June 26th, Entertainment Entertainment Broadcast: Cai Xukun was exploded one night stand to cause the woman to get pregnant

Cai Xukun was exploded one night stand and caused the woman to get pregnant and aborted

At 11 am on June 26, the paparazzi "Inference Junjiang Small Banquet" and others broke the news that Cai Xukun had dated a girl with a C and sex with a girl named C in May 2021.After Ms. C found that she was pregnant, she was asked to perform an abortion surgery by Cai Xukun.Mother Cai not only asked private detectives to investigate the woman, suspecting that her fake pregnancy and money was illegally installed at the door of her home, and she also retracted the personal identity information of the woman, which caused heated discussions.Up to now, Cai Xukun has not responded publicly.

Thailand’s pregnant woman’s cliff case talked about "Disappearing her"

Recently, the movie "Disappearing her" was released, and many viewers reported that the association thought of the "Thailand’s Pregnant Women Falling Cliffs."Wang Nuannuan (pseudonym) of the parties of the case said that the filmmaker went to Nanjing three years ago to find her to authorize.In the past two days, she had gathered the courage to watch the movie, thinking of her despair at the bottom of the cliff.

Exposure Jay Chou’s daughter will enroll school in Australia noble school

According to Taiwan media reports, Jay Chou’s daughter Hathaway is now 7 years old. After the summer vacation, she will officially enroll in a university in Bridbane, Australia.Earlier, there were rumors that Jay Chou had already produced in Australia and seemed to be preparing for children.

The agent responded to Zhang Xuefeng being forcibly sent to the hospital

Earlier, Zhang Xuefeng, a teacher and online celebrity Zhang Xuefeng, responded to the parents’ questions in the live broadcast room, "If I am a parent, the child must report to the journalist, I will faint him."Treating heated discussion among netizens.Recently, he posted a Weibo saying that due to excessive fatigue, chest tightness and palpitations, he was treated for compulsory treatment by the hospital and attracted attention again.On June 26, Zhang Xuefeng’s agent told the media that Zhang Xuefeng’s physical condition was "not a big deal, thank you for your concern."

The total box office of 2023 broke 25 billion yuan

According to the professional version of the lighthouse, as of 19:45 on June 25, the box office of 2023 officially exceeded 25 billion.In comparison, the total box office of 2022 was 30.67 billion.At present, the top three box office this year are "Manjiang Red", "Wandering Earth 2" and "Bear End of the" Bear "with" Bear ", with the box office of 4.544 billion yuan, 4.029 billion yuan and 1.495 billion yuan.

"Disappearing her" box office exceeds 700 million yuan

According to the professional version of the lighthouse, as of 00:00 on June 26, the real -time box office of the movie "Disappearing her" exceeded 700 million yuan in real -time box office, and became the tenth place in the box office list released in 2023.

Music drama "July and Ansheng" official announcement of the main creation lineup

According to the Chinese original musical "July and Ansheng", the main lineup of the Chinese original musical "July and Ansheng" is published.The play is the producer, composition, music director of the film version of "July and Ansheng" music composer, and has directed the drama "Examinee", "Pillow Man", the Chinese version of "Portrait of Doulin Gray" and other worksZhou Ke served as the screenwriter, director, and the famous noun as Fang Wenshan as the lyric.It is reported that the play will be staged in Shanghai China Theater from December 22, 2023 to January 1, 2024.

The TV series "Bright" renamed the fixed file

The TV series "Bright and Bright" starring Guo Jingfei, Ren Min, and Wang Yuan was renamed "The Day of Chasing Light".The director said that they pursued the real sense of the script, shooting style, and performance. I hope everyone can feel the power and light of youth through this story.

The online drama "Sand Dust Storm" kills youth

Director Tan Jiayan, producer of Gao Qunshu, and Zhao Dongling’s online drama "Sand Dust Storm" officially announced the killing and announced the full lineup.This drama is starring Duan Yihong, Wang Qi, Zhang Jianing, and Zhang Yao. The contemporary public security theme online drama starred by Yang Xinming and Huang Xiaolei was specially invited to kill together.Eliminate all difficulties, not afraid of sacrifice, and finally clear the haze and capture the true murderer.

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