It turns out that fetal dreams are not exclusive to pregnant mothers, and many husbands will also have

Everyone is particularly familiar with fetal dreams, but every time you mention the baby dream, everyone will subconsciously think that this is a dream that pregnant moms will have. In fact, the dream of fetal dreams is not exclusive to pregnant mothers!Many prospective dads also have fetal dreams, and it is said that the birth dreams of expectant dads are more accurate than pregnant moms.

[Fetal dream is not exclusive to pregnant mothers, many husbands will also have]

Regarding fetal dreams, there is no rigorous scientific basis that can prove that this phenomenon is inevitable with reality.However, it is certain that you can dream of dreamed of dreamer, you will have a dream, because even if you fall asleep, your heart is still thinking about breeding related things.Therefore, if your husband’s heart has always thought about pregnant mommy and baby, then he will have a dream dream at night!

Investigation research shows that the dream of prospective dad has a certain relationship with the birth cycle.In the early pregnancy, the sexual dreams of prospective dad will have a little more sexual dreams than usual. The reason may be that after pregnancy, the pregnant mommy cannot give the prospective dad too much love in this regard.However, after the second trimester, as the pregnant mother’s belly continues to increase, the dream of the prospective father will increase, and often dreams of playing with a child.

[Has your husband had a baby dream?What does it look like?.

@花: I can’t say such things like a baby dream.I remember when I was pregnant, I often dreamed of male treasures and snakes. My mother -in -law said that the snake was a boy, and you must be a boy.As a result, before going to bed at night, my husband suddenly said to me, "Wife, will you be pregnant with a girl? I have dreamed for a while, and I always dream of playing with a little girl.It is a girl.

@: So, is our family who does not have me and children in my heart?When I was pregnant, I often told him that I had this dream. I had that dream. He said that I dreamed every day, and mixed may sleep well.He also said: You don’t dream of me, you can fall asleep when you come back in bed at night.Indeed, he often slept very well and shouted for a long time to wake up.

@网 像 网: It seems to be accurate. When Huai Dabao, do a B -ultrasound check. No matter what tricks, doctors will not reveal our children’s gender with us.Later, my husband said that he dreamed that I was born with a boy, and his big eyes and high nose were like him.I always laughed at him at the time and said, "I am pregnant with my own children, I can’t dream of gender. Can you have a sense of mind?As a result, it was really a boy.He told me a lot: You see, I said it is a boy, you don’t believe it.

@: Really?During my lunch break yesterday afternoon, my husband dreamed that the child was born. He was a white boy, and he looked very similar to me.Then I started to have irregular pain in my stomach last night. There was no regularity for a while. Is there no regular? Is it really a child? There are still 2 weeks before the due date?

@: This is not necessarily, my husband’s dream is not allowed.He dreamed of twins, two boys.As a result, the doctor said that there was only one child, and there was no one. That means that I was pregnant with a girl, and there was only one.My husband’s baby dream is completely the opposite. I really doubt whether he is a pro -husband and did not guess at all.

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