It’s hot, eat less fruits, eat more red beans, make a refrigerator once, and eat with Napit.

Hello everyone, I am Xiao Ping, a mother who likes to study food in the kitchen, share simple ingredients, often practices, and feel the taste of the family.Fireworks in the world, three meals a day, like to pay attention to the smell of fireworks.It’s hot, eat less fruits and eat it more.

What is better to eat in summer?In many people’s eyes, although eating meat is rich in protein, the meat is relatively greasy. It also needs to consume protein. Many people choose to eat beans instead of eating meat."Eating buds in spring, eating beans in summer, eating fruit in autumn, and eating roots in winter", eating beans in summer is better than eating meat.In fact, this is also conforming to the laws of nature. The summer weather is hot and the sun is sufficient, which is very suitable for the growth of beans.

There are many beans in summer, such as black beans, soybeans, four seasons, long beans, and red beans, mung beans and so on.There are differences in the cooking methods of different beans, but there will be a lot of nutrition.The protein contained in beans is high and good quality. Its nutritional value is close to animal protein and is the best plant protein.

In addition, eating cold drinks in summer, blowing fans, and blowing air -conditioned moisture can easily run into the body. Over time, the body is heavy in the body.At this time, we can eat more red beans, and red dates have the benefits of removing dampness and qi.There are many ways to eat red beans and red dates. You can boil porridge after brewing, appetizing and strengthening the spleen and stomach.For office workers, you can get up early to cook rice every day. If there is a simple, high nutrition, and full -full food, it can be used as breakfast, which is best.

So today we will share this food. The ingredients and methods are very simple. The main choice is red beans and red dates. Both of them have the benefits of nourishing qi and dampness.After washing the ingredients, cook a large pot, and then do not need to get up early for breakfast for more than half a month. It has high nutrition and strong sense of fullness.This food is very friendly to female friends.If you like it too, remember to collect it.

Prepare ingredients:

Red beans, red dates, raisins, glutinous rice flour (you can also use your favorite nuts to add)

specific methods:

1. Red beans are dried and are not easy to cook; soak the red beans in water for 5 hours in advance, or soak it one night in advance. The soaked red beans are easier to cook.Red beans are soaked by about 1.5 times larger than the original. If you use it directly, it can be soaked in it.Grab a look at your hand, each is full and clear, very good.

2. Next, we will start dealing with red beans. Cooking red beans is the prerequisite for this food, but red beans simply cook with ordinary pots and cook for 1-2 hours.Therefore, we can boil with a high -pressure cooker. Using the pressure of a high -pressure cooker, we can cook red beans as soon as possible.Put the soaked red beans in a high -pressure cooker, add water without red beans, cover the lid, open the gas, wait for the high -pressure cooker to get in the low pressure cooker, and then keep the fire in small and cook for another 5 minutes.After turning off the heat, simmer for 5 minutes in the pot.

3. Put the red dates into the water and wash it. When washing the red dates, add some flour to better remove the dust on the surface. After washing the red dates, cut it into a detailed segment with scissors, and cut it in the plate.The raisins are also put into the water and clean, and they are also poured into the basin together.After the red beans are cooked, they are also put into the dish. Add glutinous rice flour in a small amount and stir them with their hands.

4. Use your hand to put the handled ingredients, take out the appropriate amount and put it on the palm of your hand. Hold it with your hands, and pinch it into a group shape, just like the state below.As long as it can be pinched into a group, so the glutinous rice flour that was added at the beginning does not need a lot;

5. The pinching red bean balls are placed in the plate, put an appropriate amount of glutinous rice flour in the plate, roll the red bean balls back and forth for two times until the surface is wrapped in a thick layer of glutinous rice flour;

6. Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot. After the water in the pot is boiled, put the treated red bean balls on the steamer, and then boil it for 20-25 minutes.After steaming the color of the red bean ball, you can pinch it with your hands, and you can press it soon.

A fresh and delicious red bean ball is completed. After the pan is out of the pan, the red bean ball is delicious, soft and glutinous, and the taste is very good.Eat it once, then put it in a fresh -keeping bag and refrigerate in the refrigerator.Take out breakfast and cook it in a pot.Eat less meat in summer and try this red bean method, which is extremely nutritious.

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I am Xiao Ping, an original author in the food field, and make a good taste with daily ordinary ingredients.If you are still worrying about what you eat every day, you may wish to pay attention to me and explore food together. I will also share a home -cooked dish every day so that you will not get lost on the way to eat.I hope that the cute you will continue to pay attention to me, like my work, move your fortune hand to like the collection, and leave your valuable opinions, thank you!

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