Just to meet you: Gao Jie is difficult to produce big bleeding, and the crisis is actually her blood donation

"Only to Meet You" is a urban love drama just released recently. Starring the popular young student Zhang Mingen and the starring star Wen Yongshan, it is being broadcast on various David TV and online platforms. This drama tells Gao Jie’s dream as a jewelry designer.Feng Jin’s heirs Yu Zhi romantic encounter.Although I encountered a lot of obstacles about family relationships in the middle, I finally joined hands to spend the rest of my life together.

In fact, if you throw away the family, Yu Zhi and Gao are a very good match lovers, one is the jewelry designer with superb skills, and the other is the heir of the jewelry family.However, because of the grievances of the previous generation, they had too many insurmountable gaps.

Not only is Gao Jie’s aunt Mu Ziyi blocked from it, Gao Jie also became a rival with her sister Gao Yan, the sister of her father.The appearance of Gao Yan several times increased the hatred of Gao Yan.

In this drama, we see that the simple Gao Jie was used by his cousin Mu Ziyi. With Gao Jie’s hand, he hurt straight. If Yu Zhi did not figure it out, he thought that Gao Jie and Mu Ziyi were lingering, deceiving himself, and at the wedding.Gao Jie was very embarrassed in public.

Gao Jie couldn’t bear to endure humiliation, took the initiative to leave from the company, and returned to her hometown. At this time, she discovered that she was already pregnant with a straight child.Gao Jie deeply loved Yu Zhi. She had lost Yu Zhi and didn’t want to lose their common children, so she left the child with peace of mind.

After a few months, Gao Jie finally giving birth, unexpected things happened.His sister Gao Yan appeared, saved Gao Jie, and learned that he had a child, realized his mistakes, and cried on the spot.

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