It’s okay after giving birth?Most pregnant mothers want to be asked about this blushing problem by the nurse, have you experienced it?

From pregnancy to giving birth to baby, embarrassing things are really a basket: examination during pregnancy, and the process of giving birth to the baby has made pregnant mothers blushing again and again.Waiting for yourself …

Xiaohong produced a few days ago. The mother and son were safe. I thought that after giving birth to a baby, even if the embarrassment during pregnancy was finished, I did not expect that the nurse would come over for a while to ask Xiaohong: Did you urinate?How many times?How much is urine?

Xiao Hong feels that it is embarrassing and strange: Why do you even ask if he peees such a private thing?And I have to ask so detailed.

In fact, this problem seems meaningless, but it is related to the health of Bao Ma:

Extractional anesthesia, first maternal maternal, equipment auxiliary delivery and perineal cutting can be damaged during the childbirth process, resulting in difficulty in postpartum urination.

Therefore, in order to avoid postpartum urine retention, the nurse will not tirelessly ask the mother’s urination. If the vaginal delivery is within 6 hours after the cesarean section is removed without spontaneous urination within 6 hours, or after the patient spontaneously urinate, the patient’s urination, and the patient’s urination is spontaneous.It is called a postpartum urine retention by the urinary residual urine volume of the bladder residual urine more than equal to 150ml through the urethral or ultrasonic examination.

Therefore, in order to recover as soon as possible after giving birth, Moms do not feel embarrassed, and tell the nurse as much as possible to tell the nurse’s urination.

It is not very comfortable to intercept ureteral urination. Moms can try to take the following measures to urinate as much as possible:

1. Create a comfortable urination environment

Either the delivery room or the bathroom, and create a private, comfortable urination environment for the mother as much as possible. Several eyes are staring around.Be careful.

2. induced urine

A comfortable urination posture, applying a small belly with warm towels, listening to water flowing and whistle, etc. As long as the method of urination can be used to have desire to urinate, you can try to relax as much as possible.

If you can’t urinate by yourself, Baoma needs to ask doctors and nurse as soon as possible, and you need to adopt urine.

Therefore, for their own health, Baoma should not feel embarrassed. In the face of the nurse’s inquiry, answer as much as possible, if you want to guide the urethra, you can cooperate as much as possible.

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