It’s a pity that women who don’t go to work when they are pregnant. These three benefits are missing this way

Nowadays, it is not easy for a baby to be pregnant. Some families have a child for a few years, so they attach great importance to pregnant women. Once I am pregnantOr leisurely work is willing to give up and keep your fetus at home.

However, sometimes not working at home does not mean that pregnant mothers mean, but the thoughts of the elderly in the family. They will feel that pregnancy will be raised, so that the baby in the stomach can be strong, and it is good to be born.

Friends Xiaojun has a job that makes us envy. At the end of the year, the bonus was often traveling. When we encountered the festival, we ate at home.However, the only regret in her family was that she had no children for three years.

Just this weekend, we gathered together, and she suddenly announced to resign with us. At first we thought she had developed better. It turned out to be pregnant.

Pregnant pregnancy was a happy thing, but I heard that we were resigned. It is a pity for her. Such a good job is still what her family helps to fight for it.

She said that she was unwilling to give up. The old man at home asked her to do so. Her mother -in -law said that the child was not easy, but it was relieved to spend the whole pregnancy at home.Lack of this point she earned.

If I want to say, she should not agree that when she allows her body, she should stick to work, and giving up work means a lot of benefits.

1. Waste maternity leave

Women have more than 3 months of maternity leave after pregnancy, and some salary can be obtained during maternity leave. If the work is easy, it is easy to stick to the end.

According to the "Special Regulations for Women’s Workers’ Labor Protection": Basic maternity leave for 98 days, of which 15 days can be vacated before childbirth; 15 days of increasing maternity leave for dystocia; 15 days of maternity leave for each additional twins.

In addition, pregnant mothers can also take vacations from the company in advance, such as suspension of salary and vacation in advance. As long as the company is willing to agree, there is no need to resign.

After all, there will be many difficulties in returning to the workplace after resigning. First of all, there are people who have replaced you in the job. Secondly, the original colleagues have new partners, and they have no previous enthusiasm for you.

My cousin is very smart. She is an office clerk. She was still at work until the day before the due date. The day she had a child from the company to the hospital.The month only went to work. At that time, the child could let go of others, and there was no need to entangle the mother all day.

2. Waste the opportunity to communicate with others

After pregnancy, the mood of pregnant mothers will often fall repeatedly due to hormone reasons. It is even harder to let the emotions vent if it is at home. At this time, it really needs the opening of others.

If you have a job, you usually go to the company, and you can alleviate a bunch of trivial matters. When you encounter unhappy, you can chat with colleagues. The suggestions they give will be released.Understanding the trend, there are many topics with her husband.

3. Waste good time management

After pregnancy, a regular life can make the fetus grow healthier, but if the pregnant mother does not go to work at home, it will make the original regular life turned black and white, and stay up late at night during the day.

Neighbors Xiaoyan had a fetus at home after pregnancy. A person who was originally thinner had a lot of pounds less than 5 months of pregnancy, but the baby in the stomach did not grow, and the meat was on his body.

It turned out that she had nothing to do at home all day long. What she could do was lying chasing the drama, eating snacks and supper, and often stayed up late, because she slept too much during the day and couldn’t sleep at night.

Irregular life and bad living habits made her fat accumulation, and it also affected the development of the fetus. Until the baby was born, she could see that the child’s sleep was very bad and often got up in the middle of the night.

Of course, there are also some reasons for pregnant mothers to go to work. For example, pregnancy vomiting is the direct cause of pregnant mothers who do not want to go to work. Pregnancy can make pregnant mothers unable to lift their spirit, eat it, and uncomfortable on the occasion.I also want to lie down at home, hiding from seeing people.

There are also some pregnant mothers’ working environments that are not suitable for continuing to work, such as chemical work, noisy places, etc., staying in these places for a long time, on the one hand, it will make the pregnant mother feel bad, on the one hand, it will affect the development of the fetus.

To put it simply, as long as the body allows and environmental permission, it is more meaningful to go to work than not at work. Going to work will make pregnant mothers feel that they are not abandoned by society, let alone worry about the fetal development in the belly every day and become nervous.Xi, and at work, you can make the pregnant mother dress beautifully every day, don’t have to be as stunning as at home. Looking at the clean and tidy self in front of him, you will feel much more comfortable.

Text: Abu Ti said that childcare

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