Jinjiang stealing springfish pregnant motherfish will not let go!Don’t you know it is a ban on fishing?

On March 2nd, in the Jinjiang River, Xinnanmen, Chengdu, fishermen fishes a big fish.

I complain:

Recently, Chengdu has entered the ban on fishing. I saw that many people still fishing by the Jinjiang River, which has a bad impact on the ecology.

In spring, carp and catfish also pregnant with "baby fish".Starting in early February, as the spawning period of the fish came, the major natural waters in Chengdu also entered a three -month -old fishing period.

On March 1, a reporter from Huaxi Metropolis Daily visited the Chengdu Laonanmen Bridge to Xing’an Bridge section, and found that many people were still stealing the Jinjiang fish.Most fishermen say that they can catch several pounds in a few hours, and some people can even catch more than 20 pounds and then send them to the market.Although it is known that the fisheries are currently banned, some fishermen will still put them in the fishing net for the "pregnancy" female fish.

In this regard, law enforcement officers said that the maximum fine of 50,000 yuan for severe violations of fisheries and feding frying fish and poisonous fish can be investigated for their criminal responsibility for illegal means.

Stealing fisherman/

Turn over the guardrail and throw a rod nearly 2 pounds of "big belly" fish fishing away

At 4 pm on March 1st, after Li Hao (pseudonym) came home from work, he began to clean up the fishing tackle, then rode a battery car, and went to the usual fishing point -Xinnanmen Bridge to the Jinjiang River section of the Laonanmen Bridge.Fishing life that day.

Because there is a fence in the river bank, in order to find a good fishing point, he turned over the fence, took out two fishing rods at the ladder near the river, put on fishing bait and sprinkled fish, and threw the fish hook into the river.

"Mainly passing the time, sometimes you can add a dish, or take it home to raise it." Li Hao said that a year ago, he followed the fisherman of the Jinjiang River to start learning fishing, and later became a habit.As long as he is free, he often appears to fish near Binjiang Middle Road.

At 5 pm, while talking to reporters, Li Hao had caught a yellow koi.

In less than 20 minutes, he kept paying attention to the changes in the buoy and the fish line, and suddenly hurried the fishing rod, and then a large fish scratched the arc on the river.Another fisherman on the side hurried forward to help drag the fish.

"Well, it is a mother fish with fish." The fishing fish was obviously large. Li Hao took a weighing, nearly 2 pounds, and then quickly collected the fish.

After 6 pm on March 1st, the reporter walked along the Laonanmen Bridge river section and walked all the way to the Xing’an Bridge section. He found 4 stealing fishermen who hid on the shore that was not easily found and fishing with a pole.Some fishermen have gained a lot, while others can’t see fish shadows for a long time."Ready to get back." Mr. Zhang said that he came to catch it for more than 3 hours, but his luck was a little back, and he only caught 2 fish.

When you catch these fish, Mr. Zhang rarely eats it. Generally, he is placed at home to play, but there are also professional fishermen fishing here. "There are professional fishing for a long time there.After dinner, come out to catch a night, and there is no problem to catch more than 20 catties. "

Regarding whether to know that it is currently a ban period, Mr. Zhang claims to "know" and find that fewer people in fishing have become less.

Fishing gear shop/

Most fishermen consciously collect the rods recently.

The owner of a large fishing gear shop in Hongxing Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu lamented that there were fewer people who recently came to buy things in the store.

"This period of time is forbidden fishing in spring, and many people have taken the poles." The boss told reporters that most fishermen are conscious. After all, it is a day when fish spawns.

Law Enforcement Team/

Increase the patrol of natural waters to fish for fishing can go to artificial ponds

According to the staff of the Chengdu Agricultural Commission’s Agricultural Comprehensive Law Enforcement Corps, in order to protect aquatic resources, from February 1st to April 30th, Chengdu entered a three -month -old fishing period for three months.In the meantime, any unit or individual is prohibited from fishing, swimming fishing in natural waters."We found several stolen fishing before, and they were persuaded on the spot." The staff member said that they have also increased the patrol efforts of natural waters such as Jinjiang.If you pay a fine of 50,000 yuan and use illegal means to fried fish and poisonous fish, he may investigate its criminal responsibility.

For citizens who especially want to fish, the staff suggested that they can go to the nearby farmhouse and other artificial fish farming land for fishing.West China Metropolis Daily reporter Yang Li Photography Wu Xiaochuan

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