Just after giving birth and pregnancy?Come to menstruation for the first time after giving birth to understand whether you are easy to get pregnant

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Did you find that getting married and having children around him is getting late, and the speed of children is getting slower and slower. Many people have been in a state of health for a long time, so the children are not very smooth after marriage.Many people think that they are not easy to get pregnant, so they don’t pay much attention to contraception after giving birth, and the second child is unexpectedly arrived.

For pregnancy, it is really distinguished from pregnancy.Even if you only have a room once, you may get pregnant.

The husband of girlfriend Beibei is often working outside the country because of the particularity of his work.Occasionally I come back a few times a month. When the two are preparing to ask their children, good news came from the first month of the first month.

After giving birth to Dabao, I just told us that we had a second child again, because it was recovered by the body. Thinking that since it was a life, I decided to stay, and Dabao was also because her mother was pregnant for 4 months.Forced stop.

Beibei recovered menstruation after confinement. He thought he should not be pregnant during breast milk. He was pregnant only once.Through the accident of the second child, Beibei also realized his pregnancy.

It is easier to get pregnant after giving birth to a long period of time.If the menstruation comes soon after giving birth, it means that the recovery of the uterus is still good.It is this powerful recovery ability that also proves that it is easy to get pregnant.

Of course, menstruation does not mean that the body is bad, but the uterus and ovaries need to recover longer.If it is a mother of breast milk after giving birth, the hormone in the body will have the impact of the body because of breast milk, and menstruation may be postponed. There are also many mothers with breast milk in life that menstruation does not come when she feeds.

The mothers of breast milk are relatively late, so many people think that they will not ovulate without menstruation, and naturally they will not get pregnant, thereby ignoring the contraceptive problem during breast milk.If you want to succeed in pregnancy, you have to get ovulation, and the relationship with menstruation is not great. It is just that the ovulation time can be calculated according to the menstrual cycle.

Even if the menstruation does not come, ovulation is still carried out normally, but because of the reference of the menstrual cycle, it will cause neglect of the ovulation period.If you do n’t want to get pregnant in a short time, remember to do contraception in the same room during breastfeeding, especially when menstruation has recovered.

Menstruation is accurate

The period of menstruation is a major criterion for judging whether it is easy to get pregnant. Many women’s menstrual time is not accurate or the interval between each time will affect the time of ovulation.If a person’s menstrual cycle is accurate, it means that the overall state of the body is good, ovulation is normal, and naturally you can get pregnant easily in the same room during ovulation.

Proper weight

The living conditions are good now. Everyone’s weight has been improved a lot year -on -year, especially for women, you must consider weighting for pregnancy.

Too fat or too thin is not easy to get pregnant. Too fat weight will cause estrogen in the body. If it is too thin, it will affect the ovulation function of the ovary, which will cause pregnancy difficulties.

Palace cold

I believe that many people have heard this word, and most women have the problem of Gong Han.The literal means that the uterus is cold, but the environment is not suitable for the development of the embryo, and naturally it is not easy to get pregnant.Even if you are pregnant successfully, there is a problem of miscarriage.

You can determine whether you are a pregnancy -prone constitution through the above performance. Remember to take contraceptive measures if so.

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