Just when I was pregnant, why was I so uncomfortable?

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I met my neighbor’s sister downstairs. When I was chatting, she found that she was always nauseous and wanted to vomit. For professional habits, she asked: Is it pregnant?

The little girl next door told me very depressedly: I was quite happy when I first discovered that I was pregnant, but now I am too uncomfortable to get this little thing in my stomach.When my sister was just pregnant, it was like nothing else. Why is it so uncomfortable? I don’t want it anymore!Nympho

In life, many people have thought of giving up because of all kinds of discomfort. In fact, the reaction of pregnancy varies from person to person. Each pregnant mother has different physical fitness, and the reaction during pregnancy is different.

Here I will give you a good popular science. What reaction is after pregnancy?

1. Men disclosure: In the early stages of pregnancy, the size of the uterus of pregnant women has not changed much compared with before pregnancy, but she will feel that the aunt will not come. This is also the earliest basis for pregnant women to suspect that she is pregnant.

2. Breast change: From 8 weeks of pregnancy, the breasts gradually increased under the action of hormones.Pregnant women consciously have mild pain, nipple tingling, gradually increasing breasts, and nipples and surrounding areolas. Some expectant mothers will have brown nodules.This is preparing for postpartum breastfeeding.

3. Early pregnancy reaction: About half of the pregnant women have discontinued for about 6 weeks, there are different degrees of nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, annoying greasy, like to eat acidic foods, etc. This is often "harmful joy".

If the symptoms are mild, you can disappear by yourself in about 12 weeks of pregnancy. If nausea and vomiting are severe, you must go to the hospital to see a doctor and maintain the body fluid and electrolytes through infusion treatment.

4. Frequent urination and urgency: Due to the gradual increase of the uterus after pregnancy, the bladder compresses the bladder, which leads to more and more frequency of urination.Some pregnant women are afraid of trouble, so they will reduce drinking water and even urination, which will not only cause reduced water intake, but also easily induce urinary infections.

About 12 weeks of pregnancy, the increased uterus rose to the abdominal cavity, the compression of the bladder gradually disappeared, and frequent urination and urgency symptoms disappeared.

These phenomena are normal physiological reactions in the early pregnancy, but everyone’s response is different.

Don’t have too much concern, just keep an optimistic attitude.

Because before 12 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is in the stage of cell division, the volume changes very small, and it does not require too much nutrition. Therefore, it does not matter if the pregnant mother ’s weight loss is reduced due to early pregnancy reactions. The small fetus will still absorb nutrients and healthy development.

Of course, if pregnant women have abnormal vomiting and water and rice, they should seek medical treatment in time. Medical staff will try to escort the safety and health of pregnant women and fetuses anytime, anywhere!

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