Itching of the belly, do not care about pregnant women who are hospitalized!Six categories should be vigilant

Six types of pregnant women should be checked in time

Pileposoma in the liver during pregnancy

Most expectant mothers have itchy belly. The causes of itching during pregnancy are complicated. Common ones are eczema, dermatitis, allergies, stretch marks, etc., which generally will not affect the fetus.As everyone knows, there is a disease that is mainly manifested by itching of the belly — the intrahepatic chilled stasis (ICP) during pregnancy, which is likely to cause the child to die in the palace.

Ms. He, who was only pregnant for 22 weeks, was unfortunately suffered from the disease and faced the threat of the fetal death palace. She needs to be observed for a long time.The deputy chief physician of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Hangzhou Red Cross Hospital reminded expectant mothers that the belly itching during pregnancy should first check the ICP.

The belly is itchy enough to sleep

Ms. He is 40 years old and has a 12 -year -old daughter.Beginning last month, she found itchy hands and feet, and always couldn’t help scratching, thinking that it was caused by the change of the season, and she didn’t take it to heart.Recently, Ms. He’s belly has begun to itch, and she can’t even sleep at night.

A few days ago, she told the doctor about her symptoms while the inspection of the birth check.

"Ms. He’s total bile acid is 21.4 μmol/L. Normal people are 0-12 μmol/L. Glycolic acid is 6 times more than ordinary people. It is finally diagnosed with ICP.Postpartum hemorrhage, asymptomatic fetal death palace, neonatal intracranial hemorrhage, etc. "Dr. Wang Lihui, who was diagnosed with her, pointed at the two indicators on the test sheet.

According to Dr. Wang Lihui, ICP is a unique complications of pregnancy. Most of them occur in mothers in the middle and late pregnancy. Pregnant women who are common in 34 weeks, the earlier, the more severe the illness.Therefore, the early discovery of ICP is very important.

Related to suffering from gallstones

ICP clinical symptoms are mainly skin itching.Itching generally begins with palms and feet, which can extend to the limbs and even develop to the face.The degree of itching is also different. Some can be slight, accidental itching, or severe systemic itching, often heavier at night, and can develop to the degree of unshanding.Symptoms can occur in severe cases, and a few patients will also experience symptoms such as fatigue, diarrhea, and abdominal distension.Dr. Wang Lihui said that pregnant women have the above symptoms.

"There are also a few people who have not had itching symptoms, but they are still found to have ICP. Therefore, if pregnant women are found to be abnormal, they must be more vigilant when they find that there are abnormal gam acid and total bile acid." Dr. Wang Lihui emphasized.

At present, Ms. He has been hospitalized.According to the doctor’s judgment, Ms. He suffered from ICP and she was an elderly pregnant woman. In addition, she had done gallbladder resection due to gallstones.

Six types of pregnant women need to be vigilant

However, itching of the skin may also be an accompanimental symptom of the enlarged belly, or the existing skin disease before pregnancy.

Dr. Wang Lihui pointed out that the following six types of pregnant women need to be vigilant.First, age is greater than 35 years old; second, there are chronic hepatobiliary diseases, such as hepatitis C, non -alcoholic liver cirrhosis, gallstones, cholecystitis, non -alcoholic pancreatitis; third, the family has ICP; the fourth is the pre -pregnancyFor ICP, the recurrence rate of ICP again is 40%-70%; fifth is to conceive twins or multiple twins; sixth is to help pregnancy through assisted reproductive technology.

If pregnant women have the above high -risk factors and itching of the skin, they should be more vigilant. They should go to the hospital for relevant examinations as soon as possible to check whether ICP.

In addition, do not despise the itching of the belly of the belly, and do not talk about the changes in the disease because of this. It is also important to maintain a positive and pleasant mood.In the case of excluding diseases such as ICP, the skin itching caused by other reasons for pregnant women, Dr. Wang Lihui recommends that mild skin cleansing products can be relieved, and nourishing skin care products can usually be applied.If itching symptoms affect daily routine, do not take medicine without authorization, beware of fetal malformations or medicinal dermatitis, or you should see it in time.

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