Jiangxi men said that the 16 -year -old pregnant girlfriend was lost. The local women’s federation: girls are not locals, and they are over 16 years old.

Top news reporter Yang Xiaoyan

On May 7, the 27 -year -old Jiangxi man issued a post to find his 16 -year -old pregnant girlfriend news caused heated discussion. The man released a dynamic on May 5th that his girlfriend was lost, and he left at two o’clock on May 5th.And announced the alarm record.

In the personal dynamics of the men’s account, many photos of girls have been exposed. Many netizens questioned that the man lived with a 16 -year -old girl and asked if he was engaged and married with the girl. In this regard, the man responded: the two were introduced by the matchmaker.The two sides have agreed that the girl’s parents received a gift.

On the evening of the 7th, the man’s account was banned by the platform, and the relevant dynamics released were not visible. The top news reporters could no longer be found according to their account search.Some netizens said that if the man posted a video, the girl was suspected of rape the young girl before the age of 16 or she was pregnant?

According to the alarm phone announced by the man, the police police station was the Jianchang Police Station of the Nancheng County Public Security Bureau of Fuzhou, Jiangxi. On May 8th, the top news reporter contacted the police station to consult the girl if they were lost in the local area. The staff responded: "Our sideIt is following the matter. "As for whether the girl was pregnant, the staff said that the specific situation was not convenient to disclose, and it was recommended to consult the publicity department of the county party committee.

At noon on the 8th, the top news reporter contacted the Propaganda Department of the Nancheng County Party Committee. The staff said: "The county is dealing with it. In the following, I am not very clear about the girl’s situation."

Later, the reporter contacted the Women’s Federation of Nancheng County. The staff said that on the evening of the 7th, the masses had reported the matter to the Women’s Federation. "We asked Jianchang Police Station. The reply was under investigation., I am still investigating. "

Regarding the information related to the 16 -year -old pregnancy of girls, the staff of the Women’s Federation responded: "When the police responded to this man and the girl talked about friends, the girl was 16 years old. Now she is more than 16 years old. Other details are still investigating.No disclosure. "

After almost 3 days, do the girl find it?On the 8th, a reporter from the top repeatedly contacted the Nancheng County Public Security Bureau. As of the press release, no one answered the phone.

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