Itchy nipples?These 4 symptoms, please seek medical treatment in time

Breast cancer is not only manifested by mass. If the skin around the breast or nipples is abnormal, it is necessary to be careful!A 60 -year -old woman always feels that the nipple itchy is unbearable, and it is still very itchy when she caught the skin. Although it improved after rubbing the ointment, it took more than half a year after the ointment.When the mother was seek medical treatment, the doctor felt that the affected department was not simple. After arranging the examination, the "Bai Zhe’s disease" was diagnosed.

Itching, ulceration, and desquamation of Bozhe’s nipples and areolas are prone to appear

During the outpatient clinic, the doctor arranged to organize a tissue section test to determine the diagnosis during the organizational puncture needle. After confirmation, the surgery was arranged.Doctors have a basis to judge the scope of removal of the lesion, and successfully remove the malignant tumor to clean the malignant tumors.

Deputy Dean of Qishan Hospital Chen Zhizhi supports Nantou Hospital’s breast surgery that the main characteristics of Paget’s Disease are the skin around the breast, especially the symptoms of itching, ulceration, and desquamation of nipple and areolas, and it is easy to mistake it.Skin diseases such as eczema.

Phase 0 breast cancer hormonal drug treatment reduces cancer recurrence

After the cooperation of professional teams in medical cross -sectors, the surgery is successful, and patients also allow patients to undergo surgery again in a short period of time.The remaining tissue after the frozen section also continues to conduct conventional pathological sliced slices and biomarkers.Dr. Huang Xinjie, Surgery of Nantou Hospital, said that the pathological report of the patient was displayed as a phase 0 breast cancer, and the estrogen receptor (ER) was positive, so hormonal drug treatment would be arranged in the future to reduce the chance of recurrence of breast cancer.

The reasons for itching of the nipples are more unable to relieve the treatment should be treated as soon as possible

Dr. Huang Xinjie reminded that itchy nipple itching may be skin inflammation, underwear cleaning problems, or underwear for too long and have not changed mold; however, if the symptoms are not relieved after using drugs or after changing underwear, it will continue to itch or not, etc.It is recommended that the hospital’s evaluation arrangement will be checked for further examination, otherwise it will wait until the breasts are swollen, painful, and even bleed and pus to come to the hospital. At that time, most of them were already cancer.Essence

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