the emotional life of all Kardashian women, maybe only Jin Xiaomei Ken Dou is not so grabbing, just falling in love in ordinary.

In the 20th session of "Walking with Kardashian", they were focused on all crazy, dog blood lives by the camera, not only their emotional life, for 14 years, this reality show has become the topic, social media, and marketing.The world -renowned programs have made people from the Kardashian family gain extreme wealth and reputation.

Their most unknown of their family is also the only brother Robert Dai Shan, with a value of more than 10 million.

And now the most successful Kim Sister Kelly has long been the cover of Forbes magazine "the youngest one billionaire in the world".

Although the title of "billionaire" was withdrawn by Forbes later, it was super rich and super super rich. What is the difference to the people who eat melon?

In addition to wealth, the long time in 14 years is enough to make the little girl grow and make the girl mature. Everyone seems to have changed a lot.

Kim Kaishan:

Chris Jenna:

Cottnica Dashan:

Kohler Katshan:

Ken Dou Jenna:

Kelly Jenna:

This show is of absolutely significance for them, so for onlookers?

Hmm … everyone’s reaction is relatively polar, some people have a heartbreaking heart, tears,

"I haven’t prepared" Walking with the Kardashian Family "!!"

"" Walking with Kardashian "is officially completed! The past 20 seasons are great. How crazy and worth remembering!"

"The last season, I’m so sad!"

There are also people who are happy.

"Perfect, I finally reached a record that I didn’t watch" Walking with Kardashian "!"

"Thanks to God! This stuff is pure garbage. I still remember the good time in the past, and then the Internet was lost."

"Now Sichuan Pu is still unwilling to get out."

In fact, whether you like or hate the attitude towards the Kardashian family, just talk about the reality show "Walking with the Kardashian Family", the record of 14 years of length has a certain significance.

As the netizen said, "I haven’t watched it in a episode, and I am not interested, but in fact this is the history of life."

What do you think?

Or you can share with you what you want to say about this show ~

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