Jiangsu Botanical Woman was unconscious for four months, and suddenly his stomach became larger. The doctor was pregnant as soon as he checked

On that day, Gao Dejin, who was notified by the doctor, came to the hospital again with a stunned mood.He didn’t know what kind of news would be waiting for him this time.

"You are Zhang Rongxiang’s husband? Your wife has been pregnant for four months." When he heard the doctor said, Gaodejin stayed in place.

"But my wife, isn’t she a vegetative? She is pregnant?" When she heard the news, Gaodejin couldn’t figure out the situation.Not only him, the doctor who was mainly responsible for Zhang Rongxiang was very surprised when he heard it.

The hospital hurriedly informed the patient’s family to have the beginning of the beginning.

After listening to the doctor’s explanation, Gaodejin reacted, and his wife was pregnant a month before the accident.Because of the accident that happened later, the news was not discovered and informed of his family members of the patient until today.

A few months ago, he was not as familiar as he is now.This hospital is just an ordinary road sign that he passes on the road.

Tragedy happened during a day.He went out on the three -wheeled car at home, and his wife and daughter happened to go out, so the family sat together.On the way, they chatted and joked as usual as usual, talking about the happy things that happened recently.Enjoy this harmonious family time together.

However, they did not expect that they had taken the road countless times at this family.The trick of destiny will cause their subsequent life into endless pain.The accident happened.Come to galloping a van on the face, and the car was full of goods, and the car could not stop at all, and the tricycle hit the tricycle directly on the spot.

This Lu Gordan often walks. At this point, there are no cars passing by here.Even if there are cars, there are basically some cars such as tricycles and electric vehicles.And the speed of those vehicles will not be too fast, even if they encounter it, there will be no danger.

The road here is a bit remote, and cars generally do not walk from here.However, the experience formed in the past was established today.In order to coax her daughter, Gaodejin’s speed is very fast.When passing through the intersection, he hit directly with a flying sedan.

After the accident, the driver of the car was tied to the seat belt, and the airbags on the car popped out in time when the two cars collided. The driver himself was not a big deal.

When the two cars collided, the three mouths on the tricycle flew out almost directly.They all fell to the ground.The driver saw a family of four in the small tricycle injured because of a car accident, and he was unhappy, and he was guilty and was very anxious. He was afraid that the collision would directly hit his life.

The Gaodejin family was not so lucky. As a driver, he was not fell lightly. He was worried that his wife and daughter in the back seat could not care about the pain on his body and quickly got up to check.In order to protect her daughter, the wife strongly supported her shoulders. In the end, her two daughters were safe and sound, but the wife was hit directly out.

After flying out, his back of his head hit the road directly. Her head was seriously injured, and now the whole person has lost consciousness.

After sending people to the hospital, the Gaodejin family was inspected.There are many soft tissues in Gaodeka, and there are several local fractures.Most of the two daughters were scarred, and it was not a big deal.The most serious is his wife Zhang Rongxiang.

In the hospital, Zhang Rongxiang was directly sent to the emergency room for rescue.Faced with the patient doctors who are in dangerous, do their best to treat the patients,

However, although the doctor worked hard and conducted a series of inspections and treatment of Zhang Rongxiang, her situation did not show signs of improvement.Ten hours of nervous rescue did not change Zhang Rongxiang’s unconscious state.Facing the family members of patients who are waiting outside and hopeful.The doctor told them the patient’s condition helplessly.

"The impact at that time directly caused severe damage to his brain. After the name of rescue patients was kept, it could be awake in the future. It may not be necessarily."

After a few days of observations, Zhang Rongxiang did not show any signs of soberness.In the end, the doctors announced that Zhang Rongxiang had been in a long -term coma and became a "vegetative". The news was like a thunderstorm and pressed heavily on Gaodejin’s mind.

In the face of his wife’s coma, Gaodejin was very sad.Although he didn’t know if his wife would wake up, he would not give up his wife who accompanied him for many years and gave himself a child who had children.He stayed in front of Zhang Rongxiang’s bed every day, held her hand, took care of her, gave her some liquid food, and wiped him.Taking care of her meticulous.

In that traffic accident, the accident determination of the police judged the same responsibility in the accident.The car owner of the car knew that his family had difficulties after the accident and did not escape the problem. He prepared a sum of money as a compensation for the accident to Gaodejin.

With this than money, adding a meager home with your home.It should be able to support it for a while.In order to maintain his wife’s medical expenses and the living expenditure of this family, the injury on Gaodejin had just recovered, and he hurried out to drive the repair three rounds of shipments to earn money.

On that day, after receiving a call from the hospital, Gao Degang put down his work.Hurried to the hospital all the way.Then he heard the news that the doctor brought to him, his wife was four months pregnant.

The doctor said that the child was very strong, and it was reasonable to say that when the accident occurred, he should be flowed.But he has been discovered until today.It is also a miracle.

When he heard this, Gaodejin was quite happy.His child must be so strong in the future.But the doctor’s next words were directly split in Gaodejin like a thunder.

"Although this is a strong child, I still hope you can consider it carefully for your child’s stay." In the face of the puzzled Dr. Gaodejin explained that during the hospitalization, because the hospital did not know that Zhang Rongxiang was pregnantCase.The medicine used in the process of treating her may have an impact on the fetus in the patient’s body.

At the same time, pregnancy is also a burden on pregnant women himself.When you are pregnant, you will consume a lot of energy from the human body.However, Zhang Rongxiang was in a coma at this time, and she could not eat itself. Nutrition that could be absorbed was limited.The body is very fragile.

And if you choose not to have this child, undergoing abortion surgery in this state may also cause unpredictable risks.After all, after pregnancy, it became a vegetative. This hospital also encountered such a situation for the first time. They could only inform the family members of the patients that they might face the risks that they might face, and let their family members make corresponding judgments according to the situation.

Gaodejin listened to the doctor’s explanation, and his heart was full of endless pain and helplessness.He didn’t know how to make a choice.After returning to his wife’s ward, he could only hold Zhang Rongxiang’s hand tightly, telling her that the news just heard from the doctor, he looked at Zhang Rongxiang’s eyes revealing firmness and infinite love.He told the message of the coma, how much he hoped his wife could make a choice with himself.

He also understands that at this time, choosing to flow away through abortion surgery is a very dangerous decision for patients.However, for their families.The decision he will make will not only be related to the stay of one life, but also the future of their family.

Gaodejin stared at his wife Zhang Rongxiang’s thinner body after a long coma. He deeply understood that her state could not make any decision at this moment.She was lying in a sense of unconsciousness like this to make him feel like a knife. How much he hoped that she could wake up and opened her eyes again to see the beautiful scenery of the world.

Faced with the child’s removal, Gaodejin also knows that the child’s health and future should be considered.There is also the physical condition of his daughter -in -law. In the face of this contradictory choice, Gaodejin has been thinking for a long time.In the end, a difficult and cautious decision was made.He decided to respect the existence of life and leave this tenacious life. The arrival of this child seemed to have a miracle for their family.

No matter how difficult it is in the future, he will do his best to strive for more time for Zhang Rongxiang and his children.He believes that this child is still working hard under such circumstances, and it must be full of expectations for the outside society.Moreover, the existence of each life is valuable, and he believes in the existence of miracles.

Gaodekin chose to leave this child, and the hospital also stated that he would do his best to ensure the safety of pregnant women and fetuses.But to ensure the health of Zhang Rongxiang, who has become a vegetative, and ensure the safety of the child. This huge expenditure causes Gaodejin’s headache.The relatives of the family have been borrowed by him, and the savings of his family have been used again.

As a last resort, he had another president of the car accident to court and asked for compensation.This time he received a lot of compensation, but the court also made a judgment, telling Gaodejin that he would not find the owner to ask for compensation.

With money, medical expenses were settled, and Gaodejin did not continue to entangle.

He began to take care of his wife and children.The wife’s belly is bigger a day, but the body is getting thinner and thinner. He knows that his wife can only rely on injection nutrient solution to maintain life every day.Maintain the most basic life signs of patients.It is impossible to replace the nourishment that normal eating can bring to the human body.

As the month gradually became bigger, the wife’s body seemed to become thinner.Faced with such a difficult time, Gaodekin’s decision on his once began to shake.Compared with the children who have not yet been born, he is even more reluctant to see his wife continue to hurt during the process of pregnancy, and may even leave from his life forever.His wife may leave his idea of hovering in his heart, and he fell into a painful struggle again.

There was no way, Gaodejin had to take care of everything about his wife.

Finally, the due date is here.Zhang Rongxiang, who was also maintained in the state of the plant man, was pushed into the operating room.

Gao Degin and his two daughters stood outside the operating room that looked at the lights that had been on. They could not do anything except waiting and praying.

When there are so many experts, my mother will be fine.Their eldest daughter comforts herself and his father.Because Zhang Rongxiang’s situation is very rare, many experts and scholars participated in this operation.This made the Gaodejin family see a lot of hope.Over the passage of time, the door of the operating room was pushed away, and they took out a cricket with a newborn baby.

The baby was still crying, and the crying sound seemed to have a natural facial in the ears of the Gaodejin family.Just see the child, what about the situation of the maternal?Gao Dekin was anxious, but he did not see Zhang Rongxiang being pushed out.He had to be nervous like a nurse and asked, "My wife is like."

Rest assured, there are so many experts, she has no problem with the patient.After knowing the news, Gaodejin took his breath.It’s okay.

He held his child in front of his wife’s hospital bed, hoping that his wife could open his eyes to see himself and the child.But Zhang Rongxiang did not respond to his swap.

Although there was no response every call, Gaodejin was still happy with his son to talk to his wife.During this period, the child born in miracles also grew up day by day.Gradually he would leave, and he was also in the grade of learning.In addition to Dad and sister, Gaodejin’s longest taught children to shout, mother.

On the past day, the son was able to run on the ground very smoothly, and even when Gaodejin was taking care of his wife, he could help a little bit.

Just when Gaodejin thought it would continue to be like this, a miracle happened once.That day, he said what happened recently as his wife’s ears.The son shouted his mother with a loud voice and asked his mother if he couldn’t wake up.

When his son called his mother, he saw his wife’s fingers move.It was very light, he thought he was dazzling.When I continued to watch, I saw my wife’s eyelids moved.He then saw those familiar eyes.

After a long waiting, Zhang Rongxiang woke up.Gao Dejin looked at his wife’s eyes and stunned directly.He was ecstatic when he reacted.Quickly shouted the doctor to check his wife’s condition.

Seeing Zhang Rongxiang woke up, even the doctor lamented that what happened to the family was a miracle.The person who waited for a long time finally woke up, Gaodekin couldn’t control his emotions, and he only wiped tears.

After a period of support, Zhang Rongxiang could be discharged.She left the hospital’s ward and stepped into the sunny world.Although she still needs to adjust well, she is full of confidence and hope.She knows that her family’s company and care will become the source of her recovery power, and the family finally reunited again.

When others can’t be busy, they will also take care of their mother and make their own small power for this family.

Today’s Zhang Rongxiang’s body has completely recovered and has become a normal person.After so long for a long time, she can finally walk normally to coach her child.More importantly, whenever Gaodejin goes home, he has a long -lost abundant dinner on the table.He knew that someone would wait for him to come back.

Their family has experienced too many ups and downs together to come to such a happy situation today.Their efforts make God all move.

In the days when Zhang Rongxiang was unconscious, although she had been sleeping and could not respond to the surrounding things, she also knew clearly that she had made how much effort she had made for all her husband today.

Today, the members of the family, life and joy, and in the days of the future, no matter what difficulties and challenges they encounter, they can support each other and overcome them together.Their stories will continue to write. Whether it is stormy or calm, they will depend on each other and create a happy and warm home.

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