June 21 "The War of Two Women" The children stole their household skills and the mothers collapsed.

The video is loaded … Niu and Zhao are good neighbors that help each other. Although the days are not rich, they are also happy.The trend of the knowledge of the knowledge of the mountains and the countryside swept the towns. Niu Shurong and Zhao Xinmei expressed their determination to go to the mountains and the countryside.In Kuroshan Tun, they fell in love with the handsome educated youth model Qi Wei.In various labor competitions, the emotional relationship between the three has disappeared and has been catalyzed by the outside world. Niu Shurong and Zhao Xinmei have also gained each other.In the end, Niu Shurong and Qi Wei married, but Zhao Xinmei married Niu Shurong’s brother Niu Chengguo.The death of the accident, Niu Shurong and Zhao Xinmei’s children Qi Shengnan and Niu fell in love with each other. The two women realized the true meaning of life and read the happiness index in harmony.Niu peace.

Episode 35

Qi Wei and Zhao Xinmei went to work in the parking lot and found that someone had charged there.Qi Wei and the man fought, and later learned that the parking lot was bought by Niu Chengguo and rented it to others.Zhao Xinmei was angry. Although Qi Wei was also very angry, he persuaded Zhao Xinmei reasonably and proposed to be a boss.Qi Wei and Zhao Xinmei mortgaged the house loan and opened the supermarket.Niu Chengguo saw that the two of them were happy, and their hearts could not help but lose some.

Niu Shurong and Niu Chengguo ate, and saw Qi Shengnan and Niu Zhan walking from the outside.Niu Shurong resolutely disagreed with Qi Shengnan and Niu Zheng. Qi Shengnan felt that Niu Shurong’s feelings were not handled well. Why did he care about her feelings, neither understanding and angry.At this time, Zhao Xinmei also forced Niu to compete for no longer contact Niu Chengguo.Qi Wei understood the feelings of Niu Zheng and Niu Chengguo, and spoke for Niu in front of Zhao Xinmei.

Niu Chengguo finds the cattle fight and talk about the cattle and Qi Shengnan, and learned that the emotional experience of the two children. In addition, because of his years of guilt caused by the love of the cow’s father, he expressed his decision to support Niu Zheng.At the same time, Niu Shurong secretly found Qi Wei, hoping that Qi Wei would persuade Qi Shengnan to break up with Niu.But like Niu Chengguo, Qi Wei was quickly moved by the child’s feelings, coupled with guilt of the children, and the problems of the elders who did not want the elders to affect the children’s minds.By.

Niu Chengguo and Qi Wei are preparing to get Niu Shurong and Zhao Xinmei, but no matter how they know the reason, there is no result. Niu Shurong and Zhao Xinmei are not loose.Episode 36

Faced with the opposition of mothers, Niu Zheng and Qi Shengnan had to start the second plan.Directly stole the hukou book to receive the marriage certificate, and cheated Niu Shurong and Zhao Xinmei to the hotel, and announced the good news of the two who became legal couples.

Niu Shurong and Zhao Xinmei helplessly agreed, but Zhao Xinmei was not allowed to win the man into her house.

Two years later.

Qi Shengnan was pregnant for four months and was already pregnant.Zhao Xinmei did not allow Qi Shengnan to enter the door, but he did not let Qi Shengnan and Niu compete for Niu Shurong to live, and Niu Zheng and Qi Shengnan were originally unwilling to live with their parents. The two were very happy to rent a house.But seeing that Qi Shengnan’s belly was getting bigger and bigger. After all, with his grandson, Zhao Xinmei couldn’t bear to let his grandson who had not been born lived in a house without heating, and proposed to move Qi Shengnan and Niu to move his home.

Zhao Zibo’s clerk is happy for a long time, but Zhao Zibo’s heart is still on Niu Shurong. The joy found Niu Shurong and said that he decided to pursue Zhao Zibo. Please Niu Shurong not to delay Zhao Zibo.

Qi Shengnan came to Zhao Xinmei’s house for the first time after marriage. Zhao Xinmei took charge of his head and booked a lot of rules for them. He also prevented Qi Shengnan and Niu Zheng’s Maldives a little honeymoon, which made Qi Shengnan very depressed.In view of Zhao Xinmei always had chest pain, Qi Shengnan was not good at attack. In addition, Qi Shengnan chose to endure silently.

At the same time, Qi Wei was not good. He distressed his daughter in pregnancy, but faced a woman like Zhao Xinmei with chest pain and was in menopause. Qi Wei could only endure silently like Qi Shengnan.

Niu Shurong knew that Qi Shengnan was uncomfortable in Zhao Xinmei’s family, and proposed to let Qi Shengnan and Niu Zheng buy his own good house.Henan Satellite TV, 19:30 every night!

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