Jixi three thousand gold!Luoyang Trillet Mother created a miracle for love for love

She was 1.5 meters tall. She was still busy in the shop at home when she was 7 months pregnant.And in her tall body, she was pregnant with trilogy. At the beginning, considering her physical condition, the doctor had suggested that she lose one or two babies, but as a mother, she was not willing to lose any child of her.In the end, life was risked and gave birth to a trilogy daughter.

"From the beginning of all kinds of ideas, all kinds of uncomfortableness, I have been worth it now, I hope we go home earlier!" This is a circle of friends, Wei Qianqian, a 29 -year -old trigger mother Wei Qianqian.On the 18th, she lived in Luoning County. She was born in a cesarean section in the New District Hospital of the First Affiliated District of the University of Science and Technology. Fortunately, four mothers and daughters are now safe.

Three months of pregnancy learned that she was twins in the abdomen, she was worried about her unexpectedly

Qianqian and her husband were born in 1991, and both grew up in rural areas in Luoning County.The young couple came to the county from the village two years ago to work hard and opened a courier and receiving point.Because both parents are in rural areas, their bodies are not good, and their families have a great burden.The two of them are greedy early every day, hoping to make more money to make up for their homes and give the elderly and children a better life.

"When I did a B -ultrasound in 3 months of pregnancy, I knew it was a triplet." Qian Qian said that when I was pregnant, my father was sick and hospitalized, and I was very busy in the store. I never went to the hospital for examination.It wasn’t until the B -ultrasound that she was pregnant with a trilogy, but after the doctor told her the news, she was unexpected and worried.

Because she had a daughter before, and the burden at home was heavy, and suddenly she had to have three more children. This made her and her husband who had a high income was very worried about the future. Considering that she was not very good at the time, the county was not very good.The doctor suggested that she come to the city to check again.

When Qianqian came to the New District Hospital of the First Affiliated Hospital of Hebei University, when she saw Xue Xiuzhen, director of the obstetrics, she heard something more surprising.

Faced with the advice of the doctor to let her reduce her fetal, she still chose to persist in danger of life.

Xue Xiuzhen told Qianqian that she was pregnant with a single chori membrane sac, which is usually called single -egg triple twins, because this is a three embryos that have been divided into eggs, so the three embryos share one placenta to the mother’s body for the mother bodyThe requirements are extremely high.Qianqian’s body is one meter or five meters, and the belly is not large. The three embryos sharing a placenta can easily cause complications of the mother and fetus, such as hypertension during pregnancy, anemia, etc.The probability of fetal abortion, premature birth, and maternal bleeding was also very high. At that time, Qianqian had anemia and had a great body burden.

When the doctor suggested that Qian Qian’s tire reduction, that is, when the three embryos were reduced by one or two, she firmly told the doctor that no matter what, the three children had to be given. After all, this is three small lives.She can’t give up as a mother.

Seeing Qian Qian so firm, Xue Xiuzhen repeatedly told her precautions during pregnancy, including the attention of dietary activities, anemia during pregnancy, prevention of hypertension during pregnancy and control of weight control, etc., and at least half a month must come to herOnce, when the maternal and infant conditions permit, the child can be guaranteed as long as possible to achieve as much as possible to achieve the pregnancy week of the fetal survival rate.

Although the trilogy that was told that she was pregnant may not come to the world smoothly, mother love made this 29 -year -old woman a strong power. She worked hard to protect the fetus and regularly came to the hospital for examination.Working in, until seven months of pregnancy, she worked in the store every day.

What makes Qianqian the most difficult is that at night, the more pregnancy, the burden of her belly, because she can’t sleep for two hours at night, she will wake up uncomfortably.The three fetuses supported the uterus too much and pushed to the bottom of her stomach, so that she couldn’t eat it, and it was very difficult every day.

Even if life is difficult in the future, she wants to fight for her daughter

On the evening of the 17th, Qian Qian suddenly appeared in contractions. When he was taken to the hospital overnight, he had complicated symptoms such as hypertension.At more than noon the next day, she was pushed to the operating room. After tens of minutes, she gave birth to the three twins. At this time, she was 34 weeks pregnant, which was only more than 8 months. The child was a premature infant.

Fortunately, the newborn scores of the three children are very good. Although the weight is only 1.7 kg, 1.9 kg, and 2 kg, the three children have 5.6 kg.In terms of, it is enough to be a huge burden.

"I did ‘semi -hemp’ during the operation, so my consciousness was sober. I heard three crying sounds. The nurse took the three children in front of me. I felt that the suffering of the past was worth it.It’s so. "Qian Qian said, his eyes were red.

"She is really lucky." Xue Xiuzhen said that for pregnant women with three babies, doctors generally recommend that they are reducing their tires.If you are willing to give up any child, you have to give birth to all three children.

However, Xue Xiuzhen reminded that Qianqian was able to give birth to three babies smoothly because her physical background was pretty good, and secondly she paid great attention to the inspection.Nevertheless, Xue Xiuzhen still wants to remind everyone that as the auxiliary reproductive technology is increasing, the situation of twins and twins is not uncommon. One day they sent seven polygons to the freshmen.Children include two pairs of twins and one pair of triggea.But what many people do not know is that twins, especially the complications brought by many twins, are risky. Once complications occur, the impact on maternal and infants is very great, and it is also a great burden on the family.

Today, Qian Qian is about to be discharged, but the three children still live in the newborn department.Qianqian said that the cost of three children a day is thousands of dollars, and the future of the future may be difficult, but the child grows up safely is her greatest wish.(Luo Bao Mercy Reporter Li Lijin)

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